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Author Topic: Warband- 250pt orc vs dwarves Massacre(PIC HEAVY)  (Read 1842 times)

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Warband- 250pt orc vs dwarves Massacre(PIC HEAVY)
« on: September 6, 2010, 08:29:30 PM »
Greetings Wargamers!
Following is a tale of Massacre, a battle where orc and goblin is blood spilled by the gallons. The following armies where brought to battle.

Brogar's Little Mob


Night Goblin Big Boss ( 41 pts)
    (Commander;  Veteran; Great Axe; Light Armour)


Boyz Mob (10#, 80 pts)
    (Musician; Shield; Orc Boss)

Night Goblin Mob (10#, 52 pts)
    (Spears, Musician, Standard)

Night Goblin Mob (10#, 34 pts)
    (Musician, Bows)


Trolls (1#, 40 pts)
Total Roster Cost: 247


Balthazaars Own


Dragon Slayer (1#, 50 pts)
   (Intellectual / Tactician)


Dwarf Warriors (11#, 124 pts)
   (Mus;Std; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour; Shield; Veteran(commander))
Thunderers (5#, 70 pts)
   5 Thunderers @ 70 pts (Hand Weapon; Dwarf Handgun; Light Armour)

Total Roster Cost: 244

Created with Army Builder® - Try it for free at http://www.wolflair.com


-Map C was used (Deploy in opposite corners)
-Brogar's objective was Invade. (1/3rd of unit composition in enemies deployment)
-Balthazaar was tasked with assassinating Brogar

Brogar and his mob prepare their invasion of a small dwarven town to the north. Brogar is in a unit of night goblins with spears

Little does Brogar know, a small band of dwarfs are there to halt his advance.

A small unit of Thunderers are garrisoned in a watch tower, which will prove to be an advantageous position

Balthazaar sends word back to the village that there is the possibility of a greenskin invasion

The Dwarfs waste no time and advance towards the small horde of greenskins

The Thunderers target the Night Goblins in an attempt to dwindle their numbers

The night goblin archers advance to the cover of the forest. The forest brutally attacks the unarmored goblins and causes them to flee from battle.

Even after Brogars instructions, the troll decides to hide behind a giant rock

The orcs advance to engage the Dwarf Warriors while Brogar leads a group of Night Goblins to attack the watchtower

The Thunderers continue to fire on Brogars advancing night goblins while the rest of the Dwarfs advance. A mysterious Dwarf rushes towards Brogar with a blood thirsty glare

The Orcs and troll move forward and prepare to engage Balthazaar's warriors

The Slayer challenges Brogar and becomes the slayed as Brogar chops him down.

The Orcs stare down their enemy in a long stare down. Neither side seems eager to charge.

Brogar storms the watchtower but with one last volley, the Thunderers send Brogar and his Night Goblins packing.

The Orcs finally move into prime charge position, but feel unsure about the charge and decide to hold (Yeah I needed at least a three to charge XD)

The Thunderers now target the lumbering troll who seems to be confused

Balthazaar takes advantage of the orcs lack of bravery and charges. In a short melee the orcs take one casualty and cowardly retreat.

The only remaining unit on the field, the confused troll is finally brought down by gunfire.

The day is won, Balthazaar's Own drive off Brogar's initial strike. The unknown slayer was the only casualty, but seems to still be alive to one day possibly get revenge. Brogar and what is left of his battered mob retreat in hopes of mustering up another force and plan to strike back at Balthazaar. What will happen next!?!!!!!
Well theres the story of my orcs getting massacred. We are running a warband campaign currently so more reports will come if anyone enjoys this one.

Please leave any questions, comments, or advice. Thank You

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TURN1: The night goblin archers advance to the cover of the forest... The forest in turn brutally attacks the unarmored goblins and causes them to flee from battle. Brought to you by eight edition!


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