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Title: 1850 Harlequins Ynnari list
Post by: Killersquid on March 23, 2017, 12:42:53 PM
So, going to a tournament on Saturday. Going to run the Ynnari Reborn Warhost for the first time. The majority of my list is my standard Harlequins Ceogorach's Revenge list I've been running for a while, but with an added HQ and two Troops to run the Reborn Warhost. What do folks think?

I would ideally swap out the non-formation Troupe with a 2nd windrider squad, but I don't have the models (yet) to do so. The next step would be trying to open up ~300pts to add in the Yncarne lol.

1850 Reborn Warhost




x3 Windriders, x3 scatter lasers

x5 Harlequin Troupers (some kisses, and haywire grenade).


Ceogoraghs Revenge

x2 Death Jesters (with haywire)
Inram's Spectre


x3 Shadowseers (all ml 3, one with mask of secrets)

x3 Troupes (two x5 with mix of kiss/caress, one x8 models with same mix) all three units have starweavers

Blades of Fate

x3 starweavers (x1 zeypherglave, all with shuirken cannons)


Not sure if I'll do a troupe master as my Warlord, to roll on the Harlequins Trait tables, or use the mask of secrets Shadowseer as my Warlord to roll on the Ynnari traits.

The spectre and most of the characters join the 8 man troupe and hopfully just jump from combat to combat with soulburst.

I've played the Harlequin aspect for a couple of years now, so I'm excited to see how much Soul Burst changes things (I think a lot). Probably roll one shadowseer on the Harlequin powers, and the other two on Either Ynnari or Telepathy (psychic shriek is amazing, but the AP2 Nova, or soulburst power would be great).

Title: Re: 1850 Harlequins Ynnari list
Post by: Cavalier on March 24, 2017, 07:20:52 AM
I really like this list KS. I LOVE all the Shuriken Cannons you have and the presence of the Laser Bikes. I like the MSU approach too... and the high volume of Shadowseers.

My question is though... where are the Shadowseers gonna go? For me Veil of Tears is one of the best tools in the Harlie arsenal. Are they going to be attached to the Troupes? Or are the Troupes rocking in their transports up the board, quick as possible?

Either way I really do like this list... tons of flavor, but tons of tactical options... a real threat overload as far as Harlies go (and just about anybody else). This list reminds me a lot of the list I just ran this weekend (and which you commented on). I'd be super aggressive with your assault units but hang back at 24"-36" with your laser bikes and harlie venoms and provide fire support hopefully trigger soulbursts as they breach your opponents DZ.

One final note... I like the presence of the light transports almost as fire bait... which should trigger some Soulbursts for your dudes. If you take Veil of Tears on your Shadowseers you should be able to control what your opponent targets in the beginning phases of the game... and use it to get quick movement up the board.

Anyway let me know if I understand your approach... and good luck! I love this list!
Title: Re: 1850 Harlequins Ynnari list
Post by: Killersquid on March 24, 2017, 09:19:19 AM
I have one big 8 man troupe, I'll attach some of the shadowaeers and the spectre too. They will hopefully get viel off every turn and just bounce between combats.

Great thing, is that I can turbo boost my transports t1, and if my opponent's wreck them, I can then charge him in his shooting phase lol. So dirty.

Getting a practice game in tonight, and then the gaming club I'm part of are all going to the same event tomorrow.
Title: Re: 1850 Harlequins Ynnari list
Post by: Cavalier on March 24, 2017, 02:08:55 PM
KS I love where your head is at. I love the strategy you have... The T1 blitz with the Starweavers and potential Soulburst after getting wrecked IS dirty... but totally awesome. Bewildering pick your poison scenario that is jives so nice with Harlie fluff. Love the trailer unit of Harlies with all Shadowseers marching up the board with Spectre as well. Nice mid/late game punch and solid fire support all the way there. Please keep us posted on how your practice game goes... I'm dying to get a box of Harlies and eventually build a small wing of them for my regular Eldar. Inspiring stuff... keep us posted!
Title: Re: 1850 Harlequins Ynnari list
Post by: Killersquid on March 25, 2017, 11:22:38 PM
I got home late (2.5 hour drive home from Hamilton after the tournament), so I'll post a tourney report after my tournament tomorrow. However, I have to say that Soulburst is such a powerfully broken rule. Holy amphetamine parrot it's good.

The army was a blast to play however, and I bought a second squad of wind riders to replace the non-revenge troupe.

Four round 1250pt event tomorrow with my Iron Warriors (non ITC ranked, so I don't need to take my Harlequins).