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Title: The massacre at Dagger Hill
Post by: Heir of Dorn on June 26, 2009, 06:05:15 AM

The first rays of the sun lightly touched the crest of the hill. It had been named Dagger Hills by the locals of the nearby town, Emsville. On its peak stood a large rock, giving the impression of a dagger pointing to the skies. The hill, not higher than 60 feet, still gave an ominous feeling to anyone resting under its shadow... Legend said a great Wizard's tower had once stood here, and that the mystic energies still pervaded the hill. No one went there anymore...

Big Boss Krosh, known as the Mauler, sniffed the air. There was a smell of fear and excitement in the air. Not his fear, of course, but the excitement could well stem from him. He smiled at the thought. He had battled constantly all his life, and he still loved it with a passion. He stroked the blade of his huge Dwarven axe. Not so far away, a cock yelled out the morning hour. It was time.

They saw the first scouts only a few hundred feet from the foothills of the small hill. The Goblins picked up their short bows, and began picking their targets. They reached for their arrows, and then...

"WAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Enough of this! ATTACK!!!"

Krosh yelled with the rage, and the strength, of a raging bull. He started to make his way towards the scouts, who took one look at each other and then fled. He didn't have to look behind him to know that his warband was right at his heels. Cap'n Basher, one of his lesser Bosses, caught up with him and along with him two dozen battle-frenzied Orcs. They were gaining on the humans, when one of them picked up a horn and began frantically sounding it, over and over. With the sound of roaring thunder, a full dozen or so Reiksgard Knights stormed out of a small thicket on their right-hand side. Within seconds, they slammed into the flank of his Orcs. They struggled to form, and the line wavered as the knights' lances made short work of the whole flank.

"Stand and fight, ye maggots! Or ye'll never see th' light o' day again!!"

The Orcs stood, but suffered heavy casualties. Krosh began making his way through the mass of bodies, smashing skulls and breaking jaws to get there. He hefted his axe, and went to work...

Meanwhile, Winky the Shaman overlooked the battlefield inside the safety of his three-dozen strong unit of Night Goblin spearmen. He enjoyed watching that fat bull chase after the puny humans. For all he cared, they could kill each other and make the world a better place. A world where he would lead the warband. As he stood there watching, a few hornblows were sounded. A whole unit of Reiksgard Knights stormed the flank of Krosh's Orc Boyzs, slaying many and pushing them back. This wasn't good, he'd better help him out... After all, the knight's next target might be him! He lifted his staff high into the air, and began chanting some magic words of unknown origins. His hand went into his pouch, and he pulled out a handful of strange-looking, glowing mushrooms. He put them in his mouth, which started frothing. He smiled and continued chanting, perhaps a little more gleeful now...

The axe went through both of the horse's front legs. It let out a loud cry of pain, and it's rider toppled over and landed right in front of Krosh, dazed and confused, but still standing. Krosh promptly lunged. Head met head and with a crack of a great brass bell the knight fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. There was a deep dent in his helmet. Krosh smiled and went for his next target. The sun had come up now, and light was shed on the massacre. The knights only had a handful men left in their saddles, the Orcs were perhaps half a dozen left, counting Krosh. None seemed willing to give ground. He could see Cap'n Basher get his arm cut off by the leader of the humans. He gazed aroudn the battlefield and saw that more humans had arrived, a few units of spearmen, and something that looked like handgunners in the distance. Good, he thought, more for me to kill! Suddenly everything went dark, and when he looked up he could see something green come down upon him. Everything went black.

Suddenly Winky was back in the world of the living again, when a second unit of knights sounded the charge. Winky opened his eyes, and smiled wickedly. He felt someone push him aside, and the two Fanatics were released from the Night Goblins' ranks. The horses reared and screamed, but their momentum was too strong. The Fanatics and the knights crashed into each other, and there was pieces of broken bodies and armor flying everywhere. The remaining few knights turned their horses and fled. The two Night Goblins lay quite still. Winky turned his attention to what he had done with the other knights. The great foot of Gork had worked like a charm, and had squashed everything beneath it. Now, to deal with those pesky human foot soldiers... He decided to send in the other Orc Boyz, and he gave signal for them to attack. He then gave another signal, waving a little flag frantically to get the attention of their Chariot. The Orcs and the humans locked in hand-to-hand combat at the same time as the Chariot made it's way to the handgunners. They desperately pointed their guns at the contraption and let loose - when the smoke cleared only one wolf was still alive, but the momentum none the less carried the Chariot into the ranks of them humans. Blood, and body parts were everywhere. Winky smiled, but as quick as it had come, it faded. He felt the familiar tingling of magic in the air. Suddenly a great ball of fire slammed into his ranks, and then another one. Dozens of Night Goblins were burnt to ashes, and the rest fled. Winky hesitated for a moment, then joined them.

Boss Stunty Muncher was enjoying himself immensely. He swung his two choppas, and everywhere he looked humans fell in droves. But he was losing Orcs fast - not that he cared, it wasa bloody good fight! Suddenly, the unit of Night Goblins which also contained Shaman Winky erupted in a great ball of fire. Fool Goblins, he thought to himself. As far as he could tell, they were now alone on the field of battle. He stopped swinging for a moment, and actually hesitated. He then felt the burning pain of a spear penetrating his right shoulder, rendering his arm useless. He roared with rage, and beat down the man who had held the spear. Another spear struck him, this one through his spine. He could feel life leaving him fast. Damn them, he thought, I'll be back for Ragnarork...

The human commander, Franz Steinrücken, continued slaying the foul Orcs. One by one they fell to his enchanted, elven blade. He had lost his horse in the charge, but he was so far unscathed himself. When the Orc leader went down, they all started to flee. Most were cut down, but a few of them managed to get away. He led the pursuit. A few hundred feet in front of them, a lone figure slowly rose from the ground. It was a huge Orc, with a massive axe. It roared out a challenge, and the humans stopped dead in their track. The Orc took a few steps towards them, and roared again. The humans answered the challenge and surged forward...

Once again Dagger Hill lay silent. The battle had only lasted for an hour, but many lives had been lost. Human survivors tell of a ferocious giant Orc with a mighty Dwarven axe. That Orc had on his own slain almost two full regiments of infantry and also decapitated Baron Steinrücken.

The Orcs tell of a "great n' Orcy fight" where they clearly won, only they had somewhere else to be right when it got hairy...

What scared the locals the most is that the body of the shaman was never found, along with half of his Night Goblins. Wherever he went, Emsville is safe... for now.

Title: Re: The massacre at Dagger Hill
Post by: Lonewolf on June 26, 2009, 07:16:54 AM
Nice report  :)
Title: Re: The massacre at Dagger Hill
Post by: Heir of Dorn on June 26, 2009, 07:47:11 AM
Thanks, but it wasn't meant as a report. This is just some fan fiction I did. Sorry if it got you confused ;)

Am I in the wrong forum?
Title: Re: The massacre at Dagger Hill
Post by: Lonewolf on June 26, 2009, 07:51:48 AM
No, not really, and yes, it reads like a batrep in story form  :)
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Post by: Heir of Dorn on June 26, 2009, 07:52:59 AM
Okay, sweet. I have a lil' question about editing my profile but I'll PM you about it so I won't trash the thread.