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Author Topic: Warhammer 40k 2500 Point Tournament - July 17th, 10am @ Giga-Bites Cafe  (Read 765 times)

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Sign up is on our forums at

    We will be hosting a 2500 point event at Giga-Bites Cafe, 2145 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA, 30062.

    This will be a 3 round event at 2500points. Games will be 2 hours and 30 minutes in length. Lunch break will occur after Round 1 for 45 minutes.

    Doors open at 9am, tournament kicks off at 10am . You must be registered in the store by 9.45 or your place is forfeit! Giga-Bites offers coffees and breakfast foods, so come by early for breakfast!

    Entry is $20 to non club members, $15 to Rolling Bones Members. You can join the club before or on the day to avail of the discount, plus a 15% on the day purchasing discount on all Miniature related goods.(non club members get a 10% discount on the day!) Pre registration is a MUST to reserve your space. Reserve by July 10th at the latest. You can pre pay by using paypal to send the payment to

    Scoring is as follows:

    Massacre 25 Major 20, Minor 15, Draw 10, Loss 5

    Sportsmanship will be judged by checklist after each round:
    # Did your opponent share their army list with you before the game? Yes/No
    # Did your opponent come prepared to play and bring all required items to play (dice, templates, rulers, rulebooks, codices, pens, calculators, etc.) Yes/No
    # Was your opponent consistent about game procedures, such as re-rolling Gene Simmonsed dice or picking up failed dice rolls instead of successes? Yes/No
    # Did your opponent appear to measure movement and assault distances accurately? Yes/No
    # Did your opponent show up on time and put forward a good faith effort to play at a timely pace and complete the game in the allotted time? Yes/No (3 points)
    # Were rules issues that may have arisen during the game handled amicably by your opponent? Yes/No
    # Was your opponent's army easy to understand with clear conversions or completely WYSWIG? Yes/No
    # Would you voluntarily play this person again? Yes/No

    Each question is worth 1 point, except for on time / played at a timely pace which is worth 3 points. This allows for a total of 30 possible points for sportsmanship.

    Painting will be judged based on the following rubric:
    # Fully painted with at least three colors - 10
    # Fully based (flock, sand, etc) - 5
    # Army received both of the above - 5
    # Conversion points* - 2
    # Details are painted (eyes, jewelry, belts) - 2
    # Army has discernible highlights - 2
    # Army has multiple highlights / washing / shading - 2
    # Army is one of the top three judge's choice - 2
    # Army has a full painted display base - 1 **
    # Display base has a lot of detail / advanced painting or scene - 2 **

    * Army has either multiple simple conversions or a small amount of advanced conversions.

    For a total of 30 possible points, with someone who is fully painted+based regardless of the skill of said painting receiving at least 20. Then 3 bonus points for a display board. Display counts towards overall, but not best painted.

    Armies painted by other people are not eligible for Best Painted but will not otherwise affect you.

    Prizes will be given out for
    1st, 2nd, 3rd
    # Best in club
    # Best Sports
    # Best Painted

    Sign up at the Gigabites forums, or call the store @ 770-578-1497 for a spot in the event. Space is LIMITED to 24, so sign up quick to avail of a space.

    Scenarios will be taken from the main book and modified slightly.
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