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Author Topic: MegaMega "Half Day of 40K" - Madison, WI (Date TBD: Sept/Oct)  (Read 980 times)

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Thought I'd put an open invitation out there and give everyone as much of a heads up as possible, in case anyone in the region wants to roadtrip to join us.

There is going to be a LARGE megabattle in Madison, WI sometime in Sept/Oct (I'm still hashing out my schedule with work trips and taking into account others).  We're looking for people with large armies (minimum of 2,500 pts but 10,000+ is ideal).  I got the green light from Last Square to host the event.  I will likely cap the roster at 20-30 players.  This is being defined as 'megamega' as it stretches apocalypse and has event specific rules.

This is my third such event I've organized.  I'm hoping we field somewhere around 200,000-250,000 pts this time.  The last event went 13 hrs and we did at least as many turns.

I'm going to hold off with the full rules (I'm still defining and proofing objectives).  That said I can share some useful tidbits (or PM me and I'll share a link to the thread on our forum):

- The minimum amount of points to play for an individual is 2,500 and may not be divided amongst people/team mates.  (Borrow figures if you must; it's an easy number to hit)
- Allies, once assigned, may not 'lend' points to another ally. You may not give extra points to an enemy either.
- Pre-registration is mandatory. To register: supply all required information <tbd> and make sure you are either included in the roster PRIOR to the event or have something from Athaga Mor (Alex) clearly stating he's aware you're coming.
- Please indicate any reinforcements you wish to purchase from Last Square (for special reinforcement rules…read below). This will help with store inventory. Deadline is <date> for the <tbd>% discount and <tbd>% thereafter.
- You are expected to be on time to the event. Please commit your schedule to the event.
- Teams will need to elect a team captain (to organize turn phases and hold their team to keeping the game moving forward)
- Teams will need to elect an adept (to keep track of victory points)
- Likely $20 at the door.  All fees going to over a dozen prizes.

Force Organization:
- You are expected to use the most current codex army list or published forgeworld army lists.  If you have a question, please ask. (I will allow some old lists even if technically out-of-date: Kroot for example)
- You will be allotted 1 force organization chart per 2,500 points.  Super-heavy detachments (1-3 units) may be used to bridge gaps and/or simply boost your force size. 
- The only limit to the number of super heavies you may field is: you may bring a maximum of 1 super heavy per 1,000 pts of non-super-heavy units fielded.
- You are expected to meet the minimum compulsory choices of the army(s) you are playing (in most cases, this being a single HQ and two Troop choices) for each force organization chart.
- Restrictions to wargear and unit availability for specific armies will remain in place (e.g. Unique characters/units will remain 0-1 collectively even if multiple lists are used, etc... - if in doubt, ask BEFORE you arrive for the event).
- You may NOT have different armies for your lists, however you MAY use allied armies so long as they are viable allies on the Games Workshop allies chart and each allied list meets the requirements of the force organization chart and points requirements of the event.
- You must designate your commander (a single independent character) before deployment begins. This is a single miniature, who is ultimately responsible for leading all of your forces.

What can I use?:
- You may use any and all wargear and units that are available to your race/specific list. This includes, but is not limited to Vehicle Design Rules and Imperial Armor, including titans, warmachines, flyers, variants, original vehicles, etc. You can also use Apocalypse units and formations.  In fact, you are encouraged to use VDR, Imperial Armor and Formations. We seldom get to use these things (or see them in action) - this would be a great time to use them. ALL units must be WYSIWYG (e.g. Do not show up with a 3" square box and call it your Armor 14, 14, 14 BS5 10D6 Battle Cannon with Structure Points:9 Titan of Doom - you will be beginning the event without this unit and kick yourself for the remaining duration). WYSIWYG rules will not be strictly enforced, however use Eldar for Eldar, Wyches for Wyches, try to have things at least based and sized correctly, and it'd be nice to see gun barrels of about the right size for VDR.
- We saw everything from Super-Heavy Tanks to Blimps to Titans last time.  This is a great opportunity to let your creativity out of its box.  Have fun but try to keep it fun for other as well... sometimes little things are equally as fun.  If you make something like a boat... please let me know so I can try to make sure water is present on the tabletops.  If you are scratch-building something; try to get it as close as possible to the correct size.  I also reserve the right to review and/or deny any VDR/Super-Heavy Customization (I have to say it; never had to enforce it).
- There is an 800 point limit to VDR units.  If you build a Titan over 800 pts, I need to see the detailed rules, wargear and size dimensions.
- Your army must be painted. You aren't expected to have Golden Demon paint jobs, however you are expected to have 3 colors on EVERY unit with NO plastic, pewter, or green stuff showing.
- You must bring two fully detailed copies of your army list (including VDR) with you to the event.  One handed in during registration and the other for personal use/reference.

- This is a unique concept for this event. On top of the points you are allocated for your army(s), you may add to your forces by purchasing 'reinforcements' at Last Square on the day of the event. THESE REINFORCEMENTS DO NOT COUNT TOWARD YOUR POINTS -or- A FORCE ORGANIZATION CHART. After purchase, you will need to construct and paint your purchases (to the same requirements explained in the previous section) in order to field the reinforcements. These reinforcements may be fielded at the BEGINNING of your first turn they are available for according to the following rules. Bitz may be brought with you to the event to complete WYSIWYG requirements or to take VDR creation into account, however these bitz cannot be glued together or painted upon arrival. Sculpted putty parts may be brought to event as well. These parts may not be painted or based, however may be sculpted. The figure must be assembled during the time of the event. You must be able to show proof of purchase, if asked to, for anything other than minor bitz and putty. Tools will not be provided, and you will be expected to get all of your paint on the item you are painting (not on the store).
- Please refrain from bringing power tools. You may bring paint, glue, brushes, etc. for your reinforcements, if you need any of these things, Last Square has an excellent variety of these items.
- While you work on your reinforcements, another player may control your forces - if you so wish. However, reinforcements may NOT interfere with the forward progress of game play. If someone is taking obscenely long or is causing a constant delay because the group needs to wait for him or her to 'put the brush down' some actions may be cut short so that game play can continue. There will be quite a bit of time in between team turns for building reinforcements.
- This rule should not be abused. Reinforcements should reflect the initial spread of abilities and skills - they may be different.  Reinforcement units may only be added for army choices already in-play (e.g. you are play Ultramarines and Space Wolves... you cannot reinforce an inquisitor to gain orbital strikes even though it'd be an ally). Reinforcements, upon being fielded, should also have their point values calculated and a list of all skills written out prior to deployment.
- You may NOT reinforce HQ options, and 0-1 options remain in place.

"Let me put a medpack on this, and I'll be right back."
- Also unique to this event is this modified meatgrinder rule... Over the course of this long event, forces will take causalities. When a character or unit dies, it will be able to come back and fight... in time. The following applies to units which have been destroyed, fled off the table or have "withdrawn".
- Elite, Troop, and Fast Attack units may withdraw (just remove them from the board at the beginning of your turn) if below 50% of original size and not in close combat. A unit removed in this fashion does not count toward opponents' victory points. These squads, may redeploy at the start of the next turn (they've been cleaned up, resupplied, reinforced and can be thrown back into the fray). Unlike last time, you may NOT withdraw fleeing units (they must regroup and then be under 50% or flee the table first... this is to represent the lack of strategic thinking as they flee).
- Heavies with no armor value may withdraw and rejoin combat as the Elite, Troop, and Fast Attack units.
- Those heavies with armor values, which are destroyed, and withdrawn HQ units may rejoin after skipping the next turn. 
- Super-heavies and Titans (anything with structure points) after being destroyed must skip two turns.  Unlike last time, there will be no withdrawing immobilized vehicles or weaponless vehicles... they must be destroyed.
- Transports must be destroyed in order to redeploy with their owners.  If the transport is not destroyed (rhino, trukk, drop pod, mycetic spore) the owning unit will reinforce without the transport.  If the owning unit is still functioning and the transport is destroyed, the transport MUST be held until the owning unit reinforces (choose your land raider transports carefully!).

--- work in progress so subject to change... though, like I said, this is round four ---

There are a handful of army-specific clarifications but I'll hold off with those for now.

If you are interested, feel free to reply or PM me.  Dakka Dakka!
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Re: MegaMega "Half Day of 40K" - Madison, WI (Date TBD: Sept/Oct)
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2011, 11:04:52 PM »
How long will each game take and will players be playing multiple games during said event?

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Re: MegaMega "Half Day of 40K" - Madison, WI (Date TBD: Sept/Oct)
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2011, 11:11:46 PM »
one game.  teams of 10+.  Think we used 15-16 tables last time.  team A vs team B but mixed deployment gets everyone in the fight turn one.
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40k - Deathguard CSM, Deathskullz Orks, Daemons, IG Traitors

Current project: painting my new chaos warhound titan


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