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Title: Necrons
Post by: Necron81 on February 7, 2019, 01:46:06 PM
Hello everyone,

   I have been searching for a place to chat about everything Necron related. Much like the tyranid hive site for tyranids.
   If there is already a place to go like this let me know if not letís chat!
    Iíve been playing Necrons ever since they became an army to play in 40k and have been adding some of the newer units to my collection. I have always been a fan of the Cítan lore so I usually go Cítan heavy. Iím aware itís not very practical in the tournament scene but I like the challenge.
   I believe a properly built list with good tactical play and of course some good dice rolling can be victorious even if itís not a top tier tournament list that we usually see.
  If anyone would like to chat Iíll post a few lists and see what you think. Thanks
Title: Re: Necrons
Post by: volatilegaz on February 8, 2019, 03:39:35 AM
A fellow Tomb-Lord! Welcome!

I've been out of the game for best part of a year now, but I'm looking to get back into it over the next couple of months, and I shall be playing Necrons when I do.

Necrons are my 2nd army after Eldar, and I've only managed a handful of games with them so I could really use another player to bounce some ideas off.
Title: Re: Necrons
Post by: Necron81 on February 8, 2019, 01:35:50 PM
Awesome! I actually had to step away from the game for a while due to know where to play once I moved back to my home town. I always kept up with the game but didnít get a lot of play time. But since then stores have opened and Iím back at it full blast.
  I strictly stick with Necrons as my #1 and play Tyranids/Genestealer cult as my #2. What Necron units do you have available? What theme would you like to play? Are you playing tournament style or just amungst friends? Iíll help you the best I can.
Title: Re: Necrons
Post by: volatilegaz on February 11, 2019, 06:58:01 AM
I play with friends, but it's pretty competitive. We're doing a narrative campaign at the moment, and I'm playing against IM, who totally destroyed me in my last battle (though that was before we got the points drops from Chapter Approved).

I've got all units available, other than foregeworld and monolith. The campaign doesn't allow any 0-1 units though, so no named characters or C'Tan for me

I found myself totally outranged and out-gunned by the IM in the last game, so I've tried to address that in the below list. I've got 1,698pts to play with (odd number, don't ask...):

Mephrit Battalion:

DL w/ Nanoscarab Casket, SoL (WL)
Cryptek w/ Chronometron

10 x Immortals w/ tesla
20 x warriors
20 x warriors

5 x Destroyers
5 x Tomblades w/ Nebuloscope, Shieldvanes & Tesla

Doomsday Ark
3 x Heavy Destroyers


1,690pts, 120 wounds

Any advice gratefully received!
Title: Re: Necrons
Post by: Necron81 on February 11, 2019, 01:54:09 PM
Hello there,

    Sounds like a fun time. Range can be a problem for Necrons there strength lies in mid range firepower. Playing troop blobs like that means that the warlord trait immortal pride is a must. Keeping the troops fearless will help you get them to the middle of the board to do some real damage.
   I would drop the destroyer lord for an overlord with the warlord trait IP. Bring the veil of darkness on him in case things get rough and you need to leave.
   As for range in my experience bringing more than one doomsday ark is a must. It has too much randomness so the more the merrier. Try dropping the heavy destroyers and sticking one in that 5 man destroyer unit. Heavy destroyers are too easy to kill only being able to bring three hurts them. Bring another doomsday ark or two you wonít regret it I promise :) there the best long range we got!
  Iím not sure if your up for playing multiple dynasties but if you do bringing a spearhead detachment for the doomsday arks in Nihilakh rerolling 1ís to hit is really nice. You can use there fly keyword to stick them on top a high building if any and stop certain units from assaulting them.
   Your going to use extermination protocols every time for the destroyers so the Dlords buff is kinda useless.
    Doom scythes are ok but unless there in sautekh that -1 to hit when they shoot the big gun really hurts them because there always moving.
   Scarabs are almost a must too you really need them for screening (stopping deepstrike, taking enemy smites)
    Wraiths are always nice they take a lot of enemy firepower keeping your other things alive.
   I hope this helps you let me know what you come up with Iím excited to see!
Title: Re: Necrons
Post by: volatilegaz on February 12, 2019, 07:16:46 AM
Thank for the tips!
Unfortunately I only have the 1 doomsday ark, so canít take that, but Iíve gone with most of your other suggestions. Bit worried that Iím light on heavy firepower for dealing with tanks, though -think itís worth swapping out some tesla for gauss?

Mephrit Batallion

OL w/ VoD, SoL (Warlord -Immortal Pride)
Cryptek w/ Chrono and SoL

10 x Immortals w/ tesla
20 x Warriors
20 x Warriors

4 x Scarab
3 x Wraith
5 x Destroyers +1 x Heavy Destroyer

Annihilation Barge w/Tesla
Doomsday Ark

Doom Scythe

1,698pts, 129 wounds
Title: Re: Necrons
Post by: Necron81 on February 12, 2019, 01:31:58 PM
Good afternoon,

    Tanks will be tough for you due to your doomsday ark limitation and your only mortal wound output is taken away with no Cítan allowed with the exception of death marks which are just ok.
  This means your destroyer unit is going to be putting the work in on vehicles so it will be very important you keep them alive as long as possible they will unfortunately be a huge target.
   Can you drop the three fast out of the battalion and put them in a outrider detachment with a cryptek with cloak? The 4+ reanimating will help your destroyers live longer and youíll gain an extra CP out of it. Use the wraiths to tie up dangerous things that threaten your destroyers and screen them with the scarabs so your opponents donít smite through your invulnerable save.
 How many doomscyths do you have or flyers in general? If you have three maybe a sautekh flyer detachment will help with the antitank, the being able to move and shoot the heavy gun will help.
  Keep the Tesla in mephrit they are a sweet deal plus in my experience the more dice you roll and make your opponent roll the better.
    If you would like you could list all your units you have battle ready and the amount of them you got I may be able to help you a little more. Have a nice day Iím off to work. Ttyl
Title: Re: Necrons
Post by: magenb on February 12, 2019, 04:47:36 PM
Since the codex drop, I highly recommend Nightscythes, I've been able to get troops where I want them and then the scythe just annoys everything with tesla shots. Big Fan of Guass weapons for immortals too.

Title: Re: Necrons
Post by: Necron81 on February 12, 2019, 11:16:39 PM
Hello magenb and welcome to the chat. I agree that nightscythes are good at that but you must make sure you bring enough of them. Experienced players will know that if your transports are blown up youíll lose everything you put into reserve unless you burn the command points to let them live.
   Once your opponent sees you move them they will be a high target if they know you got units in reserve and at toughness 6 and 12 wounds they wonít last long against most firepower armies.
  There 135pts a pop so once you go with that plan you got to be fully committed to it. As for immortals gauss has its advantages but with the mephrit dynasty Tesla weapons at half range are really nice with the amount of shots you can pump out especially if they are my will be done from the overlord. And if you got a lord around the rerolling 1ís to wound is icing on the cake.
  Iím not at all saying itís a bad plan just that if you go the nightscythe strategy just make sure you got enough of them and that your army is equipped to play that style.
Title: Re: Necrons
Post by: volatilegaz on February 13, 2019, 10:35:06 AM
Thanks for the tips, guys. I've dropped the annihilation barge in favour of a 2nd Cryptek and a bigger scarab unit, and will go with the outrider detatchment as suggested.

I only have the 1 flyer (can be used as either doom or night), and I think it's more usefully deployed as a gunship -I have the option of voD if I really need to get a unit of troops somewhere fast
Title: Re: Necrons
Post by: Kaiju Senso on February 13, 2019, 11:22:26 AM
Welcome Necron81. Iím glad to see some good discussions again.

Being an old time Necron player, how have you coped with the major army and rules changes since the first codex? Iíve been struggling to find my niche ever since the late 5th edition codex reboot.
Title: Re: Necrons
Post by: Necron81 on February 13, 2019, 02:09:34 PM
Good luck volatilegaz let us know how it goes. Thanks kaiju senso Iíve been looking for a good Necron chat area.
  I started Necrons back in 4th when they came out as a codex. I like 40k for a few reasons I like a good strategy game and 40k will always be changing creating new challenges for me. I also like the fluff even though Matt Ward made my Cítan Necron slaves which I didnít like very much but hay it is what it is.
   The codex changes After the first one gave Necrons a lot more options which were nice. Flyers became very powerful in 6th and 7th for Necrons.
  The 8th edition changed the most in my opinion due to the big changes in the game as a whole. As far as coping with them itís been fun, I watch battle reports when I can and play as often as possible so I learn what play styles that are most common and how I can build lists to compete and have fun. Before the point reductions in CA Necrons were struggling to compete with other competitive lists. Now they got a better chance even though most other armies got reduced in points too lol. But it allows you to fill a nation more easily and get that much needed CP.
  If your primararly a Necron player I would recommend IDCBEER on YouTube. Nick is a huge Necron fan and has been playing about as long as I have, he usually thinks the same way I do in terms of Necrons. I enjoy his videos.
  It seems our doomsday arks in pairs or more are really good right now there too random in shots to just bring one. Iím trying to build a Cítan heavy list thatís competitive and fun. At there cost Iíll have three (Deciever, Nightbringer and a transcendent). Then Iíll add some doomsday arks and then some units to get my Cítan where they need to be safely. Then Iím not sure yet where I want to go from there. Destroyers are awesome so Iíll bring some of them too.
     Still working on the rest. 2000pts and forge world is allowed. Knowledge and input is power. Got any suggestions?
Title: Re: Necrons
Post by: Partninja on February 14, 2019, 05:06:50 PM
You really want to bring a lot of things for 2k.

I definitely suggest a core of an Overlord, a Cryptek with a chronometron, and 3 full squads of Tesla immortals. A full unit of Destroyers and 2-3 Doomsday Archs. Not a whole lot of room left after that.
Title: Re: Necrons
Post by: Necron81 on February 14, 2019, 07:25:26 PM
I agree I built two lists so far Iíll post them later due to me being at work. Iíll show you all what Iíve come up with. Ttyl

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Hello there fellow Necron players. Iíll post both lists with a small summary let me know what you all think. Keep in mind these will not be usual competitive lists your use to seeing which will mean they are a little unorthodox and may be tough to win with but thatís what I love about them Iím always up for a good strategic game after all these years of playing.

List #1

[Nihilakh Spearhead Det. 1CP]    605pts
HQ: Cryptek: cloak, staff of light
Heavy: Doomsday Ark 
Heavy: Doomsday Ark
Heavy: Transcendent Cítan: powers picked depending on opponent

[Mephrit Vanguard Det. 1 CP]    575pts
HQ: Cryptek: cloak, staff of light
Elite: 5 Deathmarks
Elite: Deciever: powers picked depending on opponent
Elite: Nightbringer: powers picked depending on opponent

[Mephrit Outrider Det. 1 CP]    819pts
HQ: CCB: Warlord, Warscythe, Res. Orb, Gauss Cannon, Relic chosen before game
Fast: 3 Scarabs
Fast: 3 Scarabs
Fast: 6 Destroyers
Fast: 4 Tomb Blades: Tesla X 2, shadowloom
Fast: 4 Tomb Blades: Tesla X 2, shadowloom


I,m aware against high firepower armies I may have issues but I think with the appropriate play and strategy Iíll give them a good fight at least. Low on CP but extermination protocols will be my main use with them. Itís a fast in your face list and if I get second turn Iíll have to use Deciever grand illusion to help maneuver and protect until my turn. The list can grab objectives quickly in a pinch as well.


[Sautekh Battalion Det. 5CP]. 704pts
HQ: overlord: voidscythe, Res. Orb, Relic chosen before game
HQ: Orikan The Divine
Troops: 10 Immortals: Tesla X 3

[Sautekh Vanguard Det. 1CP]. 604pts
HQ: Lord: warscythe
Elite: Deciever: Powers chosen depending on opponent
Elite: Nightbringer: Powers chosen depending on opponent
Elite: Triarch Stalker: Twin Heavy Gauss

[Sautekh Spearhead Det. 1CP]. 695Pts
HQ: Illuminor Szeras: Warlord immortal pride
Heavy: Doomsday Ark
Heavy: Doomsday Ark
Heavy: Transcendent Cítan: Powers chosen depending on opponent

10 CP

This list combines some standard competitive lists with my own Cítan twist. A lot more CP to work with but much less mobility as List 1. After the stalker hits re-rolling ones on a big target will be nice. the Sautekh strat will allow my Arks to to hit well and my immortals getting Tesla explosions on 4+ if they are my will be doned. No room for Destroyers but oh well Canít have everything at only 2000pts lol
  Orikans 5+ inv. Is nice instead of the just against shooting from chrono. And with some lucky rolling I might get some good buffs from Szeras while he keeps my troops fearless.

Let me know what you all think have a great day! Happy gaming!

Oops forgot the 5 Scarabs in the 2nd list.