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Author Topic: 4000 vs 4000 - Undivided vs Blood Angels & Codex - halp  (Read 277 times)

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4000 vs 4000 - Undivided vs Blood Angels & Codex - halp
« on: May 8, 2007, 08:37:12 PM »
Alright, here's the scoop. There's a game next week that four of us have agreed on at my store. Another one of those silly age-old Good vs Evil battles. I'll be fielding Undivided - Emphasis Slaanesh, since I've not got the models to field all noise marine forces without jacking up their cost to a dangerous degree. The person I am teamed up with will be playing Undivided - Emphasis Khorne.

We'll be playing against Blood Angels and Codex Marines - Emphasis assault. Both of them will probably be pretty balanced in shooting/assault, although the Blood Angels player might decide he needs to get into our lines fast. I understand Slaanesh is pretty medium-ranged shootin' with CC abilities, and was wondering how I should go about balancing my half of the 2000 points.

Oddly enough the Khorne player tends to take Havocs and Obliterators since he's doing Undivided, and wants to make up for W.E.'s poor shooting. I tend to like combat, and use 3 Dreadnoughts when I can. I'm going to build my list nearly autonomous of the Khorne-based one, so if you could take that into account, that would be helpful... into what Slaanesh is actually meant to do?

So with 18 shooty Noise Marines, 8 CC noise marines, 16 CSM's, 3 Dreadnoughts, a Predator, 5 Possessed, 10 Terminators, a Terminator Lord, a Keeper o' Secrets, and a speed lord, what all should I be gearing towards?

Presume I have any heavy/special weapon you think I should use, and any weapons load-out. We're kinda easy on the proxying.  I'm asking this as  I haven't but picked up the models recently, and the two games I've played have resulted in overwhelming defeats from low model count and my typical bad rolls.
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Re: 4000 vs 4000 - Undivided vs Blood Angels & Codex - halp
« Reply #1 on: May 9, 2007, 03:20:56 AM »
i think you should tell the Khorne player to play combat, while you handle the shooty side of things. Other then that, a KoS would always be nice, ESP if you can get a thrister on the field as well as the 3 Dreads.

Termies are alwasy fun in large games, just as long as you have the numbers of normal troops to back them up.
I would say the
Termi Lord (Kitted out for combat)
10 termies (if possible MoCU, and the deamon banner, with a LARGE squad of daemons in it) (Blaste masters on termies are always fun as well)
3x6 Shootie Noise marines
1 x 12 Combat Noise marines
2 Dreads

I would see if you could borrow some basic rines off the other player to bulk up your numbers. Basic marines with CCW and pistol make a great shock troop, and while backed up Combat troops can give you the numbers to really start getting the dice roles up there.

I would get one or two really strong units, and then the rest of your points on basic Marines or Daemons (Daemonettes are REALLY good for there points vaule). Defilers might also help you out if you can get some, blast templates always help when theres this meny troops on the board. They will ether be pressed together, or speard out. Together, you kill 5-8 a turn, spread out, they hit you very slowly, and you should be going first in combat, allowing you to hopfully kill everything in contact before his go.

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