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Author Topic: Orks (KoS) vs Orks (Kans) - 1500pts  (Read 3263 times)

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Orks (KoS) vs Orks (Kans) - 1500pts
« on: March 15, 2009, 10:49:01 AM »
This was a game I played this week using my new orc army.  I played vs Jeff, a long time orc player.  We each used 1500pts.  I used some unpainted units and proxied battlewagons using  landraiders. 

Waaagh Gonzaa vs Jeff's Deathskulls

THE CHALLENGERS:  Blue is the new green.

Big Mek - KFF, burna
Biker Warboss
30 Shoota Boys - 3 big shootas, klaw nob
20 Slugga Boys, klaw nob
20 Slugga Boys, klaw nob
10 Storm Boys, klaw nob
10 Storm Boys, klaw nob
9 Killer Kans - Big Shootas

THE DEFENDERS:  Boyz with Wheels
Big Mek - KFF
Mega Warboss
with Meganobs x 3 in trukk - reinforced ram
Slugga trukk boys x12 - PK nob trukk - reinforced ram, boarding plank
Slugga trukk boys x12 - PK nob trukk - reinforced ram, boarding plank
Slugga wagon boys x19 - PK nob
in Wagon - Big shoota, RPJ, klaw, plank, def rolla
Nobs x9 - 2xPK, 3xBig Choppas, 2x kombi skorcha, 2x kombi rockets, banner, pole, painboy, orderly
in Wagon as above
Deffcopta - BS, buzzsaw

We used a standard 4' by 6' board with 25% terrain.  We rolled up Secure and Control with Dawn of war deployment.  The challengers won the roll off and set up their biker boss and shoota boys in a ruin next to their objective. 

I left all my forces off the board to deny him any turn 1 shooting.  The deff copta goes into reserves to outflank.

Turn 1 - Challengers
I fail to seize the initiative.  The skulls enter their board edge, running with everything.  Kans are a solid line to the left, sluggas and stormboys to the right.

Turn 1 - Defenders

Gonzaa's forces screech onto the board in our usual formation.

Turn 2 - Challengers

More running, his long range guns can't hurt my wagons.

Turn 2 - Defenders
Deffcopta flanks behind the enemy, it guns down a slugga boy or two each turn but has little impact on the game.  It's eventually gunned down by kans.  I move up my wagons, with trukks to the right. 

Wagon boys and the nobs jump out in charge range of shootas and the front slugga mob.  The mek stays in his wagon.  Two combi-skorchas kill 15! shoota boys, my charge is just barely lost.  Wagon boys have to go through some diff terrain to get at sluggas, going last they lose 10 boys, then kill 5 back.  Wagon boys escape combat, retreating 8 inches.

Turn 3 - Challengers

The remaining enemy sluggas charge and immobilize a trukk.  The nob wagon is immobilized.  Stormboys charge the remnants of the snakebites, destroying them.  Kans, shootas, and the biker boss all charge the nobs.  Nobs kill 2 kans and knock the klaw off a third.  They deal 2 wounds to the biker boss and kill some shootas.  Various klaw attacks kill nearly all the nobs, then they are run down and destroyed.

Turn 3 - Defenders

The boy's battlewagon tankshocks through a unit of storm boys, crushing a few orcs under the rolla.  My trukk boys in the immobilized trukk jump out and assault the sluggas that just damaged it. 

They thrash the sluggas with minimal losses, then consolidate back towards my home objective.  My other trukk mob moves around and assault the stormboys that immobilized the nob wagon. 

Same deal, my boys trash his storm boys.  I forget to consolidate them, oops.  Megaboss and meganobs assault the last of the shoota boys and the biker boss. 

I lose 2 meganobs to claws, but take out the biker boss and most of the shootas. 

Big mek tries to fix the wagon, fails.

Turn 4 - Challengers

My second unit of trukkers are shot badly by the various kan units, then charged by the remaining damaged kan from the nob fight.  I immobilize it, but combat is a draw.  A fresh unit of sluggas charge my forward wagon, immobilizing it! 

The remaining storm boys charge the megaboss and last meganob from behind. 

Between them and the shoota nob, the last meganob is killed and the boss reduced to one wound. 

Turn 4 - Defenders

My first trukker mob runs for my objective.  Kopta turboboosts towards the enemy objective, in range to contest it next turn.  Big mek fixes the wagon.  My megaboss dies to the stormboy nob.  I move the 2nd trukk, trying to block a charge from the approaching kans to the big mek's wagon.  Various wagons and trukks shoot down some sluggas.  We forgot to do an assault from the sluggas on my forward battlewagon here (in base to base).

Turn 5 - Challengers

The second kan unit manages to get a charge around my trukk, destroying the mek's wagon.  Sluggas finally destroy the other wagon, it explodes and kills tons of them.  The rear kan unit guns down my kopta. 

Turn 5 - Defenders

I move my two undamaged trukks to tank shock the sluggas away from Jeff's objective.  The sluggas don't break, but have no way to score next turn. 
We roll, game ends here.

Challenger Objectives: 0
Defenders Objectives: 1
VICTORY for Waaagh Gonzaa.

Man, those kans are tough.  It took an amazing amount of damage to kill 3, much less 9 of them.  They strike before my power klaws, and easily damage my transports.  I wanted to ram or boarding plank them, but that required getting in charge range.  Ultimately, I tried to hit Jeff's infantry and avoid the kans.  That kind of worked, but this list just doesn't have a good answer to massed walkers.  I should have delayed my charge a turn to get more boys in. 

The nobs were really tough.  Combined charges from several units still only just killed them.  Their 2 skorchas alone crippled a boys unit, I need to bring more flamer templates in general!  Orks vs orks is a wierd matchup, initiative is really critical.  I could have used frag grenades, but they'd be largely useless vs most other armies. 

Hero(es) of the game:
My own deathskulls slaughtered an enemy slugga mob, then held my own objective.  Nice save there, guys.

Most Dangerous Enemy:
Those kans were thrashing me.  This game would have been a loss if it had gone to turn 7, mostly due to the kan wall.  I might have to field some of my own or find some other answer to them. 

Hope you enjoyed the game!

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Re: Orks (KoS) vs Orks (Kans) - 1500pts
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2009, 08:31:57 PM »
Hope you enjoyed the game!

Yes, I did.   :)

The pictures were great and the battle report was written concisely.  It was a pleasure to see two Ork lists go at it.


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Re: Orks (KoS) vs Orks (Kans) - 1500pts
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2009, 03:48:18 PM »
Nice battle report. Good fun watching 2 Ork armies go at it. I'm especially fond of the idea of a Nob killing a Warboss, bragging rights to the extreme.

Man, those Kans are tough! I've been having exactly the same problem against a squad of 3, I'd hate to face 9! I roll an unnatural amount of 2s against them, too, which of course does nothing nowadays to hinder their movement.

Keep up the good work and congrats on the hard fought win!

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Re: Orks (KoS) vs Orks (Kans) - 1500pts
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2009, 08:18:10 PM »
Yes, Jeff seems to like his kans(always fields em) and they always are not worth killing.
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Re: Orks (KoS) vs Orks (Kans) - 1500pts
« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2009, 10:00:51 AM »
Were those tomb spyders as kanz?  If so, awesome!

Good report.  Orks vs. Orks seems quite bloody!   

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Re: Orks (KoS) vs Orks (Kans) - 1500pts
« Reply #5 on: March 19, 2009, 10:32:10 AM »
I did enjoy that... A lot. so thanks.

The pictures with decent, and the little arrows and stuff helped. The write up was concise but good.

Nice to see a couple of mobs bashing at each udder... Cool.

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Re: Orks (KoS) vs Orks (Kans) - 1500pts
« Reply #6 on: March 21, 2009, 11:51:06 PM »
(this is "Jeff", by the by)

Those flying kans are not actually made of tomb spyders but of just a lot of different "random" parts from a number of kits (not all GW). Just like the rest of the kans, except I made those flying. :P

Nice batrep Deathpepper. Cool to see pictures of the game up here! Funny how our second game that day doesn't seem to have made it up here.... ;) (kidding! I know the camera died...)

Those nobs did eat up quite a lot of my models. I was rather disappointed with the performance of my Kans against them, even with all the other stuff there, they only barely pulled the combat off. But the Kans are surprisingly durable in this edition...I've been extremely happy with the way they've been performing as I get more 5th ed. games in.
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Re: Orks (KoS) vs Orks (Kans) - 1500pts
« Reply #7 on: March 22, 2009, 09:40:45 AM »
Funny how our second game that day doesn't seem to have made it up here.... ;) (kidding! I know the camera died...)
Yeah, a 2 turn game with no pics didn't seem worth writing up.  :P

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Re: Orks (KoS) vs Orks (Kans) - 1500pts
« Reply #8 on: March 29, 2009, 10:00:25 AM »
In ork v ork games the player with more shooty units wins in my experience.

Btw can we get some more pics of your mega nobs?
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Re: Orks (KoS) vs Orks (Kans) - 1500pts
« Reply #9 on: March 30, 2009, 01:46:06 PM »
Don't feel bad about the Kan trouble. 9 Kans is a pain for anybody to deal with, especially if there's a KFF involved. I played a list once with 9 Kans, 2 Dreads, and 2 KFFs, and it was one of the nastiest lists I've ever faced anywhere. I'd take Nidzilla over that in a heartbeat, and I hate nidzilla. 


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