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Title: Musings on Nids in 8th - Zoans and Cytes
Post by: faitherun (Fay-ith-er-run) on June 19, 2017, 08:23:59 PM
I am looking at getting back into my Nids, and thinking of using some of my favorite models again -zoans.

A max sized squad with Neurothrope is 240 pts. That is 18 wounds with a SM save bit invul...

So a pretty tough nut to crack. The damage out put is fairly good. Potential of 9 mortal wounds is nothing to sneeze at! Even an average of 4 or so is pretty good.

Synapse is synapse, and could be rather useful - although it is no longer as mandatory.

But, the fact that (a) we no longer have to remove whole models when able to and (b) the ability to regen wounds (which gets distributed to the units, so could heal multiple models).

The biggest weakness I see is their slow movement. An army, or at least a portion of it, would have to be built around them.


use a Tyrannocyte to get them where they need to be? Very expensive though! 378 pts for the whole shabang! All though, could chuck a few more units in the same pod to really mess with the enemy - like say 12 geenstealers and a Broodlord. Maybe chuck a Pyrovore in too for good measure.

That whole thing is just shy of 700 pts!

What are your impressions of the nids in 8th?