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Author Topic: 40k Tournament; Kitchener, Ontario, Canada; 1500pts; January 19th  (Read 1251 times)

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For any of you guys in the area that would be interested in attending, there is a tournament being held at Phoenix Games and Hobbies in Kitchener, Ontario.  The organizer is not the store owner this time.

Cost:  $25 entry fee + $5 for lunch (optional)
Points:  1500 with modular army lists (rules on the website)
Games played:  4 games with two hour time limits.
Scenarios:  Taken directly from the rule book, nothing super fancy.
Awards:  First place, Second place, Best painted, Best sportsman.
Prizes:  Yet to be determined.

All of the rules for the tournament can be found on this website.

Currently there are 3/30 spots taken, so 27 still remain.  This is the second tournament this guy is running and the first was quite enjoyable.  If you can I heartily suggest you come out and bring your A game.
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