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Author Topic: Liber Chaotica, Your Chaos Army [Pictures and army background]  (Read 71282 times)

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Re: Liber Chaotica, Your Chaos Army [Pictures and army background]
« Reply #660 on: October 19, 2012, 04:12:49 AM »
Here's my Daemon army. I've taken the easy route with it and painted it 99% using washes, inks and drybrush with the exceptions of some freehand drawings and some lining here and there (the idea about washes came from my roommate). All in all I' ve spent a little over a month in part time painting so as a slowa*s painter I'm really proud of myself  ;D . Their bases are not done yet but I've ordered some Anacrhy crystals and Black Battleground basing.

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Re: Liber Chaotica, Your Chaos Army [Pictures and army background]
« Reply #661 on: October 25, 2012, 04:29:36 AM »
Custodes Ignis Sancti, or Keepers of the Sacred Fire, the Blue Eyed Angels. In all, or at least most of, their glory.  :D

EDIT: A little commentary, now that I can spare the time:

Basic metal lord, I did a head swap, and added an older raptor backpack.

A daemon prince, made from a Inquisitor scale navigator model. Plasticard for wings.  ;D

Old dark angel whatnot, turned into my Sorcerer Lord.

Another Prince

Tzeentchian Terminator Lord with Scrolls of Magnus! Uuu! :D (A very old convertion, lucky me.)

Tzeentchian Terminators


Converted plague marines. Or at least some of them are converted.

And my Khornate Terminators

Bunch of tacticals and havoc. Huh, I really went nuts there.

Khornate Rhinos, yay for the return of destroyer blades!  :D

Khornate bikers

Some Rhino detail

And the 'zerkers who ride them rhinos.

Thousand sons.

Tzeentchian rhino, for some reason.

My dreadI mean Hellbrutes. Damn. Anyway, other from FW, other a conversion from the loyalist dred.

And my beloved defiler with a unphotoshopped pic with the paper edges still showing.  ;D

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