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Author Topic: New nid player help  (Read 1122 times)

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New nid player help
« on: May 10, 2013, 10:42:41 AM »
My friend just picked up his first army going with the nids and I am suppost to teach him how to use his army but I have no clue where to start. The main opponents he will be playing are Tau, DE, SW, and Necrons. I play Tau and have never been good at cathing other races in CC with other races so let's start there.

1) How do I get multible squads into CC in the same turn? My tau style and luck makes it nearly impossible to assault my main force with a single unit.

2) The DE and tau will be the main oppenents both favoring a highly mobile shooty style of play, how would he go about cutting off my escape and still maintaing enough of a blob to not be shot to death (I.E what units should cut me off? and what units should charge my ligne?).

3) What is the best option for taking out DE AV 10/11 at range while being able to take an insane amount of punishment? (Night shields are a real pain in the ass for guns with a range of 36" or less)

4) What is the best method to deal with the higher initiative DE in CC?

5) would it be better to take less MC's due to DE poison weapon spam?

6) since tau can get ignore cover on any weapon, what alternatives are there to cover for surviveability?

Also our games tend to be a bit odd. We usually use -1 to the books cover save values. Our maps tend to be a bit larger than standard games and are built mostly out of egg cartons. Half the time we forgo the missions in the rulebook in favor of VP games (no objectives). We will ocasionally play 3-4 person FFA's with some custom scenario rules to prevent turtling. We generally agrea what kind of list we should use (fun or competitive).

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Re: New nid player help
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2013, 02:52:51 PM »
The first thing you need to do is post the army list. It's tricky to give good advice without seeing the choices.
It's also going to be difficult to give advice when you're not playing the stock rules from the main rulebook.

I strongly recommend you use the proper cover values from the book, as these have been balanced to the needs of the various armies. Cutting cover will severely hurt armies like Nids while giving a massive advantage to a shooty army like the Tau.
I'd also strongly recommend you use the missions instead of VPs. This encourages tactical play and forces armies to come out take risks. If all you play are VPs then shooty armies that can just sit back and blast their opponents off the board will be highly favoured over an assault list that is designed to take heavy casualties on its way across the board whilst claiming objectives.

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Re: New nid player help
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2013, 05:19:51 AM »
First of all let me tell you now that getting advice this way was the better option instead of teaching him how to use an army that you have never used.

Secondly, when going up against Tau, Dark Eldar and the likes the first thing that I add to my army is the Doom of Malan’Tai in a spore. In a recent 1,500pt game against a Tau player with 3 Riptides this dirt cheap unit claimed 10 pathfinders, 34 firewarriors, 2 riptides and 20 kroot, all on his own thanks to spirit leech and a riptide keeping me in combat from turn 2 to turn 5.

Another unit I usually run is Ymgarl Genestealers; you will understand why when you read the Dormant special rule. Get him to deploy near the enemy’s warlord ands assault, I did this against Farsight after his deepstriking with 2 broods of ten charging in and using the Tentacled Limbs for a massive 80 attacks going first in combat.

If going against low toughness armies like the Eldar and Tau get him to consider going of the Parasite of Mortrex as the HQ choice in his army. Throw him in with 30 gargoyles and go for large infantry squads. Note, if using the Parasite purchase LOTS of ripper swarms.

For a fourth unit choice the Dakka ‘Fex will be a potent choice as AV 10/11 will be crushed by the masses of shooting given off by 3 Carnifex’s with two sets of brainleech worms each. Any aircraft will be knocked out by this single unit regardless of how many six’s needed to hit.

Sorry about ignoring your questions, but with your friend starting off with the units stated it should get him off to a good army in which many opponents will hate playing against (except T6 biker hoards).

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Re: New nid player help
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2013, 08:33:56 AM »
Without hijacking this thread, I have shelved Ymgarl genestealers as when they charge out of cover (from using the dormant speacial rule) they charge out of cover. ie they attack at I1. Have I missed the boat on this?
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Re: New nid player help
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2013, 11:22:47 AM »
Unless I'm mistaken, they can move and assault on the turn they show up. Just move them out of the cover first and as long as their target isn't in cover they'll strike at their normal initiative.
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Re: New nid player help
« Reply #5 on: May 23, 2013, 12:28:12 PM »
Gunner_Sabot_Tank hit the nail on the head move out of cover then assault, even terminators would fear these.

@Darkstrider, I’ve considered your points now in great detail after playing against the best DE, E and Tau players in my LGS and have compiled both my advice and other Tyranid players’ from my LGS to answer the questions.

1) Either using Mycetic spores and deep strike to come up all around the target, or being the swarm and attack from everywhere at once using cover to block LOS. Some advice from another player was to use distractions, e.g. Carnifex’s.

2) Now he should use fast moving counter attack units to go for the weaker rear armour e.g. Flyrant, Harpy or Shrikes .Another option would be for him to use deepstrike for the close range annihilation e.g. Lictors, Raveners and Zoanthropes in spores. Some more advice would be using spore mine clusters to restrict deployment types.

3) Pretty much the same as last time using fast moving units to destroy the transports then assault to mop up the rest. No advice yet.

4) Genestealers are the best way of negating this along with Broodlords, Lictors, Raveners, Hormagaunts and my personal favourite LASH WHIPS! Other advice is psychic powers (paroxysm), killing many in shooting and sheer number of critters in combat.

5) Actually I go against the grain here a bit; go for lots of monsters and by lots I mean absolutely friggin’ lots. Failing that take 5 Tervigons in 1,000pts with 30 Termagants and another cheap unit. Advice from everyone else; “If they take poison, take a swarm”.

6) Tau only have a few weapons that ignore cover (SMS, seeker missiles, airbursting frag projector, markerlights and the multi-spectrum suit), so to counter these take them out SMS are on 5 units, seekers are dirt cheap but do little against the swarm, the airbursting frag projector is 1-per-army and has a tiny range. Now the markerlights are usually the first on everyone’s priority targeting list so to stop them go Biovores and finally the suit upgrade 1-per-army, mega expensive and the model cannot shoot, only worth while in a Farsight bomb with the same one taking the CaC node. So just take Venomthropes and swamp the enemy in units.

So a final note for your friend let him use different playstyles and allow him to figure out what is best for him. Failing that come back post another thread up add let us help you.


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