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Author Topic: 1st Game with the New Dex  (Read 1883 times)

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1st Game with the New Dex
« on: November 6, 2014, 05:39:57 PM »
So, I've got my first game in, and the new dex held up pretty well.  I put together a 1000pts list for a pick-up game at my local GW.  I spent minimum points on an Archon and 2 squads of Warriors so that I could max out on FA choices: 3x6 Reavers, a Razorwing and a spare venom.

On the night I happened to end up playing Space Wolves.  We played Maelstrom:Cleanse and Control.  He kept half of his force in reserves, which let me take him apart piecemeal, and I tabled him on Turn 4.  Warriors, Archon and transports played pretty much as they always have - very mobile, and spewing out lots of darklight and poison shots.  The Reavers, however, performed really well.  I do think that the changes to bladevanes has made them a bit more dull, but it has certainly made them easier to use.  Armed with heat lance, blaster and cluster caltrops, they were my main offensive threat, zooming round the table claiming objectives, threatening infantry and vehicles and wiping stuff out in assault.  I think they will probably become a regular feature of my DE lists.

I rolled up an extra attack for my Reavers on the new combat drug table - definitely a big improvement on the last dex, where a roll of '1' was totally useless for the bikes.  I didn't see much effect from the PfP though, as I had taken out most of his stuff by the end of turn 3, just when the power really started to kick in.  And I managed to forget about it somewhat, so I forgot to roll and FnP saves during the game  ::).  Something to remember for next time.

Overall, I enjoyed the freedom to take loads of really fast and dangerous units.  My army played like Dark Eldar should (IMHO) - agressive, and very, very fast.  Despite my first impressions, the new codex hasn't entirely killed the character of the army.

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Re: 1st Game with the New Dex
« Reply #1 on: November 7, 2014, 01:35:49 PM »
Congrats on the win, and welcome back to the dark city, Archon. :)

I agree that the new book seems to hold up pretty well for the most part.  The new 'dex provides us with viable options that will perform reasonably well against other 7th edition books.  It's just that a bit of our flavor and some of our old tactics kind of got muted.  It's one of those books that I imagine seems great to those who haven't seen the last book to compare it against. 

I'm glad to hear reavers did so well as I'm thinking of picking some up for my own wych cult soon. 


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