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Title: 2000 pt orks for Tourney...
Post by: adamscurr on June 22, 2017, 07:39:10 PM
So my local gaming store (which is awesome) is hosting an 8th edition tourney this Saturday that I'm trying to attend... So basically I have a ton of orky models, but no time to mod anything so I need to go with what I have on-hand and painted. I'm kind of a paint snob and I do't play unpainted models! :) Last tourney I sucked up the battles, but won best of show so I "won" even though the boyz, well, didn't fair so hot... :)

So anyhow, I have no idea how the army is going to work out in 8th, so I'm going with some comfortable units like BW's and Trukks... Anyhow, here is the list... Let me know what you think... I'm not even sure if it is legal, but I went with the typical setup (0-2 hq, 0-3 elite, etc...) If I'm not legal, please let me know. I can't make it to my store before the tourney to purchase books. I plan to on Sat, but I'd like to have it right beforehand and not have to scrambled to get tourney legal! :)

Warboss, pk, bike
8 Biker nobz, 3 pk, 3 bc
Painboy on bike

20 shoota boyz, BC nob, 2 BS
-- BW, deff rolla, 1 x BS

20 shoota boyz, BC nob, 2 BS
-- BW, deff rolla, 2 x BS

12 shoota boyz, PK nob
-- Trukk

12 shoota boyz, PK nob
-- Trukk

12 shoota boyz, PK nob
-- Trukk

Dakka Jet, 5 supa shootas

So the list is pretty straight forward cause I don't know really what to expect. Pretty much it is full of shootas and vehicals with a dakka jet to deal with flyers or straff targets. My plan was to drive around and dakka things, then charge in. I'm not sure how nob bikers do in this edition, but they pack a lot of power and should absorb a lot of attention...

Let me know your thoughts... I know this isn't the best list, but hopefully it will be fun...

Title: Re: 2000 pt orks for Tourney...
Post by: faitherun (Fay-ith-er-run) on June 22, 2017, 10:57:25 PM
So I can only speak to the legality of this list really...

It's slightly over 2k pts and needs an additional HQ choice to qualify as a Brigade detachment.

If you were to drop one unit of 12 boyz and their truck, you could add in a Big Mek on a bike with dual kombi-shorchas, and gove your warboss a kombi-shorcha too. That would hit 2k righ on the nose and add a bit more fire power to your list.

Due to the changes to combi weapons (no longer one use only; can fire both at a -1 modifier to hit) and the changes to assault weapons, which the shorcha is, that can add a good bit of fire power without sacrificing any mobility.
Title: Re: 2000 pt orks for Tourney...
Post by: adamscurr on June 23, 2017, 07:49:40 AM
Thanks for the advice... Like I said, I'm going into this a little blind because I don't have the rulebook or codex yet and am relying on third party sources for list building...

I was curious about tank busting in this addition... I was pretty light on anything that could break tanks, but figured I could shoot them up with smaller weapons... Is this viable? Or should I bring something more dedicated to tank busting, like well, tankbusta's! :)


Edit: So I was thinking about the changes you suggested... With the Mek + duel kombi skorchas and a kombi skorcha on the boss, I add a lot of firepower when I considered that both could also still fire their dakka guns as well... I will have to be careful with the nob bikers though and make sure I keep them out of LOS of most of the firepower... I see them being a huge shooting magnet and while they are pretty tough, without a mobile cover save or inv save, they will start to evaporate if the opponent turns some heavy firepower on them...

Of course, that makes them focusing on the nobs rather than the rest of the army... I think I can use the battlewagons and terrain to give them some cover and reduce wounds...

I'm also happy with the idea of two trukks... I wasn't sure what to do with three and I think two will be perfect for heading around a flank unmolested because of the battle wagons and nobs in their face... The trukks should be able to easily take out outliers...
Title: Re: 2000 pt orks for Tourney...
Post by: faitherun (Fay-ith-er-run) on June 23, 2017, 11:10:57 AM
This list is pretty light on vehicles killing. Tbh, even your basic Boyz have a chance to hurt stuff, and most things are objective based. Being that it's the number of models near an objective that determines who claims it, you could take the list as Is... Alternatively you could drop some power claws for some rokits?

Some adjustments:

Drop the kombi shorcha on the warboss for a kustum shoota

Drop the two pk off the 12 man Boyz squad. Pick up a rocket on both squads, and add a kombi rocket to both squads nobs. 1999 pts. Gives you 4 rokits to try and bash into something.

Also, don't forget your battle wagons can charge and do a bit of damage too
Title: Re: 2000 pt orks for Tourney...
Post by: adamscurr on June 23, 2017, 05:08:47 PM
Thanks for the advice... So I've decided not to go to the tourney... GW apparently sacked the list builder I was using and I can't tweak anything. Without the book (which I intended to buy on Saturday), I am unable to build a proper list. I like being very prepared for a tourney and this one was a bit rushed. I'll get to the next one in July...

I've often wondered why GW doesn't like unnofficial list builders. GW doesn't put anything out that can compare and I think they add to their sales rather than take away. I literally have started armies because I played around with army builder and liked a certain army. Plus, hand making a list and tweaking it is really time consuming... 

Title: Re: 2000 pt orks for Tourney...
Post by: faitherun (Fay-ith-er-run) on June 23, 2017, 10:15:15 PM
Sorry to hear that... Have you not looked at battle scribe? It's not perfect but it'll get you pretty close
Title: Re: 2000 pt orks for Tourney...
Post by: Grand Master Lomandalis on June 23, 2017, 11:38:46 PM
In no way do we condone the use of third party sources to create army lists if the user does not have the required published material from GW. 

For that reason, I am locking this thread.  When you have obtained the published material from Games-Workshop (the rules and indexes), then feel free to create another thread discussing potential army lists.