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Author Topic: Flash Gitz  (Read 1491 times)

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Flash Gitz
« on: October 1, 2002, 03:57:02 PM »
As my 3rd Army just for absolute fun, murder, choas, chaos, and other things that you wouldn't do to your momma, I play Orks.  I converted a Land Raider to be a Battle Wagon and am highly impressed as to how it turned out.  I took a plastic for sale sign and cut a cockpit and upper deck out took the Sail MAst and Bucket from a Rebel Grot Cutta from Gorkamorak and made a lookout for a grot, couple of outriggers for grots on the side and a bunch of knives cut from the dozer blades from various IG tanks to stick all over the BW and placed heads from the various armies that I have played against with this army.  Have a spear that has a Black Templar SMurf impaled onto it as a shiskabob, now if I could only attach a BBQ pit onto it  ;D ;D ;D and gave it the most important upgrade possible......DA RED PAINT!!!! God I love the Orks on days that I really don't feel like thinking (ie Eldar).  It's a mass gaggle and they kick serious butt!  Gotta love the choppa's nothing better than the 4+ armor save.....HEEEEEEEEE but the frikkin DE Shadow field >:( >:( >:( Even though it sux major depleted zzap gunz, it can't withstand a mob of slugga boyz.  Frikkin drugged up pointy ear can't withstand that much punishment.  Basilisk rocks vs. Raiders and Ravagers.  Direct hits rock!!!  Double damge dice on the Ord table  ;D ;D ;D Space Monkeys......HA your armor is useless against us!  Haven't played against Eldar as I would have to play with mysel.....err ummm play them by myself and how much fun would that be talking trash to myself????  Hehe I just love the Orks for a fun day of going straight out balls to the wall and deliver the 20 orks out of the BW into the fray...............
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Re:Flash Gitz
« Reply #1 on: October 1, 2002, 03:58:44 PM »
Whoops, I was Orkified myself there, got rambling on about something entirely different and didn't post the original question.  How do you model a Flash Gitz?  Also a loota?  Please let me know.
Whatya mean he keeps hitting until he misses????????

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Re:Flash Gitz
« Reply #2 on: October 2, 2002, 12:38:13 AM »
Not much to converting Lootas. All you have to do is cut off the shoota it has, find the weapon from the Space Marines or Imp Guard, then just stick it on there. I'm not exactly sure what Flash Gitz should look like but I'm guess just like normal orks but with touched up weapons to reflect the Kustom Jobs.
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Re:Flash Gitz
« Reply #3 on: October 6, 2002, 08:42:14 PM »
Ehh, lootaz demands a bit more work(as they have looted flakarmor as well).

A friend of mine has all his lootaz looking like wierd parodies of US Vietnam troops. Bare arms, combat fatigues and those typical helmets and flakvests the US soldiers had there.
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Re:Flash Gitz
« Reply #4 on: October 9, 2002, 03:24:45 PM »
I have only did this on one model (was supposed to be a burna) but for this your gonna need twice the amount of shootas (you do have spares after putting togheter choppas don't you?)
 Remove the barrel on one of the shootas and place it under the first one. This will look like it being twinlinked or like the shoota on one of the warboss models.
 Now drill out huge holes in both barells and attach extra ammo clips/belts.  Then put a little bit of greenstuff around to make it look clean, this is because this loonies payed a lot for these guns, so their gonna keep them clean.

Goog luck and post some pictures if you do it.
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