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Qui-Gon Jinn:
First, a word from the project's original sponsor:

Hello, all your readers of the Ork Board. We in the Project Section of the community would like to see some fresh members in our ranks. To become involved,post here,or PM me or Arcas for information. An example article would also be nice to see what your style of writing is.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Hope you will become involved.
Qui-Gon Jinn

Edit by Gutstikk:
This thread will be the place where I store articles submitted by users who can't access the Ork project board. I'll link to the start of each article from this post, so that readers needn't hunt through this thread for specific articles. This should also make things easier for Qui-Gon to find once completed. Until such time as the frontpage is fixed, it is unlikely the Ork Project board will attract much attention, and since access is limited all it does is remove good stuff from visibility.

If you've written a batrep that's pretty impressive, PM me a link and I'll patch it into the batrep page so the things don't get lost.

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A long time ago i made this!

It's pretty fun and i am kinda proud of it.

Has alot of errors in it like spelling but i could fix it.

Is this something that could contribute to the ork project?

Chaplain Swordwind:
More Dakka for your Dolla


Most everyone knows that the Orks excel in close assault.  Many posts have been made supporting the arguement that point for point, nothing defeats your basic ork boyz in close combat.  While this is all fine and good, variety IS the spice of life and a little fire support to soften up the enemy before the charge is not a bad idea.  The purpose of this article is to help players identify the most cost effective way to add some fire support to their armies.  The article will be divided into two parts as follows:

The first part of the article will focus on the effectiveness of the various weapon systems divided by the point cost of fielding them.  Things that will be considered are Ballistic Skill, Rate of Fire, Weapon Strength, Armor Penetration, and Blast Radius (if any).  These stats will be used to calculate the average number of kills each weapon can produce against four categories of enemy units: 

Guardian Equivalent (GEQ: T3, Sv 5+)
Marine Equivalent (MEQ: T4, Sv 3+)
Terminator Equivalent (TEQ: T4, Sv 2+/5++)
Wraithguard Equivalent (WEQ: T6, Sv 3+/5++). 

This last category is also supposed to give representation to Monstrous Creatures, though for those the numbers will represent unsaved wounds rather than casualties (since Monstrous Creatures are mult-wound models).  Things that will be mentioned, but not factored into my equations:  Weapon Range, Unit Mobility, Unit Durability, FOC Slots.

You will notice that I have elected not to factor vehicles (as targets) into this project.  I chose to exclude them because I feel that the most effective ways to deal with them are relatively obvious.  Charging with Powerclaws, Lootas, and Tankbustas are pretty well documented as solutions to enemy vehicles, with an honorable mention to Deffkoptas with Twin-Linked Rokkits.  Rather than double (and then some) my workload by adding vehicles into my tables, I have chosen to focus on troops, as this will help people identify the types of fire support units that will provide them the most benefit when dealing with a particularly troublesome (or perhaps the most common) enemy they face.

Also, please be aware that due to several weapon systems having complex variables that affect their efficiency (variable weapon strength, AP, etc.) I did NOT include every weapon or unit in this article.  Lootas made the cut because its easy enough to assume they will AVERAGE 2 shots per turn, but things like the Shokk Attack Gun, Snazzgun and Zzap Gun have more variables than I have time to deal with at present.  In the future, if I have more time and decide to update this article, I will go back and work through those variables in order to provide more complete information.

The second part of the article will evaluate the efficiency of these units based on the financial cost (in U.S. Dollars) of purchasing them.  While the first part of the article provides the most critical information to the gamer, the second part will provide valuable information to those of us on a budget.  Prices will be based off the GW website, in order to ensure a universal standard.

Chaplain Swordwind:
More Dakka for your Dolla: Part One
The first step to finding out which units are most cost effective for providing fire support is determining how effective each of the weapon systems available is against the various categories of targets.  For easy reference, I will provide this data in a table format.  Weapon systems are listed alphabetically, with each column of numbers representing how effective those weapons are against each of the four target categories.  The three most effective weapons in each category will have their numbers highlighted to make them easier to identify.

WEAPON    SYSTEM        [*]GEQ[*]MEQ[*]TEQ[*]WEQBig  Shoota  (BS  2)          [*]0.83[*]0.22[*]0.11[*]0.11Big  Shoota  (BS  3)          [*]1.25[*]0.33[*]0.17[*]0.17Big  Shoota  (BS  2, T-L)   [*]1.39[*]0.37[*]0.19[*]0.19Boomgun                         [*]5.42[*]5.42[*]0.90[*]3.61Burna                              [*]2.67[*]0.66[*]0.33[*]0.22Dakkagun                         [*]0.83[*]0.22[*]0.11[*]0.11Deffgun                            [*]0.56[*]0.18[*]0.09[*]0.15Grot  Blasta                      [*]0.17[*]0.06[*]0.03[*]0.03Grotzooka                        [*]5.83[*]1.94[*]0.97[*]1.17Kannon   (Frag)                [*]2.33[*]0.58[*]0.29[*]0.19Kannon   (Krak)                [*]0.42[*]0.42[*]0.07[*]0.28Killcannon                         [*]5.42[*]5.42[*]0.90[*]2.89Kustom Mega Blasta (BS 2)[*]0.28[*]0.28[*]0.19[*]0.19Kustom Mega Blasta (BS 3)[*]0.42[*]0.42[*]0.28[*]0.28Lobba                              [*]2.92[*]0.78[*]0.39[*]0.39Rokkit  Launcha  (BS  2)    [*]0.28[*]0.28[*]0.05[*]0.19Rokkit  Launcha  (BS  3)    [*]0.42[*]0.42[*]0.07[*]0.28Rokkit  Launcha  (BS  2, T-L)[*]0.46[*]0.46[*]0.08[*]0.31Scorcha                            [*]3.33[*]0.89[*]0.44[*]0.44Shoota                             [*]0.30[*]0.11[*]0.06[*]0.04
As you can see, without factoring in the cost of purchasing the units that carry these weapons, by far the most effective are the high strength blast weapons.  It should also be noted that the units that can carry these weapons (Looted Wagons, Killa Kans and Battle Wagons) are all Heavy Support choices, meaning they can only be taken in limited numbers, and must compete with each other for space in the army.

Next we need to know how much it costs to field these weapon systems.  Below I have listed each weapon system, followed by the units that can field them for the lowest point cost, and how much that cost is per weapon, and which section of the FOC the unit comes from.  This last piece of information is there simply for the player's reference; it does not directly effect the efficiency of the unit, but it will be good to know for the sake of balancing which units are taken.

Big Shoota (BS 2): Looted Wagon (Heavy Support).  Up to 2 guns at 22.5 pts each.

Big Shoota (BS 3): Killa Kan (Heavy Support).  40 pts each.

Big Shoota (BS 2, T-L): Warbuggies & Deffkoptas (Fast Attack).  30 and 35 pts each, respectively.

Boomgun: Looted Wagon (Heavy Support).  105 pts

Burna: Burna Boyz x 5 (Elite).  75 pts.

Dakkagun: Warbikes x 3 (Fast Attack).  75 pts each.

Deffgun: Lootas x 5 (Elite).  75 pts each.

Grot Blasta: Gretchin x 10 + Runtherd (Troops).  40pts.

Grotzooka: Killa Kans (Heavy Support).  45 pts each.

Kannon (Frag): Big Gunz + crew (Heavy Support).  20 pts each.

Kannon (Krak): Big Gunz + crew (Heavy Support).  20 pts each.

Killcannon: Battlewagon (Heavy Support).  150 pts each.

Kustom Mega Blasta x 2(BS 2): + 3 burnas/Lootas.  75 pts.

Kustom Mega Blasta (BS 3): Killa Kan (Heavy Support).  55 pts each.

Lobba: Big Guns + crew (Heavy Support).  25 pts each.

Rokkit Launcha (BS 2): Tank Bustas x 5(Elites).  75.

Rokkit Launcha (BS 3): Killa Kans (Heavy Support).  50 pts each.

Rokkit Launcha (BS 2, T-L):  Warbuggies & Deffkoptas (Fast Attack).  35 and 45 pts each, respectively.

Scorcha: Killa Kans (Heavy Support) & Warbuggies (Fast Attack).  40 pts each.

Shoota: Ork Boyz x 10 (Troops).  60 each.

Now I will combine the data from the first table with the data in the list above, and provide you with an new table that will reflect the (point) cost effectiveness of each unit.  They will be listed in the same order as before, though now the description will change to reflect the unit rather than just the weapon.  For each of the four categories of targets, I will highlight the three most cost effective units. I will also use color code for easy reference.  Troops will be Green, Elites will be Blue, Fast Attack will be Red, and Heavy Support will be Yellow.

***All the Numerical Values in this Table have been multiplied by 10 in order to reduce the number of Zeros I had to enter.  THE RELATIVE VALUE of the Results is UNCHANGED.***

WEAPON SYSTEM (UNIT)            [*]GEQ[*]MEQ[*]TEQ[*]WEQBig Shoota (Looted Wagon)           [*]0.369[*]0.098[*]0.049[*]0.049Big Shoota (Killa Kan)                     [*]0.313[*]0.083[*]0.043[*]0.043Big Shoota (Warbuggie)                 [*]0.463[*]0.123[*]0.063[*]0.063Boomgun (Looted Wagon)              [*]0.516[*]0.516[*]0.086[*]0.344Burna (Burna Boyz)                        [*]1.780[*]0.440[*]0.220[*]0.147Dakkagun (Warbikers)                     [*]0.332[*]0.088[*]0.044[*]0.044Deffgun (Lootas)                            [*]0.373[*]0.120[*]0.060[*]0.100Grot Blasta (Gretchin)                     [*]0.425[*]0.150[*]0.075[*]0.075Grotzooka (Killa Kan)                      [*]1.296[*]0.431[*]0.216[*]0.260Kannon-Frag (Big Gunz)                  [*]1.165[*]0.290[*]0.145[*]0.095Kannon-Krak (Big Gunz)                  [*]0.210[*]0.210[*]0.035[*]0.140Killcannon (Battlewagon)                  [*]0.361[*]0.361[*]0.060[*]0.193Kustom Mega Blasta (Burnas/Lootas)[*]0.112[*]0.112[*]0.076[*]0.076Kustom Mega Blasta (Killa Kan)         [*]0.076[*]0.076[*]0.051[*]0.051Lobba (Big Gunz)                            [*]1.168[*]0.312[*]0.156[*]0.156Rokkit Launcha (Tank Bustas)          [*]0.187[*]0.187[*]0.033[*]0.127Rokkit Launcha (Killa Kan)                [*]0.084[*]0.084[*]0.014[*]0.056Rokkit Launcha (Warbuggie)             [*]0.131[*]0.131[*]0.023[*]0.089Scorcha (Killa Kan/Warbuggie)          [*]0.833[*]0.223[*]0.110[*]0.110Shoota (Ork Boyz)                          [*]0.500[*]0.183[*]0.100[*]0.067

As you can see, the most cost effective fire support units are (not surprisingly) Heavy Support choices.  In addition, they are all blast or template weapons, which helps compensate for the generally poor Ballistic Skill of the Orks.  The Killa Kan armed with a Grotzooka deserves special mention, because it placed in the top 3 for every category of target!  It is also worth mentioning that although Burnas made the top 3 in every category but one, the limited range on their weapon systems is a significant factor.  In order to use them more effectively, they need to be mounted.  However, even if you factored in the cost of a transport (Trukk), as long as you use its full capacity the Burnas would still make the cut!  Of course, trying to position them so you can actually fire all of those Burnas without hitting your own guys will not be easy.  Moving on:  Lootas, though less cost effective than Burna Boyz, have great range and are better against vehicles, making them worth mentioning in spite of the math.  Shoota Boyz (and to a lesser degree Gretchin) also deserved to be mentioned, because unlike the other units presented in these tables, they count as a scoring unit.  They do perform fairly well in fire support as well.  Lastly, I would like to give an honorable mention to Deffkoptas.  Although they are not the most cost effective choice, their mobility gives them significant flexibility that these numbers cannot account for.

Chaplain Swordwind:
More Dakka for your Dolla: Part Two
Now that we know which fire support units are most cost effective in terms of points, its time (for those of us who are on a budget) to find out how to provide our armies with fire support that is financially cost effective.  Part one of this article is a great tool for helping people get the most out of their army, but part two is where this article will live up to its name, giving you "More Dakka for your Dolla", or whatever currency you happen to use.   ;)

The chart below takes the data collected in Table 1 of the first part of this article, and divides each value by the cost (in U.S. Dollars, as of December 2008) of putting that model or unit on the table.  I originally considered using the values from Table 2 for these calculations, but I realized there would be a huge bias towards infantry models if I did so.  I figure the only way to have a truely balanced evaluation is to keep the financial efficiency calculations separate from the points efficiency calculations.

At this time there is not an "official" Looted Wagon model on GW's website, so I have picked the Imperial Guard Leman Russ Battle Tank as the model that will be converted to represent it.  Additionally, they have no Killa Kan with a Grotzooka, so I will use the price of the other Killa Kans (which are all the same) to make the necessary calculations. 

***All the Numerical Values in this Table have been multiplied by 10 in order to reduce the number of Zeros I had to enter.  THE RELATIVE VALUE of the Results is UNCHANGED.***

WEAPON SYSTEM (UNIT)            [*]GEQ[*]MEQ[*]TEQ[*]WEQBig Shoota (Looted Wagon)           [*]0.415[*]0.110[*]0.055[*]0.055Big Shoota (Killa Kan)                     [*]0.568[*]0.150[*]0.077[*]0.077Big Shoota (Warbuggie)                 [*]0.556[*]0.148[*]0.076[*]0.076Boomgun (Looted Wagon)              [*]1.365[*]1.365[*]0.225[*]0.903Burna (Burna Boyz)                        [*]6.675[*]1.650[*]0.825[*]0.550Dakkagun (Warbikers)                     [*]0.712[*]0.189[*]0.094[*]0.094Deffgun (Lootas)                            [*]1.400[*]0.450[*]0.225[*]0.375Grot Blasta (Gretchin)                     [*]1.133[*]0.400[*]0.200[*]0.200Grotzooka (Killa Kan)                      [*]2.650[*]0.882[*]0.441[*]0.532Kannon-Frag (Big Gunz)                  [*]1.371[*]0.341[*]0.171[*]0.112Kannon-Krak (Big Gunz)                  [*]0.247[*]0.247[*]0.041[*]0.165Killcannon (Battlewagon)                  [*]1.084[*]1.084[*]0.180[*]0.578Kustom Mega Blasta (Burnas/Lootas)[*]0.140[*]0.140[*]0.095[*]0.095Kustom Mega Blasta (Killa Kan)         [*]0.191[*]0.191[*]0.127[*]0.127Lobba (Big Gunz)                            [*]1.718[*]0.459[*]0.229[*]0.229Rokkit Launcha (Tank Bustas)          [*]0.467[*]0.467[*]0.083[*]0.317Rokkit Launcha (Killa Kan)                [*]0.191[*]0.191[*]0.032[*]0.127Rokkit Launcha (Warbuggie)             [*]0.153[*]0.153[*]0.023[*]0.093Scorcha (Killa Kan/Warbuggie)          [*]1.111[*]0.297[*]0.147[*]0.147Shoota (Ork Boyz)                          [*]1.364[*]0.500[*]0.273[*]0.182
Interestingly, it appears that the units that are most efficient in the fire support role financially are the same as the units that are most efficient in terms of points.  There are a few differences between the tables, but overall the best units for the job stand out on both.


After a substantial number-crunching session, we can see from the numbers in the tables provided that if you are a Warboss looking for a little Dakka to support your WAAAGH!, most of the best units for the job can be found in the Heavy Support section of your Army List.  However, these tables are just a tool for your reference.  It is up to the Warboss to ultimately decide which units make the cut.  If a particular unit is to slow or to fragile for your taste, you can always substitute something that suits you better.  This remains true if you need to substitute a less efficent unit because of limited FOC slots for the units in question.  If you run out of Heavy Support slots but you still want more Dakka in the army, refer to these charts and pick a unit from another part of the FOC that is as efficient as possible.  Refer to the last paragraph in part one for a few suggestions.



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