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Title: 2000pts Armor, Infantry and a Knight. And Rattlings
Post by: 0verKill_235 on August 3, 2017, 07:54:54 PM

2000pts  PR: 104

HQ-286 /20
KC Pask, Vanquisher w/ heavy bolter, storm bolter
Company Commander, power sword, plasma pistol 
Company Commander, power sword, bolt pistol 
ELITES -173 /10
Primarius Psyker w/ Force stave
Veterans w/  SGT w/ power sword, 1x heavy bolter, x3 meltas
X5 Ratling snipers

TROOPS   220/12
1st Heavy bolter, plasma gun
2nd Heavy bolter, plasma gun
3rd Heavy bolter, plasma gun
4rd Heavy bolter, plasma gun

Chimera w/ multi laser, heavy bolter
Chimera w/heavy bolter turret, heavy bolter

2x Hellhounds w/ heavy bolters  -162/10

HEAVY 521/ 28
Tank Squad- 1xLRMBT w/ 1x lascanon, heavy bolter sponsons-190 1xLRMBT w/hull heavy bolter, heavy bolter sponsons
HWS x3 Lascannons
HWS x3 auto cannons

Knight Paladin  w/ rapid fire battle cannon, reaper chainsword,  heavy stubber