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Title: 1850 Highlander
Post by: OD from TV on March 22, 2015, 07:05:12 PM
For reasons that I cannot understand, there's a local 1850 tourney using Highlander rules that one of my best skumgrods (Ork-Speek for favored opponent) is going to and as asked me to playtest against him. (I find strange that a local tourney is stealing, I mean borrowing the Adepticon rules for an event that happens right after Adepticon, I mean wonít naff WaaC players just use the army lists that win Adepticon?)

For those unfamiliar with the Highlander format hereís a linky
www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2015/201540Khighlander.pdf (http://www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2015/201540Khighlander.pdf)

Heís going to be playtesting against me with his current contender armies: SM, IG, and Eldar (which heís already asked to borrow a unit of my Jetbikes and Rangers for, so I know two of his troop choices). Since heíll be giving me a proper Adepticon styled day of gaming against 3 different lists/races, itís only fitting that I craft a list that is equally all comers and built to kill. I want any/all advice on how to give his forces that proper fight that he can expect at a cut throat tourney.

Tyrant Node Formation
   Tyrant w/Stranglethorn and Miasma Cannon, 3 Tyrant Guard, 3 Venomthrope

   Tyranid Prime

   5 Warriors (1 w/VC), 30 Termas (10 w/Devos), Tervigon, 26 Horma, 3 Deepstrike Rippers

   3 Hive Guard

   20 Gargoyles

   3 Biovores, Sporocyst, Tyrannocyte

Total: 1850

I feel like the tactics are fairly straightforward with this list, but I'll put it out anyway. Quazi castle of the Tyrant, Venomthrope, Warriors, gaunts+gants and possibly the Hive Guard, moving up utilizing as much terrain as possible, while in the heaviest and hopefully LoS blocking terrain put an objective and the Biovores with the Prime. Infiltrate the Sporocyst onto an objective in heavy cover midfield, probably a flank that hopefully provides some LoS block, and of course the deep strike Objective Grab and opponent disruption with the Rippers, Gargoyles, and the Cyte with Tervi.

Thanks in advance for the comments!

Title: Re: 1850 Highlander
Post by: Dangerousdave0042 on March 23, 2015, 02:56:27 PM
You've steered away from the "usual" units of Flyrant with TL Devs and Zoes with Neuro.

I don't see much in your list to pop tanks or take on MCs. I've tried HG with the Haywire weapons and the short range of the weapons just sucked. I know they've got MC toughness, but their armour save is not that good. They were not as survivable as I thought they would be.

I used to run Gargoyles, but now they've clarified the blind rule to be once per turn instead of once per hit - I just find they're too expensive. I'd rather run hormagaunts.

I've never used Biovores as I don't have the models and keep running out of points before I get to them, but I know some people swear with the "Bio-blast" (I think) node. As you are using the Tyrant node I'm sure you've got access to it. The Biovores and the Warriors and you get TL on the Biovores. I think you need to take an Exocrine as well which is good as it's about the only AP2 shooting we have.

I found the rippers were useless as you need a lot of them to be "useful", but you also need something else to babysit them in synapse range. Ergo whenever I've tried to run them I've found them not terribly useful. If only they could move 12 inches without paying a horrendous tax on them ...

You've also got nothing to take on flyers. If you're tactic is to ignore them and you're happy with that I'm cool with that being a valid tactic, but I'm not sure how competitive this army would be.
Title: Re: 1850 Highlander
Post by: Killersquid on March 23, 2015, 06:52:24 PM
Keep in mind his list is for highlander games, so any flyer or tank he runs into will be the only one of it's kind.

I do think that a flying tyrant may be a better idea then the formation. I don't really know what it does, but It cannot be worth giving that up.

I'm also surprised to see no zoanthropes (especially with a neurothrope), they are good at boosting your psychic game and the warp blast is a surprisingly good armour killer.
Title: Re: 1850 Highlander
Post by: OD from TV on March 24, 2015, 04:09:28 PM
I don't see much in your list to pop tanks or take on MCs ... You've also got nothing to take on flyers.
This is the perfect answer to the question of why I put lists up asking for a looksee.  All to often I forget something incredibly important, or in this instance 3.  I swear I'm not as stupid as I may appear to be.

I do think that a flying tyrant may be a better idea then the formation. I don't really know what it does, but It cannot be worth giving that up.
The Formation isn't really anything special, it was more along the lines of, I'm already using these models anyway, why not get the Formation bonus (which is just a free 'non artifact' Norn Crown).  While I do like the Flyrant, I haven't been very successful with him (outside of a Melee Flyrant in a SkyTyrant formation).  Still I suppose I could give it a shot.

Revised List...
Flyrant w/2 Twin Brainleech Devos
Tervigon in a Tyrannocyte
5 Warriors 1w/Venom Cannon
25 Terma, 8 w/Devo
30 Horma
3 Zoanthropes
3 Venomthropes

Allied Detachment of Orks
KFF Big Mek w/Bosspole
11 Tankbustas in a Trukk
10 Grots + Herda
3 Buggies w/Twin Rokkits

Perhaps a bit too far on the AT now, especially with the Allied Orks, but the Tankbustas can net an extra Victory Point, and Buggies have always been a personal favorite, even moreso since they gained Outflank and can objective grab again.  Still not super strong on anti-flyer though, I could throw in some on the Ork side, but the only things I'm not super big on in the Nid side is the Exocrine and the Zoanthropes (haven't used the Exo before, and Zoanthropes have been unreliable for me lately).

Theres a number of things I could do to change things up further such as grabbing a couple Malenthropes over the Zoan and Venoms, but then if I get talked into actually competing I couldn't bring them due to the lack of IA 4.  The concept of upgrading the Flyrant to a Fighter Ace is also appealing. 

Thanks for the help so far guys!  This Highlander format seems super punishing for Nids (or maybe its just that I've gone off the rocker and can't wrap my head around the 'modern meta')

Title: Re: 1850 Highlander
Post by: Halollet on April 6, 2015, 07:05:24 PM
I really love me your second list a lot more then your first.  Few things I would change though.
Add crushing claws to your tervigon, the +1 str is invaluable to him and eating tanks and being able to take on knights in a pinch is great.
Add thorax weapons to your terv and tyrant, its cheap and they'll be in range easily.
I'm not fond of the venom cannon on the warriors. You have enough AT with the orks so grabbing a barbed strangler for anti troop and possible pinning for your hormies would suit you better.
Other then that looks great. Let's us know how it turns out!
Title: Re: 1850 Highlander
Post by: OD from TV on April 10, 2015, 02:47:17 PM
I suppose I can drop some Hormas for the Egrubs.  And after a test game with an Exocrine you better bet I'm gonna be buying one or two for standard games.  Nid MCs that aren't Fexs always seem difficult for me, what with breaking with tradition, but I have to remind myself sometimes it isn't 4th Edition anymore.

It does look like I'll be competing in the Highlander though, especially how another bud is loaning me some Nids to compete as my fully converted army is a far cry from complete.  With the test games this coming week and the tourney itself on the 24th, I'll be posting on how things go.  Maybe not full Batreps, but we'll see.