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Author Topic: Tore Apart Imperial Guard.... ??!!  (Read 1329 times)

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Tore Apart Imperial Guard.... ??!!
« on: November 12, 2012, 09:36:57 AM »
So I made some minor modifications to my list for a game the other night. I played a well seasoned Imperial Guard player and he had the typical toys but I think he was mixing his list up a bit for fun.

He had lots of infantry hiding, er fighting from behind an Aegis Defense line, a few tanks (plasma cannons) and of course the Manticore... his only flyer was a Vendetta with a Demo team.

Basically I tabled the guy pretty bad. At one point all he could do was 'go to ground' behind his wall and although he was enjoying 2+ saves (!) he could only "get back in the fight" about two squads per turn.

As this game went on I was using Nemesor to full advantage, and I'm not sure if I was doing this right....

Basically I want to make sure I was using tank hunters correctly. First off I gave Tank Hunters to my Annihilation Barge and used the Twin Link to hit advantage to try and hit his flyer, then Tank Hunters to re-roll the AP to make sure I could hit the thing.

Secondly, I gave Tank Hunters to my Warriors aboard a Ghost Ark. Essentially allowing the squad re-rolls on armour pen to get as many glancing sixes as possible. In one turn I took all the hull points down on a Leman Russ variant. Nasty!

Also at the beginning we had a debate. I targeted his Quad gun (anti-flyer) behind his defense line. He didn't think I could do that. I took two wounds off it, and called 'first blood'. He didn't think it counted for first blood. Is this true?

I was quite shocked how badly I dismantled his army. In 5th IG always gave me big problems. I had been playing other armies in 6th and this was my first go of my 'crons vs IG and was not looking forward to it, but was actually quite surprised.

I will say I know he kind of mixed up his list a bit for fun and it wasn't totally optimized so I'd expect him to come back at me in the future with something much harder.

I basically played one of my 5th ed lists with adding 2 Night Scythes with Immortals and Deathmarks (I always took these just now they are in Night Scythes). I removed ALL Crypteks to maximize pew-pew and I didn't miss the Crypteks at all.

Anyway, just curious about our rules questions in that game, some pertaining specifically to Necrons. So if anyone knows I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

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Re: Tore Apart Imperial Guard.... ??!!
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2012, 11:24:02 AM »
If you are querying if you can give tank hunters to an annihilation barge then yes, you can. Nemesor allows you to gift it to any of your units... so as long as its a unit it counts. I've used it to good effect on an annihilation barge too - as you point out, the twin link to hit makes a big difference when it comes to maximising the advantage to damage rolls.

One thing I found out though, is that tank hunters has very specific wording which stops it being used in full against buildings with an AV.

I do have to agree with your target acquisition though - I am convinced that an annihilation barge has more chance vs flyers than a night scythe firing with skyfire... twin linking has a better chance of you getting the 6s, which tesla turns into more hits for good measure! I'm sure someone will come and mathammer me wrong... but still!

I also believe that giving the ability to an embarked unit is fine. Nemesors rule literally says you can give it to any unit in your army. The way I read it, this could even mean giving it to a unit that is currently in reserve. ie - tank hunter to a night scythe, or even counter attack to the immortals inside the night scythe currently in reserve!!

I'm also going to say that glancing vehicles to death will be a commong occurance in your games. It is the bonus necrons get for generally lacking in high strength, low AP weapons capable of instant gibbing a tank. In essence, you will likely never ever cause a tank to explode (and that's probably part of the reason for the tesla destructors "arc" rule). There are ways you can try to though - such as sending some scarabs out first to drop the AV to silly levels! (In one game I managed to drop two predators down to front armour 7 and 8!)

Now, as for the quad gun. I see no reason why you would not be able to target it. It is given a toughness and save value exactly for the reason of when it is targetted. However, I'm not so sure if it counts as a "unit" in your army for first blood. That bit is worthy of further questioning in the rules board me thinks.

One other element with the aegis that confuses me is that it says all parts must be deployed in contact with another piece - but does not clarify if this INCLUDES the gun emplacement or whether the gun can be placed separately, or simply within a certain coherency? In the absence of actually stating it can be placed anywhere I'd be inclined to say it must contact a section of wall - but even the pics of it in GW things don't have it like that... Personally I'm happy to say it has to be within 2" of a section of wall (mostly to stop someone deciding to deploy the gun in a completely separate and secondarily advantageous position!)

As for the crypteks - their use really depends on their set up.

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Re: Tore Apart Imperial Guard.... ??!!
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2012, 11:53:38 AM »
Well this is the first time (literally) since the newer Necron codex has come out that I haven't used Crypteks in a list. So I almost felt... naked without them.  :D

I think my opponent felt that since a unit had to fire the gun, I could not separate the gun from the unit firing it..... but I don't think the gun IS in fact a part of the unit (IE: it does not join units).

First blood... I guess I should ask elsewhere.

The tank hunters on a gauss squad is just gravy. I have to try this some more. Only unit I was 'meh' about was the Heavy Destroyers (had 4 of them in 1500 pts). They are 'good' but a little pricey for my list. One turn I had Nemesor give them stealth. That was nice!

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Re: Tore Apart Imperial Guard.... ??!!
« Reply #3 on: November 22, 2012, 04:24:58 PM »
Well this is the first time (literally) since the newer Necron codex has come out that I haven't used Crypteks in a list. So I almost felt... naked without them.  :D

Crypteks have left my list now too actually. I find them, whilst nice, to be a little frivolous. The thing I find with them is you need to invest in a few of them to enhance your units, which mounts up.

Plus you need to fork out on an Overlord.

I'd love to get a nice Lord in my units, but I can't justify those points to play it.

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Re: Tore Apart Imperial Guard.... ??!!
« Reply #4 on: November 22, 2012, 07:09:04 PM »
Either side can target or attack a gun emplacement as it is a piece of terrain that you are allowed to attack and is not a unit in either army.
For similar reasons it doesn't count for first blood.

P105 and P109 have all the relevant rules covering their use.


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