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Author Topic: 6th Royal Australianus Regiment Blog UPDATED 6/4  (Read 1496 times)

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6th Royal Australianus Regiment Blog UPDATED 6/4
« on: March 25, 2008, 03:51:29 AM »
25th March 2008

Hello and welcome to the home of the 6th Royal Australianus Regiment.
The 6th is a fighting outfit of the mighty Imperial Guard, and is my first documented project.
Here you will see the project unfold, from the first squads to the full regiment.

6th Royal Australianus Regiment is based upon the 6th R.A.R (6th Royal Australian Regiment)
 in the Vietnam War, spcifically Delta Company, but later, if time and budget allow, the others also.

To begin, the 6th Royal Australianus Regiment are a jungle fighting regiment, and the following
 doctrines have been chosen to reprsent them:

Jungle Fighters (JF)
Light Infantry (LI)
Harderned Fighters (HF)
Special Weapons Squads

The first purchase (4th April) will consist of:

1x Cadian Battle Force
1x Catachen Battle Force
1x Cadian Heavy Weapons Platoon
1x Catachan Heavy Weapons Platoon

The first squads to be made will be the:

Delta Company Command

Major Henry Smath (JF, LI) 100pts
J.O. - Laspistol, CCW
1x Guardsmen with Master-Vox
2x Guardsmen with Rocket Laucher
1x Guardsmen with Lasgun

11th Platoon Command

Lt. Gabriel South (JF, LI) 80pts
J.O. - Laspistol, CCW
1x Guardsmen with Vox
2x Guardsmen with Rocket Launcher
1x Guardsmen with Lasgun

Following this will come 2 squads of troops so that 400pt battles can be fought
(combat patrol states only one troops choice must be present)



i have written a small 400pt armylist to field, and i should e able to make them with the extra bitz. i ran this lit through the IG board, and i got a pretty good response from it:

Major Henry Smath (JF, LI) 75pts
J.O. - Laspistol, CCW
2x Guardsmen with Rocket Laucher
2x Guardsmen with Lasgun

Speacial Weapon Support Squad 45pts
1x Guardmen with Sniper
5x Guardsmen with Lasguns

11th Platoon
Lt. Gabriel South (JF, LI) 75pts
J.O. J.O. - Laspistol, CCW
2x Guardsmen with Rocket Launcher
2x Guardsmen with Lasgun

11-1 (HF, JF, LI) 103pts
Sergeant Bruce Black -Lasgun
6x Guardsmen with Lasguns
2x Guardsmen with Heavy Bolter
1x Guardsmen with Grenade Launcher

11-2 (HF, JF, LI) 103pts
Sergeant Victor Ansley -Lasgun
6x Guardsmen with Lasguns
2x Guardsmen with Heavy Bolter
1x Guardsmen with Grenade Launcher

This provides a core force, and central firebase for when i get a larger force.

6 days until the big purchase


My original plan was to combine the catachan arms with the cadian plastics, however whilst flicking through my large WD collection,  I decided against it. I will use primerely the catachan plastics, never theless the army will continue.
Unfortunatly, due to serious budget cuts to the defence sector this month, I am only able to purchase one battleforce, this being the catachan battleforce. this still alliws me to build both command platoons, and two sentinel walkers.

4 days until the smaller purchase
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Re: 6th Royal Australianus Regiment Blog UPDATED 6/4
« Reply #1 on: April 6, 2008, 12:21:15 AM »
The Mortar seems pretty odd being chest deep. And I dont like how the other 2 mortars is not on bases. I bet they will breck during transport or get lost. But thats just me.

I do really like the RPG style rocket launcher. Thats really nice.

Also my grandpa was in the Aussie Special Ops in Vietanam so this will be kind of fun to watch ;)
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Re: 6th Royal Australianus Regiment Blog UPDATED 6/4
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2008, 06:14:56 AM »
yeah they look pretty weird are u basing them though if u spamed water effects then u could make it look like they are set up in a swamp. if i just said your idea great but if not feel free to steal it....

just thinking

with the other mortars u do actually need those bases or i know some noobs gonna have a fit bout it

they always do

no offense its not actually all of u
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