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Title: Eldar United! 2k list with Harly lead
Post by: Sarenyon on June 10, 2015, 04:00:37 PM
Putting together several variations of an Eldar united list. Since the Harlequins come in with the most points, I thought I would put the list here for some comments and ideas.

Formation: Cegorach's Jest (Rising Crescendo)  (525)
Skyweavers x3, 3x Glaives, 3x Haywire Cannons
Troupe: TM with Caress and Starmist Raiment, 9 Players, 4x Caress, 4x Embrace (ride in the DE Raider)
Warlord will be here as well, probably use the Day Warlord table

Formation: The Hero's Path (310)
Solitaire, Haywire
Death Jester
Shadow Seer, ML2, Mask of Secrets

CAD Craftworld Eldar  (272)
HQ: Autarch, Jetbike, Banshee Mask, Fusion Gun, Shard of Anaris  140  (will run with the Skyweavers)
T: Windriders x3, 3x Scatter Lasers  81
T: Windriders x3  51

Formation: Aspect Host (+1 BS) (388)
Dark Reapers x4, Exarch, 4x starshot upgrade
Fire Dragons x5, Exarch  (will ride in a DE Venom)
Swooping Hawks x6, Exarch, Sunrifle  (great anti-air support)

CAD Dark Eldar: (505)
HQ Court: Lhamean x1, Sslyth x1   35  (stays out of the way, try not to give up KP)
T: Kabalite Warriors x5, 1x Blaster  55
Trans: Venom, 2x Splinter Cannons  65
T: Kabalite Warriors x5   40
Trans: Venom, 2x Splinter Cannons  65
FA: Scourges x5, 4x Haywire Blasters  120
FA: Raider, Adv Aether Sails    60
FA: Venom, 2x Splinter Cannons  65  (drive by Fire Dragons!!!)

2000 pts, 2x CAD, 3x Formation, 3x sources ELDAR UNITED!
6 Obj Secure units (including 2 Obj secure transports)
60 models = 5 transports + 34 Infantry + 10 Jetbikes + 11 Jump Infantry
20 KPs (boy that's a lot)

I'm thinking that the lone Shadow Seer roles on Telepathy, hoping for invisibility and shrouding to help out other units, getting psychic shriek as primaris - that stacks well with the Mask.

What do you all think?