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Title: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: OD from TV on July 5, 2017, 05:24:11 PM
Today I got a peak at the Imperial Armor Xenos, and naturally I spent that time looking over the Ork stuff.  So NOTE that I didn't have hours to really delve deep into the datasheets, so this is just my first impressions.  That said at this moment I won't say its essential like IA8 was in 5th, but it seems nice if you happen to want a lots of vehicles.

But I'll start first with what to me seems like the fairly large downside, and that is missing content.  Gone are Mekboy Junkas one of my personal favorites, so too are Gun Trukkz, Grot Bomb Launchas, Battle Fortresses, Looted Wagons (which I had really hoped would be hiding here), ALL of the Ork Foregeworld Flyers, and the extremely odd removal of the Mega Dread. 

Well let me rephrase that last one.  Its more that they merged the Meka Dread with the Mega Dread.  Its a Heavy slot like the Mega, but with most of the weapon options from the Meka.  Except he lost the Mek Tools and does NOT have them replaced with the Mega's weapon systems.  Furthermore he also lost Rokkit Racks, which while being an extremely rarely taken option, it was one of the cooler modeling options.

Sure I suppose you could say the Meka Dread and Mega Dread were close enough (especially when he LOST one of the main points which was his Mek Tool arms!),  but I'd have rather had Mork/Gork-noughts combined into a single entry (which would allow me to take the Deathstorm Mega Shoota without the burny weapons I don't care for).  Maybe it just stings so much for me because I was really planning on a two KillKannon Mega Dread, but hey if the rest of the Ork army works I don't really have a right to complain.

BUT enough with the negatives, here's what I think makes this book constructive for us in a cool countdown list...

5. Grot Tankz
If you don't know what a Grot Tank is, think a Warbuggy that's been turned into a Grot sized tank by Grot Mekz emulating the Big Meks.  These guys have Grot BS (because they're grot piloted duh!), and that ultra rare Ork Invul Save coupled with an unreliable movement speed, but with each clocking in at the pricetag of 10 grots (before giving them gunz!), they are a bargain.  What's more is that the optional pintle Shootas come at the same price as a Shoota on a Boy, which makes them a Must Equip in my book.

Add to that a great selection of weapons, the fact that Kommanda's are a free upgrade who continue to take a second weapon, and the Grot BS I find them quite worthwhile.  I'm really torn between KMBs and Rokkitz with these guyz.

But what's the hitch?  Do you sense a hitch, I kinda see a hitch. They have to squad, which doesn't come as much of a surprise but it is worth noting that because of that aspect they have a potential to lose a Morale Test and break, unlike solo vehicles who basically ignore that Morale stat.

4. Squiggoths
Replacing the cheap as chips Big Squiggoth is now just the simple Squiggoth.  Sure its a lot more expensive then it once was, but its a friggin Dinosaur that can transport a small shooty squad in style with them shooting all the way.  Add to that the option for a Big Gun and he's a heavy duty mobile attack platform that can Stampede the enemy.

Seriously he's got a Stampede special rule that 5/6 times will cause some extra damage when assaulting.  Oh and did I mention he's got more Wounds than a Battlewagon?  He's worth giving a look at, especially for Footslogger lists that need something big to soak firepower and you don't want to shell out the Lord of War detachment for a Stompa.
Oh and while its a little more pricy than my own hopes, it still is cheaper than a nought!

3. Warkoptas (Chinorkz)
Despite retaining the Chinork nickname that I'd like to see chucked by the wayside, its very worthwhile.  Sure its transitioned back into a Skimmer instead of the full blown Flyer it temporarily became when Forgeworld released the Flyer FAQ with Death from the Skies, but its easily one of my favorite Ork vehicles.

She gets the 8th Ed DeepStrike, option for Big Bombz, has an amazing move stat, and unlike the other Ork Transport doesn't have a damage table so it keeps trukking until the end at the same pace. Like pretty much all vehicles in this edition, it costs a chunk more than I want, and even more when grabbing the option for two Rattler Kannons, but she seems rather solid as a Deepstriking Pk delivery service.  Playtesting is surely needed for this one, but on paper she seems sturdy enough.

2. Grot Mega Tanks
I loved the Grot Mega Tank the moment I saw its experimental rules a couple months after I got IA 8, and I seem to only continue loving this beastie.  It has the strengths of the Grot Tanks, but the size of a Battlewagon.  As much as I want to go Grotzooka crazy on this bad boy (seriously she can take a max of 7 Grotzookas!) I'm thinking she's better off with Big Shootas and Twin Big Shootas.  Why?  As always I'm a point minded penny pincher, but pumping out 21 Shots a turn just makes me salivate (especially with the range and Grot BS)!

And to make that even better should the crew Mutiny each shot gets a bonus on their To Hit rolls.  Yes there is a slight downside to the Mutiny (you have to treat all weapons like you did last edition for purposes of targeting), and the chance that every weapon ends up jammed, but the Risk/Reward is so worth it in my eyes.  Its also just about cheap enough to justify taking two, but remember the Ork adage that has come around again: Boyz before toyz.

1. Big Trakks
If you read the amazing IA 8, then you know and love the Big Trakk.  I'm not going to bury the lead, I feel they went from support to centerpiece, and depending on what options you go for, it can clock in under a naked Battlewagon in points, while being just shy of a Battlewagon's Wounds. Its also highly mobile (Warbuggy speed!), and if your going the Dakka Dakka route can take 4 Big Shootas, and 2 Grot Sponsons.  The wording felt a little odd in the Options section, but it seems that alternatively you could have 2 Big Shootas and a Big Gun (Kannon, Lobba, Zzap) or an even heavier Big Gun like Big Zzap, Kill Kannon, Big Lobba, Flakkagunz, or Supa Skorcha.

The Big Trakk also sees the return of Grot Riggers (YAY!), but do note that even though they're listed under Abilities, you gotta pay points for them and they are NOT an optional (which for me is fine, but I almost missed seeing that.  Now I'm not normally a fan of Flame weapons, but the Supa Skorcha in this edition really has my interest, and this guy as far as I can tell is the only one that can take it.  With Rokkit Range, the standard Flamer to hit ability, the fact your almost guaranteed more shots then the Killkannon, and the same point cost as the rack of rokkitz there's no doubt as to why I'm intrigued by it.

Long story short (too late), I think the Big Trakk is going to be a hard anchor for me in future games, with its amazing speed, Wounds (and minor Wound recovery), plethora of weapon options, and reasonable point cost.  In fact I think it just might be the most competitive vehicle the Orkz have.  Now the horrifying question I don't have the answer to; what's the rules on using Forgeworld this edition?

Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: SKEETERGOD on July 5, 2017, 05:38:50 PM
There you go, making me want to replace all my trukks with coptas again... ;D

However, since you are the king of plasticard, I will let you make a few and play test them before I loot your idea.  ;)

Sad to see that they didn't come out with skullhamma rules, or did you just not get to that page?

I might have to get that book just so I can run my skullhamma as a big trakk.

Now, I have a whole bunch of junkas that I can convert to big trakks, HMMMMMMM!!!
Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: OD from TV on July 5, 2017, 07:31:39 PM
I'm sorry to say I didn't see the Skullhamma Skeetergod.

But that does remind me, these are the things I remember from the book but didn't mention in the first post. Buzzgob, that weakish knock off of Wazzdakka, the Lifta Droppa Wagon, a Supa Kannon Wagon (really both of those should have just been a box giving additional weaponry for the Wagon instead of padding the section), and the Gargantuan Squiggoth which I didn't even read when I saw it was a Superheavy.

There was a slight glimmer with the Kustom Stompa, but it was really lacking in the customization possibilities.  If I remember correctly it didn't have the option for Klaws (so no Goff smasha stompa), or any option for the Kopta pad (can't remember if that varient was from the original Apocalypse, Apocalypse Reloaded, or the old GW website but for me that was the only Stompa I ever truly considered).  I could be wrong on this (mainly because I didn't really focus much attention on the Stompa), but I think the only option really was to replace the shooty arm with a Lifta Droppa or replace the CC arm with a duplicate of the Shooty arm.  It was really a disheartening page, and I was trying for positive outlooks.

At the end of the day, I'm glad I got to breeze thru the book, but I'm not sold on it.  True, I didn't give the other sections a look, and maybe theres great stuff for the Nidz and Eldar that will push me to buy it, but I don't know if its justified for just the Ork stuff.

Now if they brought out a redux of IA 8, or better yet the second Ork Imperial Armor book promised to us in IA 8 I'd buy that.  Especially if either of those options bring back units of Cyborks, Looted Wagons, Junkas, Boar Boyz, Battlefortresses (like the SkullHamma), and Mega Dreads.  Sure I'd also like to see other stuff such as Eavy Armored Boyz, Skarboyz, Mekboy Retinues, Warbike Outriders, and Guntrukkz, but I don't think we'll see any of those things unless we take a reread of the 3rd Edition codex.

All of that is just wishlisting in the end (like my hope that Flash Gitz will get their Eavy Armor back), and unfortunately I don't think that generally gets us anywhere.  Nevertheless if anyone gets their eyes on the book I'm down to hear and talk opinions on the Ork datasheets.


Post Script: Skeetergod if you really want to replace your Trukks with Warkoptas you should do it.  Just note that the Warkopta is pricier in points and doesn't have Ramshackle which every now and then will help keep the Trukks from death.
Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: adamscurr on July 7, 2017, 09:08:02 AM
I haven't got my eyes on the book yet, but I'm glad to hear that the big trakk is back... I typically ran two of those in my lists with flakkaguns and put some lootas into them... Made for instant AA and take killing...

I don't know if I'll still run two in 8th, but I'm glad to have the option... :)

It seems like IA is doing what it used to with orks, filling in some gaps in our list with some more falvorful options...

Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: OD from TV on July 7, 2017, 06:53:28 PM
It seems like IA is doing what it used to with orks, filling in some gaps in our list with some more falvorful options...

Absolutely, and I do feel I was a bit harsh on the book in my last post.  I also find myself really thinking about grabbing it for the Big Trakk, Grot Mega Tanks, and whatever Nid and Tau stuff it has.  Looking over my notes on the Big Trakk, yes it is expensive, but so is every vehicle in the game and there is a part of me that likes that as it puts emphasis back on infantry (while not changing my mind from the desire to remake my 3rd Ed Buggy Hell List).

Ultimately, and what I feel is the most truthful statement that can be made on Imperial Armor Xenos is that it is hard to justify buying it solely for a single armies entries, but rather it (like the currently available Indexs) are best for those players who play multiple armies (I for one was quite pleased to have Orks, Nids and GS cults in a single book, and now find myself on the precipice of building a Tau army in large part due to having the rules and some freetime for scratchbuilding).

Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: adamscurr on July 8, 2017, 08:22:31 AM
I think that was a nice move for GW, to put some of the codexes together... People are going to read the stuff and they are going to get some ideas...

What I like about the IA stuff and I can do a lot of counts as... Since I've been building orks for a long time, back into the true looted wagon days, I have things like my looted leman russ... It has gobbos all over it, so it would make a perfect grot megatank... I picture the grots coming across a blown out Leman Russ and "improv'n it" with all the things they learned from the big mek!

To me the megatank and big trakk offer a bridge between the trukk and the battlewagon for all my mid-sized creations... :)

Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: Saim-Dann on July 8, 2017, 09:10:51 AM
G'day Ork Warbosses!
Stop me if I've mentioned this before. A local Ork player, here in Bundy, has this annoying habit. Whenever he destroys an opponents vehicle and wins the game, we can be sure to be facing that same destroyed vehicle again next battle all Orkified up.

Cannot tell you how painful it is to see an Eldar falcon, (painted in my colours), skimming up the table with deff kopta blades on it... Blessed Mushrooms!   
Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: adamscurr on July 8, 2017, 06:44:14 PM
I think that sounds like the most brilliant thing I have ever heard! I did something similar with my Vampire Counts army for fantasy... I would often turn fallen opponents into zombies and have them fill my ranks... Nothing like seeing your dark elven general the next fight in the zombie horde, disemboweled and muttering brains... :)

Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: Saim-Dann on July 8, 2017, 08:38:03 PM
Hey Adamscurr!
Bwahaha!! You are so cruel. It must be  War Boss thing.
Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: adamscurr on July 9, 2017, 08:46:22 AM
Yep... Gotta have a twisted sense of humor to play orks...

Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: SKEETERGOD on July 12, 2017, 09:07:44 AM
Wellllllllll...... I think I know what my next project will be. Eldar war walkers orkified into kans and dreads.... HMMMM!!!????  :o
Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: adamscurr on July 14, 2017, 04:22:08 PM
I'd love to see some orked out walkers with goblins driving them... And hanging off the sides... Would be awesome...

Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: Saim-Dann on July 14, 2017, 08:04:52 PM
Now come on, fellas. There's no need to mob up on the Eldar like that. Orked out War Walkers? Are you serious? Kind of regret telling you about Orky Pete's habit now. When I say, "Pointy ears forever!!", in my quote section there, I'm including the Orks you know... Weeeeell maybe not, but it can be implied!   
Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: adamscurr on July 15, 2017, 08:00:40 AM
Good times... It's like opening Pandora's Box, can't close it now! :)

Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: Saim-Dann on July 15, 2017, 06:44:35 PM
G'day Adam!
As long as you guys remember Orky Pete's house rule. You have to destroy the vehicle AND win the game... Pandora's box. Bwahaha!!
Title: Re: Imperial Armor Xenos Ork stuff
Post by: SKEETERGOD on July 18, 2017, 04:53:14 PM
You have to destroy the vehicle AND win the game.... Bwahaha!!

What about stuff we orks find that got left on a battlefield that might be perfectly usable in the eyes of any half awake big mek?

Didn't say orks had to destroy it. Maybe some lazy squishy umies did, and then just left it there for the orks to pick up later. As for the last caveat; Orks never lose....Bwahahahaha ha SNORT!