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Author Topic: 1500 pt Space Marine vs. Imperial Guard  (Read 3271 times)

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1500 pt Space Marine vs. Imperial Guard
« on: March 13, 2009, 09:17:46 PM »
   I hope this is not to long winded, and please give me feedback! This is only my third game, and first battle report.

   This is the third game of Warhammer 40k I have ever played. I play space marines and I am painting them as Crimson Fists. I have one rhino and one tac squad painted. I played versus Imperial Guard. We rolled the Annihilation scenario. When rolled he wasn’t too thrilled about the prospect so I said go ahead and reroll. He again rolled a six so we stuck with it. I then rolled higher for table edge and starting player. 1,500 points each played on with the long table edge setup.

Me – Crimson Fist Space Marines

Vanilla captain

10 man tac squad missile launcher, flamer
Captain was attached to this squad for the game

10 man tac squad melta, multi melta, powerfist on sarge
Rhino dedicated transport

10 man tac squad flamer, heavy bolter
Rhino dedicated transport

10 assault marines with two flamers

5 assault termies 2 with lightning claws, 3 with hammers and shields
Land raider dedicated transport

5 man devastator squad 4 missile launchers

Imperial guard to the best of my knowledge and recollection

Commander and command squad

5 squads with 10 troopers each

5 man squad with grenade launchers

5 man squad with demolition packs

2 units with 3 lascannons in each unit

10 man squad of rough rider calvary

A unit of three walkers

Hellhound tank

Leman Russ tank

The table terrain was even. There was a ruin in the middle of the table two building on the let half of the table one in each sides deployment zones, two ruin buildings on the right side of the table half in and half out of the deployment zone with a few trees in between the two, and a ruin building dead center.

I set up with a rhino with the tac containing the heavy bolter and flamer on the right side of the building on the left side, the devastator squad on top of the building, and the Land Raider with the assault terminators just to the right of the building. The tac squad with the leader dead center of my deployment zone with the rhino containing the tac squad and meltsa to the right of the leaders squad. My assault marines where to the left of the ruin building on the right side.

Imperial Guard set up with a two troop squads, hellhound, grenade launchers, and demo squad, and 3 las cannons across from my left flank. The la cannons where on top of the building, demo squad behind the building and the troops and hellhound to the left. The three remaining troops, command squad, and three las cannons in the middle of his deployment zone. The walkers, calvary and leman russ where around the ruins on the right.

Space Marine turn 1

I ran my left rhino with heavy bolter and flamer straight forwards at full speed and popped smoke. The devastator squad was happy sitting on the roof and the land raider moved straight ahead  and popped smoke.( I did not realize how deadly the demolition guys where going to be at this point) The leader squad moved forward, and the rhino moved ahead at full speed and popped smoke. The assault marines decided to abandon the right flank and head towards the ruin in the center of the table towards the juicy looking troop squads.

The devastator squad shot at the las cannon in the building across from them and was able to only score one wound. The land raider with its machine spirit fired its twin-linked heavy bolter at the troops in front of him and killed three models. The leader squad ran ahead and hunkered down behind the building in the middle as did the assault marines.

IG turn 1

For the most parts his troops did not move. The cowards! He did move one troop squad straight ahead towards my land raider, ad the calvary on the right side moved forward just a bit, and the walkers on the right moved ahead straight. The lascannaons on the roof opened up on my land raider but did not score any penetrating hits. At this point I am thanking the Emperor for protecting my land raider. The troops that moved towards my land raider has a melta gun and fired, penetrated and scored a 5 on the damage chart. Crap! Terminators jumped out and passed their pin check. He then fired with all the troops in range at the terminators but failed to score any wounds that I was not able to save.  The leman russ was able to fire at the assault marine squad and able to score one unsaved wound. The three las cannons in the center fired on my center rhino, penetrating and scoring a 2 on the damage chart, crewed stunned I think causing them tio be stuck for the next turn. Walkers run ahead 2 or 3 inches.

Space Marine turn 2

Things get bloody from here

Rhino on left moves ahead at normal speed and the tac squad disembarks. The assault marines needing vengeance move towards the squad that just destroyed their land raider. The leaders tac squad moves to just the other side of the building in the middle. The melta squad disembarks from its rhino and moves towards the leman russ, and the assault marines move forwards in the middle of the table.

The tac squad on the left flank fires at the troops directly in front of them killing three models, and the rhino fires at the grenade launcher squad killing one model. The assault marines fired their bolt pistols into the troops in front of them killing three models, and the melta squad fired its melta at the leman russ but failed to hit. (I was so excited about my upcoming assaults I forgot to fire with the devastator squad and the leader tac squad. The assault marines well they assaulted and slaughtered the troops without a single casualty of their own. The assault marines assaulted killing all but one model but got him in the sweeping advance. The melta squad assaulted the tank and destroyed the tank with its krak grenades. (At this point I did a dance. The previous two games were against the same opponent and that stupid tank has been my bane. At this point I already felt like I had won.) The tac squad on the left assault the troops they fired and killed all but three who ran towards the edge and kept on running.

IG turn 2

The hellhound advances and fires its flame at the leader squad but only managed to kill one model. Grenade launchers fire at the tac squad on the left flank and kills one model. The demo squad throws its charges at the terminator squad and after the dust falls only one lone terminator remains standing. He then fires the three las cannons on the building on the left flank at the terminator but I managed to make my invulnerable save for the one wound he scored. Determined he then fires the three las cannons in the center of the table at the terminator and mages to kill him. The rough riders charge into the tac squad that destroyed the tank and mange to kill 7 models with a loss of 3 riders, tac squad falls back 3 inches. Troops in the center all concentrate on the assault marines and manage to kill 4 models. The command squad destroys the rhino.

In the middle of my turn he realizes he forgot to use his walkers

Space marine turn 3

Tac squad on the left flank moves toward grenade launchers. Leader tac squad advances forward, as well as the assault squad moves closer to a troop squad in the middle. Tac squad on the right moves back towards the rough riders. The tac squad on the left fires at the grenade launchers failing to kill any models, the rhino then fired its storm bolter at the grenade launchers and also fails to score a hit. (I guess the left flank stopped to have afternoon tea because this turn they did nothing.) The devastator squad fired at the demo squad and killed three of the six models in the squad. The leader tac squad rapid fired into the troops in front of them killing 7 models. The assault marines shot their bolt pistols killing 3 or 4 of the models in a troop squad in front of them. The tac squad on the right with only 3 models fired bolt pistols into the rough riders. Killing 1 model. The tac squad on the left was out of assault range, the assault marines assault killing the rest of the squad, and the tac squad on the right assaulted the rough riders killing I think it was 3 more riders. Riders fell back 5 inches.

IG turn 3

Grenade launchers on the left destroyed the rhino, hellhound moved towards the leader tac squad firing and killing 5 models, Assault marines took a lot of fire and was at 2 models at this point.

And yet again the walkers sat on the right flank forgotten by my opponent.

Space Marine turn 4.

Tac squad on the left moved toward the las cannon and after shooting destroyed 2 of the cannons, they passed the moral check I think because they where within range of the commander, but fell to the assault following. The devastators destroyed the hellhound, the command squad rapid fired the remainder of the demo squad for the kill point, and the assault the 2 assault marines took out the remainder of the squad that took hits from the leader tac squad, and the three man tac squad on the left finished of the rough riders.

IG turn 4


Hooray! After two games and two draws against the IG the space marines have a solid victory. To be fair my though my opponent has played before this was only his third game in 3 or 4 years. Also animation does not seem like a fair scenario to play against the IG. Once turn 2 began it was a slaughterhouse. 

Not sure if a Land Raider and Assault terminators are worth the points at this point. They where effective last game but got destroyed this game. My opponent stated he took the demo team to close in and go for the terminators. I think I might try deep striking with them next game.

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Re: 1500 pt Space Marine vs. Imperial Guard
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2009, 09:50:47 PM »
Congratulations on the win, looked like a well played game. Guard can sometimes be a tricky army to go agaisnt. You did well. Fun report to read as well.
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Re: 1500 pt Space Marine vs. Imperial Guard
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2009, 10:13:40 PM »
Really good battle report. Looks like a pile if bloodshed washed away a few models in the odd turn. I wonder how much his sentinals would have helped. However i'm sure your opponent had a glazed look in his eyes dreaming about his new codex coming when the Tables will turn. Enjoy it.


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Re: 1500 pt Space Marine vs. Imperial Guard
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2009, 01:13:03 AM »
Well played. I'm surprised that the Guard player only brought one heavy support choice, as that's one of the strengths of the guard, but you fielded a well-balanced, effective space marine army, and played it the way it was meant to be played. Nice report, too -- it was a pleasure to read.


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Re: 1500 pt Space Marine vs. Imperial Guard
« Reply #4 on: March 17, 2009, 06:36:02 PM »
Hey thanks for all the compliments on the report. I thought it might be a bit long winded. Next time I will take some notes so I can be a little more accurate on my next report. I felt my force did well. The terminators may not be worth the point value. I have only played three games and two of them with the terminators. I played with a dreadnought for the first two games and I missed him this game. I think he plays a great suport role to the tac squads. At least he did in the first two games. I also have a predator tank with auto cannon but it performed horibly in the first two games so I left him out of the force. The other games where 2000 pts. I liked the 1500 pt game so far as it was a better learning experience and I was able to keep track of everything a little better.Out of the three games I have played the MVP unit has always been my assault marines. I have grown found of the flamers.


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