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Title: Beginning Ad Mech - Advice needed!
Post by: Looshkin on December 30, 2017, 02:40:14 PM
Hi all.

As part of an annual Secret Santa that my local GW runs, I drew out the Skitarii Start Collecting box. The plan is to hold a painting competition at the start of February.

After that, at some stage, we'll have a gaming day. The format is unknown at this stage, but I'd guess that it'd be no more than 30 or 40 Power Points max. Possibly quite a few less (as it depends in part on the power level of each Start Collecting box).

So my question is twofold:

1. How shall I construct the box contents? That is, Rangers or Vanguard (I was leaning towards Rangers, for a bit more range)? What armament for the Onager Dune Walker (I figured the Eradication Bea,er will be better in low points games, the Neutron Laser when points and therefore armoured threats increase)?

2. What are the first steps I should make in expanding the force? I like the look of Dragoons/Balistarius) and Sicarian troops...or do I need to maximise bodies initially?

So far, I'm planning on using Mars Forge World rules as I have already painted up a Belisarius Cawl. I think the only other Forge World I'm interested in painting would be Metalica

What do you guys think? What direction should I take? Any input would be amazing!
Title: Re: Beginning Ad Mech - Advice needed!
Post by: Saim-Dann on December 30, 2017, 06:05:25 PM
Happy new year, Looshkin!
Don't know enough about Admech to comment on most of your inquiry, except, the dragoons. Watch a lot of Striking Scorpion and his dragoons kick buttocks... Be well! 
Title: Re: Beginning Ad Mech - Advice needed!
Post by: Blazinghand on December 30, 2017, 08:11:28 PM
Vanguard have better damage output, but Rangers are more durable for the points cost (because they are cheaper) and have better range. I think either could be fine choices. If you want an army that moves up and shoots, vs an army that hands back and shoots, that should determine your choice.

I'd always build the extra heavy stubber since that will usually earn its points back on the Onager. I consider Eradication Beamer to be good in small points values game since it is a do-all weapon, but in bigger games when you have plenty of shooting and need dedicated anti-armor, the Neutron Laser is king.

Kastellan Robots are a good shooty unit, especially if near Cawl, who helps with their questionable ballistic skill.

If you go for Sicarians, the ones who can deep strike are probably a better choices, since otherwise they are footslogging (admech lacks a transport) and may have trouble reaching assault.
Title: Re: Beginning Ad Mech - Advice needed!
Post by: Cavalier on December 30, 2017, 08:26:00 PM
Hey Loosh! Yeah the Castellan Robots are ridiculously good in their shooting load out. One of the best shooting units in the game, especially supported by Cawl (look to their stratagems). I'm a fan of the Dune Crawlers with Neutron Lasers and Electro-Priests are a must as well. Makes for a good spread of models....

I'd definitley go with Mars if you want to run Cawl and already have him painted. Cawl is amazing and pretty much auto-include for a competitive list.

I'd look towards getting a Knight too... although I think you have one.

Great stuff Loosh can't wait to see where you go with this project
Title: Re: Beginning Ad Mech - Advice needed!
Post by: Looshkin on January 2, 2018, 02:12:05 PM
Thanks for the input guys. I love the Robot models (theyíre very Lost in Space, or some other 50ís retro vibe) but I think I might delay getting any until Iíve built up the force a little. Theyíre quite a points sink and I already have a very small number of models.

I might initially go for some more troops in the form of Rangers or Vanguard (whatever I donít build from the box). Supplement those with Sicarians to deep strike.

I definitely will get some robots after that though, and look to get some of the more interesting models, such as the Iron Striders.

Itís just such a great model range itís tough to know what to go with; also knowing that whatever gaming I do will be at very low points will hamstring me initially.

Iím not looking to win tournaments with these guys, just to have a bit of fun and enjoy the painting.

Once again, thanks for the input!
Title: Re: Beginning Ad Mech - Advice needed!
Post by: Killersquid on January 2, 2018, 06:56:58 PM
The troops are really solid, especially with the arcubus's, they are phenomenal character snipers. Have four of those in an army, and you can kill a character or two each turn, which can be drastically game changing.
Title: Re: Beginning Ad Mech - Advice needed!
Post by: magenb on January 2, 2018, 07:34:13 PM
I started collecting these at the end of last year, with an aim to hit 1500 points.

Robots, crawlers and assault dragoons are all auto includes.

I'm still working out Ruststalkers vs Infiltrators but given the infiltrators power weapons and pistols, I'm leaning towards them.

Rangers with Arc rifles and omnispex. These keep the point costs down while still giving them some teeth. Some people use them just for the sniper option but at 74 points, you may as well just take a vindicare assassin.

Vanguard for me are not very useful, shot range low strength no AP weapons.. the special rule to reduce T is only useful in CC, at that stage they are being slaughtered. There is a fair amount of T6 spam in my area so, they are not a great option for me.

Breachers/Destroyers.. these read like an awesome unit, however, reapers shred them. Destroyers with Heavy Grav-Cannons are super dangerous to infantry, I would consider these for a Deep strike nuke, but its a lot of points and you can't send them after Dark Reapers thanks to the counter deep strike stratagem CWE have. If you have tooled the army so you can get a good chance of going first then you can use the hide stratagem instead of deep striking.

Kastelan Robots.. that -1 tohit beyond 12' hurts these guys, the datasmith +Aegis protocol keeps them alive long enough to close the gap. An option for a DS nuke though.

Dunecrawlers these have to be taken in multiples, a single one just gets smashed.
Icarus array is just OK, you kind of need two arrays to really be useful especially since a lot of armies are taking -1 to hit at more than 12". Since their bonus is based on the fly keyword they are surprising useful in my area.

I have not tinkered with the priests, they are in a weird spot for me, their invul save is not much better than Ruststalkers or Infiltrators, both of which offer more Wounds on the table for the same point cost also their armour save is handy and they have a better move stat. Since they do not have a transport option, all of these CC unit are counter assault units for me.  Fulgurite's do sound kind of awesome though.

Canticles... not a fan of how this works, especially considering how most of them are such a small bonus. I've found rolling to be mostly useless since only 1 of them is ever really going to be useful in a given round, might just be better off picking so you actually get something useful when you need it.

Title: Re: Beginning Ad Mech - Advice needed!
Post by: Looshkin on January 3, 2018, 02:31:10 PM
Wow! Amazing input Magenb. Thank you for taking so much time in your response. It really gave me some food for thought.

I picked up some models today (Iím visiting family and where they live, there is no tax on purchases...so itís a massive win!). I was somewhat limited by availability, but I was able to grab a box of robots and a box of Sicarian Infiltraitors. At that point I worked out that I had saved enough on just 2 purchases to then get another box of Rangers/Vanguard pretty much for free! Note to self: do way more geek shopping when visiting family!!

So to start my army, Iíll have something along these lines:

Belisarius Cawl
Tech-Priest Dominus

10 x Rangers
10 x Vanguard

5 x Sicarian Infiltrators
Cybernetica Datasmith

Heavy Support
2 x Kastelan Robots
1 x Onager Dunecrawler

Fast Attack
1 x Ironstrider Ballistarius (Won in a raffle last year)

So I have a decent base to start from. I can work out what style I like as I go and grow the force once Iíve painted this little lot. Probably Dragoonís as theyíve been universally praised, some Kataphron units and some more Infiltraitors. Needless to say, Iím really excited by this new project!!

Thank you all for all the input, it really means a lot that youíve pt so much effort into your considered replies!
Title: Re: Beginning Ad Mech - Advice needed!
Post by: Blazinghand on January 3, 2018, 02:44:37 PM
That looks like a pretty solid list you have already right there.

Kataphron units are in my opinion a bit overcosted, even after the price reductions, for what they do. However, perhaps if they are near Cawl they will be cost-effective, since he helps make up for their poor ballistic skill
Title: Re: Beginning Ad Mech - Advice needed!
Post by: Cavalier on January 20, 2018, 04:33:20 PM
Hey Loosh, check out some Scorpion82 bat-reps as well. He's got some good games in with them, you can see the strengths and weaknesses pretty good in those bat-reps.