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Author Topic: Alaitoc paint scheme  (Read 1264 times)

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Alaitoc paint scheme
« on: May 26, 2009, 11:35:02 PM »
I have recently started building an Alaitoc eldar army. After picking up some models I have started to think in detail about my color scheme. I have a box of dire avengers to get the hang of painting these models. I have a lot of experience with arts and crafts in general, but I  am new to some of the colors offered by some of these expensive acrylic modeling paints.

I have been using this site to get an idea of how the colors look, although from what I have seen the "paint chips" they have are a bit on the pastel side. The colors I have seen fresh in jars are really quite bright and vibrant. After they dry I suppose they would look like the "paint chips" posted.

For my Alaitoc paint scheme I am hoping to make a metallic blue, using=
Dark blue (probably regal blue) for all armor (including vehicles and wraithlord)
I plan to make my own color using some silver mixed with a tiny bit of gray; I'll mix this with my regal blue to make a metallic eldar blue. I plan on making a very special blue for my wraithlord and HQ in general, creating a slightly more abstract "universe" paint job; focus on practicing my dry-brushing techniques for it's application to get several layers of "multi-dimensional (faceted)" colors. Emphasis on "living plastics" in my showpieces.

Light blue Used as a highlight for infantry armor. I may even skip this entirely and just dry-brush a second coat of the Dark blue for a reverse highlight. This should work quite well as I will be basing the models with white, possibly gray...

Bleached bone for some of the trim and "joints" in the crevices of arms, legs, and armor plates. I will use this "trim" color very subtly, and in as many as 3 shades depending on the given model. I was thinking about mixing a bit of yellow into the bleached bone, then getting different tones of the color with a bit of gray.

Silver will be used for gun barrels combined with blue and bleached bone trim (separate  most likely) for the stocks. Weapons (such as swords) will most likely be silver as well.

For my rangers and harlequins I'll use the "special" blue I made from the Wraithlord and HQ, add some green or possibly just darken it and blend a bit with some subtle highlights. I want to make "cameoline" that looks futuristic, possibly even using custom washes and varnish (extremely light layers used to separate the ink wash) to make chameleon colors (like used on cars). If anyone knows of another way to do this I would appreciate it. I don't want a shiny coat I'm trying to keep it very non-reflective while having a 3-d aspect to it.

My harlequins are pretty special to me so I'll wait to finish them until the end of the army. So they can maintain a bit of independence from the rest of the army in terms of "presence".

If anyone has any insights to any of this I would appreciate it.
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Re: Alaitoc paint scheme
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2009, 07:11:29 PM »
I'm not a very good painter per se, but there are a couple things I want to comment on.

First, for metallic paints, I would take a look at Reaper's metallic line. I know they make a Gunmetal Blue, which depending on the base color underneath (and using it as a glaze) can give you a wide range of bluish tones.

Second, you mentioned about adding a bit of yellow to your bleached bone and then cutting it with grey. I'm not for sure the exact color mix, but I think you might be better cutting it with a brown instead of grey. I think it might look softer and warmer than the grey would.


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