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Need Help Night Lords Paint scheme

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This helps alot. So you are telling me that If I use the Night lords list that the army has to be blue? That if I enter a GW game they wont let me play unless it is blue? I wanted to stay away form the blue. But if I have to I guess I will.


posted by hellboy:

--- Quote ---i had the exact same problem when i started my night lords. unfortunately you cant use other colours because that would be like changing the colours on an army cap badge (which would be classed as heresy in the british army!).
--- End quote ---

Err-rm, you can paint your army any color you like last I checked(unles someone at GW is being a d!@k), as long as you tell you opponent that you're using whatever rules(ie..Night Lords).Other wise whats the point in collecting or playing if everyone has carbon copy forces(looks anyway).

Natakue:If you want to go with greens for your force, here is what I'd suggest. Black undercoat, highlighted with Dark Angels Green(or what equivalent you use if not Citadel colours), then a highlight of Snot Green, it'll look "Dark Angel-ish", so you should make sure that you highlight in such a way that the greens are just visible. That way you keep the Chaos feel, heck, you could even still use the Brass/Gold trim that Night Lords typically have. I think that would look pretty kewl( then again, it is my advice ;D)

Edit: And heck, if the GW store won't let you play as Green Night Lords if you want(as long as you're not breaking any rules), then play at your LGS, unless you don't have one, then that pretty much sux. But seriously, as a former GW store employee, we really could'nt have cared less about what color you army was, if you said they were Night Lords, then you had better use Night Lords rules is all.

Brother Asreus:
Maybe even go with a darkened purple for the armour. I've always like a nice dark purple as it's not used by too many people. Post your ideas for the armour and any highlighting questions you may have. Like exarch said, it doesn't matter if you made them neon orange as long as you abide by the rules of whatever army you choose to make them.

On another note, I think the purple would be a cool vampirish colour if done dark enough.

I agree with Bro. Asreus, vampires and purple just go to gether. Maybe black highlighted to dark purple.

You know your right purple does sound evil. I wont get most of my figues till christmas any ways so I will take a few and paint them one with greens and one with purples and see what style I like better. Thanks for all the help.


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