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Author Topic: 40k in 40 minutes in Western Australia  (Read 554 times)

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40k in 40 minutes in Western Australia
« on: October 17, 2003, 03:18:28 AM »
Hey people,

My names Gary Waters, and I'm running a Warhammer 40k in 40 minutes Doubles Tournament for a club called Outpost 6030 in Perth, Western Australia soon.

The tournament is on 7th of December, in Landsdale. Tickets for the tournament are $40 for a team of 2 players, which gaurantees you 6 games, and the chance to win some cool stuff and a trophy or two :)

The basic rules are available in White Dwarf, and for more details you can contact me, generally e-mailing me off-site is best at :
Please put "40k TOURNAMENT" in the subject line, otherwise you may be junked by my inbox filter.

Teams will need to be able to ally with each other, for a list of allowed ally teams, there is a players pack available for your perusal at GW from Monday 20th onwards. Tickets will also be available from both Perth GW stores, so you can purchase them there, and get your players pack. If they don't have them yet when you go in, let me know and I can take your details over the net, and arrange to give you your ticket.

If you have trouble finding an ally, drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do. Please remember if you want to be gauranteed a spot, you will need to get in soon, as we only have room for 30 teams of 2 players.

If you e-mail me and don't get a repsonse, post a reply here and I'll get back to you. Anyone who is interested in coming to our club is most welcome anytime, we meet Monday nights at Landsdale, and Tuesdays in Manning.
Drop me a line if you want to check out the club.

C U Guys!


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