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Author Topic: CSM vs Orks and Necrons 3000pts  (Read 3698 times)

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CSM vs Orks and Necrons 3000pts
« on: May 9, 2009, 08:51:38 AM »
Played a game last weekend with my orks.  Myself and a new player, Herman, combined 1500pts each to fight vs Sean's 3000 pts of chaos.  Since this was an apoc level of points, Sean pulled out a banebade.   :o

Waaagh!!! Gonzaa and the Necrons vs the Forces of Khorn - Pitched Battle to Capture and Control

THE CHALLENGER: Would you like some cheese with your Khorn?

Forces of Khorn
Kharn the Betrayer
Khorny Demon Prince - wings
5 Khorny Terminators - a chainfist
5 Possesed - rolled furious charge

20 Chaos Marines - HBs
22 Berzerkers
10 Lesser Demons
Greater Demon

5 Havocs - 3 ML, 1 LC
2 Defilers with lots of guns
Predator Annihilator - HBs
and a Hellhammer!

THE DEFENDERS:  Green and yellow make...death!
Waaagh!!! Gonzaa!
Biker Warboss - Power Klaw, Kombi-skorcha, Cybork
10 Kommandos - Klaw nob
3 Mega Nobs - Kombi-skorchas, trukk
2x 12 trukk boys - Klaw nob, trukk
10 scoring nobs - loads of upgrades, trukk
3 kans - grotzookas
3 wartrakks - rokkits

Destroyer Lord - orb, phylactery
4 Destroyers
30ish Warriors
2 Monoliths

The table was 6x8" with some light terrain.  We won the roll for picking turns and decided to go first (and avoid some of that ordinance).  Our objective was on the far right, a wierd little factory building.  Sean's objective was a crashed dark eldar skimmer on the far left. 

I deployed everything on the left as far forward as possible.  Herman set up on the right, further back.  Sean did not seize initiative.

Turn 1 - Defenders

Oops, didn't get a good photo until my forces had already moved.  My transports scream forwards 18", getting into good spots for turn 2 charges.  Kans advanced and kill 2 zerkers.  The wartrakks deal 2 wounds to the demon prince (who is out of cover).  Necrons were largely out of range, since they deployed so far back.

Turn 1 - Challengers

The hellhammer decides the destroyers cannot live, and unloads on them. 

Three destroyers die permanently (out of orb range).  Various shooting explodes a killa kan and two trukks (both roll 5-6 on ramshackle, leaving their mobs unharmed). 

Another trukk explodes, killing 5 snakebite boys inside, and pinning the remainder.  Karn, zerkers, and demon prince charge and destroy the nob trukk.  The explosion kills two berzerkers, lol.

Turn 2 - Defenders
Kommandos arrive on the left flank to charge the chaos marines guarding the enemy objective. 

The warboss skorches the marines, then joins in.

I move my nobs and meganobs into ideal cooking positions.  5 skorcha templates kill 5 berzerkers, then i charge in with nobs and meganobs to kill the rest and demon prince. 

A meganob is lost in the process to a chaos power weapon.  My wartrakks shoot at Kharn (he's on his own), putting two wounds on him.  Herman's monolith manages to fry two evil sunz orks along with 4 of the middle zerkers with a badly scattering shot.  Sunz charge the zerkers anyway, tying combat.

Turn 2 - Challengers

Chaos terminators beam in behind the necrons, gunning down a few.  Lesser demons appear next to my nobs and psych themselves up for a charge. 

One of the berserkers fighting my evil sunz turns into a greater demon! 

The hellhammer turns its massive guns on the ork army for the first time, Gaaagh!! 

4 nobs, a meganob, and a killa kan vanish in a huge crater.  More shooting from chaos vehicles clip another nob, but I make Ld.  The lesser demons charge the remaining nobs. 

The nobs take one wound, then strike back killing several demons (+ no retreat, heh).  The greater demon and leftover berzerkers easily kill off my remaining evil sunz.  Kharn charges the warboss from behind, slaying him. 

The kommandos don't do too well this cc round, and are destroyed, leaving chaos still in control of their objective!

The possesed (down to 2 at this point), charge a unit of warriors, wiff, and are destroyed. 

Turn 3 - Defenders

The wartrakks shoot at Kharn, missing.  The single remaining kan gets two direct hits, blasting 3 havocs!  My one remaining meganob makes a suicidal charge at a defiler, and is cut to pieces. 

The no longer pinned snake bite boys mob charges into the lesser demons, helping out the nobs.  The demons are wiped out, so I consolidate the snake bite boys in front of the nobs.   

Turn 3 - Challengers

More chaos shooting wipes out the snake bites and two wartrakks.  This does prevent Kharn and the 2 remaining chaos marines from charging. 

Sean manages to gun down Herman's orb lord and chop up quite a few warriors with terminator power weapons.  (enough to phase out next turn if the lord doesn't WBB).

Turn 4 - Defenders
The necron lord rolls a 6 for WBB.  With his phylactery, he comes back to life with 3 wounds again!  A ton of warriors stand back up. 

My nobs charge Kharn and his buddies, killing them.  Orks now control the chaos objective.  Unfortunately, my ride appears so I have to pack my minis up. (orks phase out?)

Two more turns followed with chaos slowly chewing up warriors that were being teleported through the two monoliths for rerolls. 

The necrons finally phased out turn 5 or 6.  Considering the amount of big guns chaos still had, I don't think we would have won if I had stuck around.  :(

The challenger wiped out the defenders. 
VICTORY for the Forces of Khorn!

This battle was very interesting.  I completely forgot to bring a KFF mek this battle, oops.  It wasn't as crippling as I would have thought, as my vehicles got in a turn of movement before dying.  My positioning vs the chaos infantry was great.  They only charged me on my terms and my units largely got their charges/flamers in early for maximum damage. 

The hellhammer and other ranged vehicles really dominated the table.  I was deployed too far from them to respond, focusing on capturing the enemy objective.  The necrons didn't have any real antitank (no heavy destroyers), so we just had to deal with the hellhammer, pred, and defilers shooting all game.  Perhaps we should have let chaos take the first turn, so we could deploy in range to strike those big guns. 

Lots of units performed well.  I was really impressed with the meganobs.  They're amazing with kombi-skorchas.  I only wish there was a 4th one in the mob.  They need just a little more size to stay effective.

Hero(es) of the game:
The nobs were great again.  Trashing several chaos units and taking an objective.  I only wish this unit had more skorchas and fewer rokkits. 

Most Dangerous Enemy of the game:
Obviously, the hellhammer was a big problem.  It can move at full speed, fire everything, fire everything at different targets, rear armor 12, ouch.  I probably could have damaged it with the warboss, but there's probably a good apocalypse response to it.  I'll have to look through the ork apoc entries and find something good vs those sorts of vehicles.  I'm not quite ready to lug a stompa around yet.   ;D

Hope you enjoyed the game!
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Re: CSM vs Orks and Necrons 3000pts
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2009, 12:36:18 PM »
Very good report. Photos and description nice, shame about you having to bail! Get the impression that the monoliths didn't do anything?  :o
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Re: CSM vs Orks and Necrons 3000pts
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2009, 03:41:42 PM »
Nice batrep. They are always better with pics and you went the extra mile with those by writing everything in. Good job.

Sounds like a pretty sweet battle. I think the best response to tanks like that Hellhammer is a warboss in a trukk with powerklaw. My cousin played an apoc game on my side and took 4 warbosses with power klaws attached to boys mobz in trukks with nobz with power klaws. He destroyed 3 superheavies that game including a baneblade, some Eldar thing, and a Stompa. It was pretty impressive. They all were destroyed the same turn he charged them.

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Re: CSM vs Orks and Necrons 3000pts
« Reply #3 on: May 11, 2009, 03:57:16 PM »
That was really awesome... love all of the pictures and it sounds like it was a great smashup for both sides.

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Re: CSM vs Orks and Necrons 3000pts
« Reply #4 on: May 12, 2009, 11:48:23 AM »
First of all, excellent report.  I loved the pics and the descriptions were very nice.

I think for a fairer game, you guys should have played with the full apoc rules.  Apocalypse rules and assets help balance out the huge effect of something like a hellhammer.  With that beast on the chaos side, I have a hard time seeing how the allied 'crons and orks could have pulled off a win.


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Re: CSM vs Orks and Necrons 3000pts
« Reply #5 on: May 12, 2009, 07:16:05 PM »
Thanks guys, good to hear the batreps are being read!

Get the impression that the monoliths didn't do anything?  :o
Meh, they killed a couple marines.  Mostly they tried to save warriors that were getting slaughtered in cc with khorn terminators.

I think the best response to tanks like that Hellhammer is a warboss in a trukk with powerklaw.
Yeah, I should have deployed some PK units on the right flank.  ::)

I think for a fairer game, you guys should have played with the full apoc rules. 
Agreed.  I actually don't have the apoc book, might have to pick one up.

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Re: CSM vs Orks and Necrons 3000pts
« Reply #6 on: May 13, 2009, 11:22:34 AM »
Hey Deathpepper!

Nice batrep.  I enjoyed reading it.  The pix were a bit fuzzy sometimes, but they got the point across.  I really love the conversions you did for the Meganobz, etc.  I have a question:  the buzzsaw arms would make great bionik parts for my Nobz, so can you tell me how you make those arms for the Meganobz?  I have some skill with plasticard and could spend a lot of time figuring out cool bionics, but I hope you can help me so I save a little time figuring out what I want them to look like.

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Re: CSM vs Orks and Necrons 3000pts
« Reply #7 on: May 14, 2009, 01:46:35 PM »
you should play in our apoc game this weekend death pepper o_0
http://pittsburghbloodbowl.forumsland.com/ we play 40k, fantasy, and blood bowl located in Pittsburgh PA!

http://theredgrail.blogspot.com/ My good friends blood angels blog, has links to all our apoc games as well!


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