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Author Topic: I found it! (What's where on a sprue)  (Read 532 times)

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I found it! (What's where on a sprue)
« on: January 5, 2008, 02:15:51 PM »
Someone may remember I constantly ask this whenever I start a new army, and I just started Tau.  I was google imaging them to see what people had done with them, and I saw a Gun Drone with big red numbers on it.  I clicked the link, and apparently this person has marked up what each part of a sprue is.  I didn't get a chance to rip through it yet, but this is really helpful to me, and I'm not sure if anyone else needed it (or the appropriate place, but I figured this would be the best place for it).  Anyways:


There's galleries available, as well.  I'm also checking out parts of other armies because nobody points at something and says "this thing, right here, this is a scatterlaser and can do a lot of low str shots into your infantry, avoid that with your ground troops".  I have to do my own research because I don't want someone reading their codex aloud to me and slowing down the game.  But enough ranting.

EDIT: OK, apparently he did the write-up for Tau only.  Sorry about that.  I should have put this in the Tau forums, I guess.  But, it has some interesting info on other armies, including all the chapters for SM.
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