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Do you know what missions the tournament is running? Also, do you have the new Stormcast book?

A lot of the 2018 handbook missions really require you to take artifacts and/or Wizards, so with that in mind I'd take whichever army can take the most combination of those two things.

I think Stormcast have a lot of tools, particularly in objective games due to their ability to come in via deepstrike.
Blue sand would look sick, especially a bright, rich blue. That will make the brass/gold really pop off the base. A bright red could work as well, but I think the blue would make them look more fantastical and the red would be more alien and sci-fi. Either way a bright, colourful sand I think is the right way to go.
Magenb is right, that raised claw on a bionic hand makes it look alive. And that's creepy life indeed :)
Love the colour palette too.
Projects Blog / Re: Captain Calamity's Kharadron Overlords (And Other Things)
« Last post by Calamity on Yesterday at 10:00:33 AM »
Thanks dog.  ;D

Apologies for the lack of activity everyone.  I blame work, the heat, the World Cup, everything but myself really.  ;)

I致e got a tournament coming up later this month.  For a change of pace, I知 going to be borrowing a friends army.  Probably either Stormcast or Ironjawz.  It値l make transportation easier...and I might actually win something this time!  ;)

Now that the WC is over I plan to get back to work on both the dwarfs and the marines ASAP.  I hope to get both fully collected and painted by the end of the year.  With a little bit each week that is doable.

I知 still researching ideas for the bases of the Overlords.  Mars red landscape was one idea.  Another idea I had was something like yellow sand or bracken.  I知 just thinking of the grey stones on the admiral and navigator痴 bases and what would look nice with that.  Another idea I had?  Blue sand.  Something to capture the fantastical nature of the realms.  I知 seriously.  ;D

We also recently played a test game were we used the rules for garrisoning buildings for the ships.  It really really really helps them out.  Ok, I still lost, but it was a narrow thing now rather than a massacre.
Projects Blog / Re: Eldar Corsairs, Pre-Heresy Dark Angels + World Eaters
« Last post by Ynneadwraith on Yesterday at 06:09:41 AM »
Hell yeah Bonesinger :) I've still got to paint up mine (I've got an idea that my craftworld is lead by a council of Farseer, Autarch and Bonesinger).

Might actually end up as one of the few non-converted models in my army I like it so much...
Bravo! Story just gets better, I'm really enjoying the short snips at a time.

Your colors just keep me engrossed with your attention to detail. The muted color palette screams volumes. Keep it up.
more awesome work mate, the single raised finger on that biotic hand is the chery on top, makes it super creepy :)

Projects Blog / Re: Killersquid's Projects
« Last post by Killersquid on July 12, 2018, 10:28:01 PM »
The spells box is great, and the box contains a nice booklet too. The book has, amongst other things, artifacts for the realms, so you can theme your army based on the realm it hails from.

I'm working on a new army, and I can't decide between shadow or light. It's going to be a clan skyre army!

The 90 sisters is a pipe dream, of mine. Not a goal I realistically intend to meet lol.

Being patient with thin layers/bad coverage of paint is probably the hardest thing to do imho. I'm forever regretting moments when the first layer doesn't go on as I'd like and then I'm like 'maybe I'll just do a slightly thicker coat....why God...whhhyyyyyy??!!!!'

As it is, I think you've done a good job. The palette that you've chosen is excellent. The vibrancy of the pink especially draws the eye in well. Everything else being muted acts as a perfect counterpoint.

Really nice start Myen'Tal....now, where did I put my Reavers...

Thanks for the compliments, Loosh, and thanks for the advice too, I'll have to use some extra temperance to let the paint dry ;D. I admit, I still really love the Fuethan color scheme, but I agree that there is a subtle dark beauty to the Mor'Phann that I too find really cool.
Thanks guys :) really glad you're liking the fluff texts :) I've really been enjoying tying my little gribblies into the wider history of 40k. Happy you've enjoyed reading my little ramblings ;)

Next batch coming up, exploring a little bit of crow mythology based on those events of ages past :)

In the beginning there was nothing. The Void. From the Void sprang the Old Ravens and their many cousins. The Wild Wolves and the Iron Men, the Sons of Eyes and many others. Despite their differences, the gods set out to conquer the galaxy together. However, none could agree on how best to do so. Tempers flared, for the gods are prideful, and fighting began. Two of the cousins were most bitter, the Old Ravens and the Many Headed Snakes, for their similarity in nature drove their rivalry.

War raged on, and the Old Ravens needed footsoldiers to assist them. So, they set out to make the crows, envisaging their children as mighty and obedient. However, through their manifold eyes and ears the Many Headed Snakes discovered their plan and were jealous. Seeking to undermine their rivals they snuck into the Old Ravens' tower and found the unborn crows. There, they gave them the gift of free will, for what use is a soldier who questions his orders.

Fearing the Old Ravens might steal their gift the first crows fled aboard their ships, wandering the Void seeking sanctuary. Eventually, they found the Wild Wolves, who tolerated their presence and scared the Old Ravens enough that they wouldn't come seeking their wayward children.

So it came to be that the crows worhip the three houses. The Old Ravens created us, but wish to enslave us. The Many Headed Snakes saved us, but are tricksy and false. The Wild Wolves protect us, as a treacherous mountain shields the valley below. Together, they represent the three virtues of the crow world: necessity, guile, and intimidation, and all have their followers.

The idea for these guys came from thinking about how the crows would view the conflict between the Raven Guard and the Alpha Legion during their creation, from a perspective way below all the intrigues and politics of the Heresy.

Who would you view in a more favourable light? Your creators/enslavers the Raven Guard, or your saviours/enemies the Alpha Legion? From where I'm sitting in crow-town neither seem like a good bet, although both have had their part in your creation.

So we end up with your typical polytheistic belief structure, with multiple gods all with their own agendas (none of which are strictly on your side), and various adherents and advocates who identify more with one or the others' core tenets :)

Not that the Astartes care or even know what pathetic little crow-mutants believe about them ;)

High res
High res
High res
High res
High res

Oh, and the juiciest bit about this little interplay is that these guys are set in the midst of the Thorn Moons crusade...which features The Rout vs The Hydra. I sense turbulent times coming in crow society...
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