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Title: AM and DA Raven Wing BFFs 1850
Post by: 0verKill_235 on June 8, 2016, 03:26:54 PM
A second take on my AM and DA list. Replaced the Vendetta with a Valkyrie (thank you very much Death from the Skies >:() Dropped and rearranged models to fit in a Knight Errant and focused on Raven Wing bikes only. Correction: I meant to write bolt pistol as apposed to bolt gun.

IG/ DA -1850


Lord Commissar w/power weapon, bolt gun


Vets w/ x3 melta, SGT w/ bolt gun (rides in Valk)

PLC w/ x4 flamers, 1x bolt gun, taurox, w/ smoke launcher
1rst Squad: Autocannon,grenade launcher
2nd Squad: Autocannon, grenade launcher
3rd Squad: Autocannon, grenade launcher

Fast Attack
Valkyrie w/ lascannon,hellstrike

Heavy Support
LR MBT w/heavy bolters, cammo netting

Knight Errant w/ Mark of the Omnissiah

Ravenwing Strikeforce -647

Librarian w/ Mastery II, Shroud of Heroes, Bike,thunderhammer

Ravenwing command squad w/Apothecary, BoC
Bike Squad X5 w/ x1 Vet sgt, melta bomb, Attack Bike (Multi-Melta), plasma gunner
Black Knights x3 w/ power weapon