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Title: Wyches, Raiders, and HQ
Post by: TheNightmare on August 23, 2017, 06:27:10 PM
Greetings depraved brothers!

With the release of 8th edition a friend has convinced me to dust off my old Dark Eldar, and I ran into a conundrum while constructing a list. I used to run Wyches in Raiders to get them into melee, and looking at Index Xenos 1, I see that if I take a unit of 10 then I can take 2 additional Wych Weapons. However, if I do so with all my squads, there’s no room in the Raiders for my Succubus or Archon, who I also used as melee warriors in the past.

I was wondering how other Overlords were tackling this - dropping a Wych to make space, at the cost of the extra weapons? Having a separate transport for the HQs? Or are there good ranged HQ options that can sit with my Trueborn?
Title: Re: Wyches, Raiders, and HQ
Post by: magenb on August 23, 2017, 08:38:16 PM
Kind of depends on the rest of your army. A Succubus with 9 Wyches is effectively still hitting with 3 special weapons and get buffed from her being around, so it kind of evens out. 

Splintermind (DE focused podcast) has been going over the index for Drukhari, they also touch on how they use units within the context of their armies rather than just stand alone unit review, highly recommend it.
Title: Re: Wyches, Raiders, and HQ
Post by: TheNightmare on August 23, 2017, 11:14:26 PM
Thanks a bunch! I mostly have Warriors, Hellions, Reavers, Scourges, Raiders, and Ravagers - I didn't really like the look of Haemonculi models. I'll definitely check out Splintermind, hopefully they'll have some ideas!
Title: Re: Wyches, Raiders, and HQ
Post by: magenb on August 23, 2017, 11:36:02 PM
They have heaps of ideas as all of them have a different preference for the style of DE armies they like to run.

Hellions have improved alot this edition, so you've got a solid force to play with. Venom's are actually rather useful, alot of people are dropping in trueborn with blasters for a very fast anti tank option.
Title: Re: Wyches, Raiders, and HQ
Post by: Cavalier on August 24, 2017, 08:34:52 AM
Hey Nightmare glad to see you busting out your Wyches. They've been excellent for me in this edition and aren't going anywhere in my lists. I'm actually one of the guys from the Splintermind podcast (thanks for the shout-out Mage!) and have used Wyches in every game but one in this edition. I actually only run them with Hydra Gauntlets... as I also run my Wyches alongside my Incubi + the Visarch who provide the raw killing power. So I'm really just trying to get some tar pit action from the Wyches as even with all the CC upgrades they aren't spectacular in terms of damage output even with all their weapons upgrades. In fact most of the time I dont want them to wipe out their target, just hold them (to prevent getting shot to pieces in melee).

That being said, I wouldn't worry at all about that 3rd special weapon if you are gonna run a Succubus with them. The Succubus will add a ton of punch with the Archite Glaive and clever use of combat drugs. The Succubus will give you a ton of killing power, much more than any of the weapon upgrades. So give it a shot, I'm sure you wont be disappointed as long as your choose your targets wisely (infantry being the ideal targets).

Also sounds like you've got a great collection of DE models ready to rock. Hellions are awesome like Magenb mentioned.

Anyway feel free to ask more questions if you have any tactics or matchup questions. Always happy to help!
Title: Re: Wyches, Raiders, and HQ
Post by: faitherun (Fay-ith-er-run) on August 24, 2017, 07:48:02 PM
Have to agree - 9 + succubi has been my go to and it does the job.

TBH, basic warriors/blasterborn in raiders has been absolutely amazing as a core to my armies this edition

I like using wyches as a tarpit, charging the raider in first, then disembarking the wyches next turn. Typically it goes - Raider charges. Enemy falls back in their turn. Wyches disembark, and charge - Raider flies off to shoot other stuff