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Author Topic: # of men per squad  (Read 600 times)

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# of men per squad
« on: September 5, 2006, 04:06:29 PM »
Ok,I have a question that is of use to every one who makes lists and armies of Space Marines

What is the optimum/useful # of men in each of the following types of Squads?

Tactical Squad (6,8,10?)
Scout Squad(6,8,10?)
Veteran Squad(6,8,10?)
Terminator Squad(6,8,10?)

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Re: # of men per squad
« Reply #1 on: September 5, 2006, 04:23:11 PM »
Tactical Squad: 6 - razorbacks is good, las cannon squads (shooty)
                      8 - nice good assaulty squad (assaulty / shooty)
                      10 - rhino size fill up your transports  (assaulty)
Assault: 8 is good 10 is better, two squads of 8= 16 is best two squads of 10 = 20 is DEATH
Scout Squad: either 6 / 8 or 10 work, it all depends on what they need to do. 6 / 8 snipers, 8 / 10 ccw
Veteran Squad: it all depends here use tactical or assault theory
Devastator: 6 men (3 heavy weapons), 8 men (4 heavy weapons), 10 men is too many wasted bolters
Terminator Squads: 5 drop pod, 6 walking unit, 8 Landraider (if your gonna use a land raider FILL IT UP)
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Re: # of men per squad
« Reply #2 on: September 5, 2006, 05:21:53 PM »
tac: 10 man.  hard for just about anything to bring down.  can absorb a lot of battlecannon casualties.

assault: 8 man for anything at or under 1500.  10 men is necessary for 2000+.

devis: 10 men.  6 casualties that DON'T have to be heavy weapons; optimum.  drop to 8 only if you need the points elsewhere.

scout: i have best luck with 8 men loaded with snipers and heavy bolters.

vets: 8 is usually a good number.

termies: either 5 or 8, no more, no less.
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Re: # of men per squad
« Reply #3 on: September 5, 2006, 07:36:08 PM »
The general idea when choosing squad size is to maximize the number of heavy and special weapons you can take, while keeping a reasonable number of wounds in the squad so that you don't lose those weapons and so that the squad has a good chance of remaining a scoring unit. Even numbers are also important

I go with:

Tactical: 6 for a squad that is just babysitting a cheap heavy weapon, and 8-10 for a squad whose job is to get close and rapid fire. There is a school of thought that says that all marine squads should be 10 men with a veteran sergeant, both for fluff reasons and battlefield flexibility. Personally, I've always had better things to spend 90 or so points on than 3 bolters and a bolt pistol/power fist who will just sit around watching the guy with the lascannon shoot.

Assault: 8-10 men. Anything that will eventually end up in CC should have at least 8 men at the start of the fight.

Scouts: As with tactical squads, 6 men to babysit a heavy weapon (with bolters or sniper rifles), and 8-10 for CC and close support (probably 10, scouts die a lot easier than marines). Sniper rifles become more effective in large groups of 8-10, but I'm not a big enough fan of snipers to justify paying that cost.

Veterans: Depends on their roll, just like tactical squads.

Devastators: The rule of thumb is one bolter per heavy weapon. Adding more ablative wounds is perfectly fine if you have the points, but I never do.

Terminators: 5 for drop pods or land raiders (although a land raider is a poor transport option). It's often common to see 5 in a walking/teleporting squad as well, since most players don't think that the even numbers rule is important enough to justify buying a another terminator (both in terms of points and $50 boxes). Four is an excellent number of a command squad. Assault terminators should be taken in squads of 8.

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Re: # of men per squad
« Reply #4 on: September 5, 2006, 10:23:27 PM »
Some good stuff so far.  I'll add my twist (templar style)

I think it depends on what the purpose is.

Long range shooty squads, 6 man las/plas or plas/plas.
Short range shooty squads 8-10 (drive-by squads or drop pod squads)
Though we do not have them, you codex players do.  10 man with heavy weapon, special weapon and vet sgt with fist.  Good for what ail's ya.  Can shoot from afar, can move in close and rapidfire and can also do well in an assault do to the marines toughness and the powerfist.
Any squad designed for an assault roll should be 10+.  Either footsloggers, rhinos squads or assault squads.  Though assault squads of 8 probably would not be bad in smaller games or if you want to give them more tank hunting type roles.  I would keep them 10 strong and use them to crush the enemy.
Assault: 8 is good 10 is better, two squads of 8= 16 is best two squads of 10 = 20 is DEATH
A most excellent idea.  They move together, they support each other and you are pretty much gauranteed at least one squad will make it anywhere at or very near full str.  For extra assaulty goodness add in a chappie with a JP.  These three units will destroy things.  Anything.
For devs I say 2:1 marine to heavy weapon.  We don't get them to play with, but I drool over them all the time anyways.
Shooty termies are fine at 5 man.  6 would be nice for VPs, but 40 points is alot to scrape up.  More than 6 is useless.  Just make another squad so you can get 2 more asscannons!
Assault termies.  I dunno.  I have never used them.
I don't get scout squads, either, but same ideas as behind the tacticals.  Big assaulty, med to big for shooty.  My fav squad before the new Templar codex was 5 scouts with 2 bolters, 2 snipers and 1 heavy bolter.  It was cheap, but decent firepower.


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