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Author Topic: Da Lightning Skwadron 2000pts  (Read 728 times)

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Da Lightning Skwadron 2000pts
« on: May 15, 2008, 10:10:30 AM »
This is the first Ork army I made for the new book, I'm thinking of bringing it to a tournament later this summer so I finally got some motivation to paint :D. The army is just about doing a fun list while having some slight chance of winning ;).

Warboss Gorteef Snikthug w/ Warbike, Power Klaw, Bosspole & Cybork Body 140pts
Will join Da Immurtalz which will make up the main-unit of the army that is capable of crushing anything in its way as long as it gets the charge ;). Can also go and hunt for pesky tanks and especially skimmers if needed.

9 Nob Bikerz 'Da Immurtalz' w/ Cybork Bodies, 3 Power Klaws, 4 Big Choppaz, 2 Shoota/Skorchaz & Waaargh Banner; Painboy 600pts
Turbo-boost forward and charge is all the tactic they need ;D

8 Nob Bikerz 'Da Morz' w/ Cybork Bodies, 4 Power Klaws, 3 Big Choppaz & Waaargh Banner; Painboy 560pts
Will go along with Da Immurtalz and take on whatever they won't

10 Grotz 40pts
Will run to a objective and stay there while firing at anything that comes near :)

Fast Attack
3 Rokkitbuggyz 105pts
Hunts tanks and transports and when that's done I'll try to blow them up and make cover of them ;D.

Deffkopta w/ Big Bomm (x2) 100pts
Thinking of adding Buzzsaws to them so they can charge tanks once they have deployed the bombs.

Heavy Support
3 Kannonz (x2) 120pts
They'll stick near cover and blast as many tanks as possible.

2 Killa Kanz w/ Big Shoota 80pts
Cheap killing machines that hopefully will make it alive to the opponent since he has other targets that need to be eliminated first.

1745pts which leaves me with 255pts left, I'm thinking of adding a Kommando unit with Snikrot and Buzzsaws to the Koptaz. This seems like a good idea though I can otherwise add some Buzzsaws to the Koptaz, get me a SAG Mek and some Lootaz to protect him. What do you think I should get for the points that are left?.

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Re: Da Lightning Skwadron 2000pts
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2008, 11:39:41 AM »
i do have to say your ork build is a little different than any i have seen in a tourney. Even your units that most peeps take like the nob bikers have 2 combi weapons in it.....thats a huge rarity...most players dont worry about shooting to much with that squad since more than likely it will be turbo boost turn one assault turn 2.  Some other interesting choices i see are the kannons and the rokkitbuggies. If you get some test games in with these units please post the results ...i would like to see how they worked out for you. I cant really comment on the deffkoptas...i havent had a chance to use them yet,,,but it seems like pumping the squad size might serve you better. Im sure there are some choices here that most serious tourney goers would tell you to change but since you said"the army is just about doing a fun list..." i believe you might be able to pull off some pretty cool things with this list with proper attention to how your opponet sets up. On to your question of what to do with the extra points. I would almost surely spend it on a 15 man loota squad or like you said a SAG MEk and a small loota squad.

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Re: Da Lightning Skwadron 2000pts
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2008, 12:12:35 PM »
Yeah my armies usually becomes very different from other tourney armies since mine is not opted for total annihilation ;).

The combi weapons is there because they're cheap and potentially devastating if properly used and combined with some luck ;D.

The Kannonz and Rockitbuggys is there to eliminate any tanks which may pose a problem that first turn that I haven't charged and my expensive models are fairly vurneable towards ordinance..

Another idea on what to include for the remaining points are a SAG Mek, Deff Dread, a third Killa Kan and get some Ammo Runtz for the Kannonz and Grot Orderlys for the Nob Bikerz.
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