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Author Topic: 1000 Pt vs Imperial Guard. -Strategy advice  (Read 277 times)

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1000 Pt vs Imperial Guard. -Strategy advice
« on: November 10, 2007, 06:29:18 PM »
Alright, On Sunday, I'll be playing a 1000 point match against Imperial Guard.

Here's my army:


Chaos Sorcerer
  -Mark of Slaanesh
  -Lash of Submission
Plague Marines
  -Plague Champion
    *Power Fist
    *Twin-linked Bolter
  -4 Plague Marines
  -2 Plague Marines

Plague Marines
  -Plague Champion
    *Power Fist
    *Twin-linked Bolter
  -4 Plague Marines
  -2 Plague Marines

--Fast Attack--

Chaos Raptors
  -1 Aspiring Champion
    *Power Weapon
  -5 Raptors
  -1 Raptor
--Heavy Support--

Chaos Havocs
  -4 Havocs
  -2 Havocs
    *Missile Launchers
  -2 Havoc
    *Heavy Bolter
    *Icon of Glory

145 -Sorc
231 -PM1
241 -PM2
180 -Raptor
200 -Havoc

-Raptors and sorc will start out next to the Havocs. They will all advance as
normal walking units for the first turn or so. sorc will take off, lash any
units into a cluster, so the Havocs can take a couple shots at them. Raptors
will clean up with bolters/flamer/assault.
-PM1 and 2 will be taking a different route around to kill tanks/heavier units.
-Havocs will back up. Sorc and Raptors will come help when they're done.

I need some help and some advice from any chaos players that also play IG, or who know some good strategy against them. I don't know what he'll be fielding, but I'm guessing it will be quite a few vehicles, due to the fact that he mentioned something about it.
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Re: 1000 Pt vs Imperial Guard. -Strategy advice
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2007, 08:31:16 PM »
Take off the individual points costs...

IMO, don't mix weapons on the Havocs, go with 4 ML's or 4 HB's... for vs. IG, 4 ML's for anti-tank.

Raptors, GET THAT SECOND SPECIAL WEAPON !!!! it's a waste if you don't, major waste.  IMO, powerfist or claws on the champ, let the power weapon be the Sorceror which will most likely be attached to them.

HQ- Meh.. a lash sor...

plaguemarines are ok as troops, remember you don't need 7 man squads in them anymore for benifits.

___________________ _____________-after the PM.

You should trust yourself.  THe army you use is your army... what you say go's...
We are here to provide input, some are good others are bad, it's ultimately up to you.

As for fights against IG.
There's really no 'great strategies'... it mostly deals with target priority, managing LoS and firing lanes, and usually getting into Close combat with IG.

IG themselves have counters to CC so watch out for Rough riders.  Cover is important to both sides.  Bolters are decent versus his troops... um... target 'HQ' units, their leadership bubbles can get annoying.  SIde armor shots on vehicles are 'gold'. 

Don't get carried away with lashing stuff... you might charge something wipe them out... and then are left out in the open for something to shoot you or worse rapid fire... do not underestimate a bucketload of dice thrown at you.

Etc... most strategies are very simple... but applying them or even just remembering them in the 'heat of the fight' can be hard, calm and collected.

My 2 Cents.
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Re: 1000 Pt vs Imperial Guard. -Strategy advice
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2007, 08:45:46 PM »
Alright, thanks Sanctjud.

Sadly, I don't have another raptor with a special weapon or a powerfist for the champion. I'll make that change to the havocs. For HQ, I originally had  DP with MoN, wings, and Nurgle's Rot, but I needed some extra points. 7, also, seems like a good number for squads, fluff aside.

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