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Title: 1750 Point Hunter Contingent
Post by: Wyddr on December 2, 2015, 08:21:30 PM
Been noodling around with the new codex. The following I can build with models I already own with the exception of the Broadsides, but I've always wanted a pair, anyway.

Contingent Headquarters

Coldstar Commander w/ Onager Gauntlet, Vectored Retro-thrusters, Shield Generator
Not sure, ultimately, what to make of this guy. Giving him the Gauntlet and the VRT because I could see him flying up and challenging some IC to a duel, hoping to Super Punch them dead, and then bouncing out. He also serves as mildly-useful Anti-aircraft. I'm torn between the Shield Generator and the Iridium Armor. Invul Vs Better Armor Save and Toughness...hmmm...

I believe I have about 3-4 points left over, so he probably gets the Neuroweb System Jammer, just to be a bastard.

Never leave home without one. Goes with the Firewarriors in the Devilfish. Magic happens every time.

2 Crisis Bodyguards each w/2x Missile Pod, 1x Flamer
Hang with the warlord Commander (see below) to benefit from all his buffing power. Mostly shoot at transports and light vehicles, serve as a nasty Supporting Fire base with the flamers.

Hunter Cadre

Commander w/Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite, CnC Node, Puretide Engram, 2x Flamers (Warlord)
If I'm reading the Coordinated Firepower Rules correctly, and I think I am, all units involved are treated as a single unit. This would seem to mean all units involved would benefit from the Commander's buffs assuming he was involved in the shot. Hence, this guy will be very helpful in bringing the pain.

Strike Team (10) w/Pulse Rifles
--in Devilfish w/Disruption Pods
Strike Team (10) w/Pulse Rifles
--in Devilfish w/Disruption Pods
The Ethereal rides with these guys. When they get out and use the Storm of Fire, some poor suckers eat 60 pulse rifle shots at a boosted BS, not even counting the drones and Devilfish contribution. Before markerlights. Used these fellows all through 6th. They are scary, scary, scary. It's tempting to take Carbines in these teams, but I don't actually have the models and the rifles are more flexible, so I'll stick with them

10 Kroot w/Sniper Rounds
They sit on an objective, hopefully in a forest, and bother things. That's about it. Never expect much out of them, but then again, they're super cheap, so what's the loss?

3 Crisis Suits each w/ 2x Plasma Rifle, 1 x Flamer
They either start on the board against aggressive armies or drop in to ambush something unsuspecting. Can do a lot of damage to an elite unit, roast infantry, or blow up vehicles from behind. Versatile and fun. Wish I had the spare points for a shield drone or two, but I'm not too worried.

2 Piranha w/ Fusion Blasters
These speeders are great for the cost. I take them basically for the free drones and then the flying armored meltaguns are a super bonus. With the Feints and Ambushes rule, these guys can be across the board melting things on turn 1, which is pretty sweet.

6 Pathfinders
If I get first turn, they will get to mark something pretty well. If I don't, they'll probably die at the hands of whatever my opponent can throw. If I'm lucky, they'll soak a lot of bullets in cover or, maybe, my opponents will do something foolish like try to kill the Riptide first. Then they'll get two turns of marking things in.

Hammerhead with SMS, Submunition
It's pretty criminal how cheap this tank is these days. The Leman Russ is incensed, let me tell you. Granted, it can't shoot all its guns at separate targets and it can't nuke tanks off the board quite as easily as it used to, but its still damned good.

Firebase Support Cadre
Riptide w/Ion Accelerator, SMS, Early Warning Override
An absolute steal for the points (they made them CHEAPER?!), versatile, tough, dangerous--nothing not to like at all.

Broadside w/Heavy Rail Rifle, TL Plasma Rifles
Broadside w/Heavy Rail Rifle, TL Plasma Rifles
Yes, yes--I know the big Missile Mittens are better, but they're ugly and the Rail Rifles look awesome. Plus, when you combine the RR w/Tank Hunters, increased BS, and the easy potential to ignore cover, they get much more appealing.

So there we go. The basic plan is for the Broadsides, Riptide, Bodyguard Team, Buffmander, Pathfinders, and Hammerhead to form the firebase. Coldstar, Kroot, and Piranha are harassment. Firwarriors and Burning Eye suits are for moving forward and taking objectives. The plan is fairly similar to the one I used in 6th edition (and was so filthy successful that I stopped playing Tau for a while lest my gaming group abandon me. They mostly did anyway, but that's not the point).

What I miss from my old list was another group of Piranha, a Tetra team, and the Skyray (always a clutch performer, that Skyray). What I gain is Coordinated Fire, Feints and Ambushes, improved Supporting Fire range, and Tank-Hunting/Monster Hunting Broadsides and Riptide. Seems a fair trade, even if I do have to take stupid Pathfinders.


Title: Re: 1750 Point Hunter Contingent
Post by: kaldolaf on December 3, 2015, 08:03:49 AM
Hey Wyddr, I like the list.  Just a few things I noticed.

Your Coldstar unfortunately isn't legal as the Coldstar is not allowed to take signature systems.

And I personally agree with your reading of Coordinated Firepower however it is a hotly debated rule.  In fact the ITC just voted that it only allows the boost to BS and sharing markerlights, so if your group follows ITC rules/faqs no sharing USRs, target lock tricks, etc.

Now, if your group does go for the interpretation you and I seem to read, then I highly recommend taking target locks on all your Crisis suits.  This lets them act as a huge spread out Crisis bomb, getting Tank or Monster hunter, Ignore Cover, Twin Link, boosted BS, shared MLs and on top of all that the models with target locks can then shoot at different targets than the "meta unit".

And for mounted firewarriors I'm really liking breachers for the up close and personal firepower.  And they are still affected by the Ethereal's storm of fire.  And to top it off, they and their devilfish get the boosted BS of coordinated fire by themselves!  Move fish, detach drones and disembark Breachers and fire at single target.  Use a few MLs to boot BS again and strip cover and one team of breachers will wipe an entire space marine squad, even without an Ethereal.

But aside from that I really like the list.  I've been going around trying to come up with some list ideas.  I might try and post one soon.
Title: Re: 1750 Point Hunter Contingent
Post by: Wyddr on December 3, 2015, 08:24:36 AM
I'm not sold on Breachers primarily because you need to get so, so close to make them worth it. That lack of threat range really hurts them, and the invulnerable save is essentially pointless.

Why can't Coldstream take signature systems? I looked this over and I don't see why (other than fluff). Is there a rule I'm missing somewhere?
Title: Re: 1750 Point Hunter Contingent
Post by: kaldolaf on December 3, 2015, 08:40:14 AM
Last two bullet points on the commander datasheet.

First bullet indicates cost and standard equipment for coldstar suit.

Second bullet point specifies number of support systems and drones a coldstar can take.  Completely omitted are signature systems.  Very unfortunate as Iridium armor would be great as a FMC really needs more than T4.
Title: Re: 1750 Point Hunter Contingent
Post by: Wyddr on December 3, 2015, 08:45:08 AM
I disagree with that reading. All the Coldstar says is "must replace the XV8 suit with the Coldstar." Signature systems are a separate bullet from all suit-related wargear (weapons and support systems) which are, clearly, replaced. All it says is "the Commander may take Signature Systems." Nothing in the Coldstar description takes that ability away--it merely changes his weapons and support system options, which are different things entirely.
Title: Re: 1750 Point Hunter Contingent
Post by: kaldolaf on December 3, 2015, 08:54:01 AM
But if that were the case the last bullet point wouldn't mention anything about drones as drones are a separate bullet point earlier.  Unfortunately as far as I can tell, the coldstar suit completely replaces all wargear options with those listed in the final bullet point.  Might be a question worth taking to the rule board.
Title: Re: 1750 Point Hunter Contingent
Post by: Wyddr on December 3, 2015, 09:14:03 AM
They mention drones because drone behavior changes when you fly. Hence they mention it.

Since Signature Systems do not change, they do not mention them. I find it very simple, actually. Feel free to take it to the rules board, though.
Title: Re: 1750 Point Hunter Contingent
Post by: kaldolaf on December 4, 2015, 12:38:58 PM
No I see your point and I know I'd definitely prefer to be able to take signature systems  ;D

Now if GW would just give us a FAQ clearing up if CoordFire spreads USRs and other rules that apply to a unit.

Also, it would be nice if they did a FAQ to clear up multitrackers.  Saw an email response from GW rules team stating that since units fire overwatch as they would fire during the shooting phase only as snap shots, that units with multitrackers get to fire twice in overwatch the same way they would during the shooting phase.  This would obviously be huge for Crisis suits.
Title: Re: 1750 Point Hunter Contingent
Post by: Wyddr on December 4, 2015, 01:41:15 PM

Well...obviously Crisis Suits can use their Multitrackers during overwatch.
I get the sense you play with a bunch of people who really hate the Tau.

Not that I blame them. We're pretty Yhwh-condemneded filthy.
Title: Re: 1750 Point Hunter Contingent
Post by: kaldolaf on December 4, 2015, 01:52:52 PM
I've seen a number of places online that rule that since multitracker specifically mentions firing an extra weapon during the shooting phase it doesn't work for overwatch since that is during the assault phase.  I've always thought it was a really bad ruling as overwatch does say to shoot as in the shooting phase just as snap shots (with the restrictions that snap shots impose).
Title: Re: 1750 Point Hunter Contingent
Post by: Wyddr on December 4, 2015, 02:44:58 PM
Yeah. You shoot in overwatch just like in the shooting phase. That's it. The Multitracker changes how you shoot in the shooting phase, which is just like you shoot in overwatch, which means the multitracker works.

I get the feeling sometimes the internet is used as a rulebook too often. The rules, in this case, seem really clear. Just like with Signature Systems for Coldstars, for Coordinated Firepower, and so on.