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Author Topic: Tournament in Houston, TX  (Read 905 times)

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Tournament in Houston, TX
« on: April 2, 2002, 05:06:06 PM »
On April 20th, Voyager Toys will have a Rogue Trader Tournament.  Point values are tentatively set at 1700, though there is some talk about reducing it to 1200 to allow some of the newer players (the store is relatively new, having only carried GW products for 3 months).

You can get to Voyager Toys by taking Hwy 59 to Chimney Rock.  Go south on Chimney Rock, past Glenmont.  You'll see the entrance on the left to a place called Acemart Restaurant Supply.  Take that entrance, only continue past Acemart into a shipping area.  Voyager Toys is the last door on the left.

You might want to come by before the tournament.  They hold open gaming on Fridays from 5 to late late late.  You can even play earlier if there is an opponent around (and there usually are).

I myself don't work there, but I really like their gamer-friendly environment.  There are a lot of tables, and even a place to paint in your spare time.  
Surely there are select humans in the galaxy that sympathize with the Eldar.  Would they not be welcome to fight as well?


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