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Title: New models
Post by: Dangerousdave0042 on October 30, 2014, 09:16:30 PM
So what does everyone think of the new models? I think the toxicrene looks really good?
Title: Re: New models
Post by: GaleRazorwind on November 4, 2014, 01:10:15 PM
Yes, I really like the look of all the new models, and I like the rules for everything except the Maleceptor. That one is just a no brainer to NOT take. For the same points, I can take 4 Zoanthropes and get 4 Warp Lance/Blast shots.

The combo I am really interested in most right now is the Sporecyst riding in a Tyrannocyte. For 200 points, you get to DS with scatter correction 12 T5 wounds in the enemy's face and then blast them with either 10 barbed stranglers or 10 venom cannons, and if you land close enough, you can also chuck either a squad of 3 spore mines into assault or once per game, a single spore with battlecannon stats.
Title: Re: New models
Post by: Dangerousdave0042 on November 8, 2014, 12:56:35 PM
Yes - I was wondering if there was rules stopping you playing russian dolls and putting Tyrannocytes inside each other. Why you would do this I don't know, it'd just be funny to do to watch your opponents questioning face as four or five Tyannocytes just pop out of each other!

I'm thinking a competitive one would be the Dinarcheon in a Tyrannocyte, or if the rumours are true, a squad of six zonanthropes in one to pop out and warp lance a squadron of tanks or terminators.

The spore mine that can attack aircarft is great, but who's going to dumb enough to put their aircraft within about 6 inches of one?

Also Devilgaunts in a Tyrannocyte are back in business.

I just played the Toxicrene and he killed a grand total of 1 guardsman (he had a plasma gun though!). But mind you that's because he was getting shot to bits, which meant that my dimarcheon, exocrine and tervigon were left pretty much unmolested, so can't really judge him on that. It was also the long deployment so I had further to run to get into range as well.

I have to agree that I don't really think the Maleceptor is worth its points - it is very durable, but the psychic power is pants given the mediocre BS of the model. If the psychic power was WC1, then I would probably take him, or if it remained WC2, but did D3 wounds for every point the test was failed by, but the chance of the power actually doing something useful is low (who hoo I've done a WC2 psychic power (thereby using probably 5 or six dice to get it off), actually rolled to hit and done average of two wounds - oh yeah that was worth the points - not!), especially if you have Catalyst you will be FNP your flyrant every psychic phase instead which will take priority.

For once you can say "It's great to be a Tyranid player". I think GW has really done something useful for once! I don't think any of them is overpowered and we really needed our pods back. The Doom also needed to be toned down - I was sorry to see it gone completely and glad a toned down version has returned.

The only bad thing I have to say about the releases is why did they have to be BA and Nids at the same time. I'm going to run out of money!!
Title: Re: New models
Post by: GaleRazorwind on November 8, 2014, 07:13:54 PM
What stops you from doing Russian dolls is the deployment rules for the Tyrannocyte, which MUST enter play using the DS rule. However, you can totally put the Sporecyst in one, which I find is actually a very usable option. The 10 blasts that combo puts out is crazy! Templates go flying everywhere. And the spore mine clusters are actually very effective when you are so close you can plop them right next to the enemy. lol I sent a big spore mine from the Sporecyst right into the Swarmlord XD Sorry buddy, Blade Parry only works on weapons with the Melee rule muahahaha!

The question of how on earth you can ever manage a charge on a flyer with slow spore mines was one that made me doubt their effectiveness, right up until I actually played. It was a Nid on Nid slug fest featuring Toxicrenes, Tyrannocytes, a Sporecyst, and big spores. By the end of turn two, the half of the board we were engaging on became one gigantic parking lot. I had taken two big spores as troops to grab a second force org, and I deployed them with my main gun blob on a flank. By turn 3, my opponent's Flyrant ended up right next to my mines because that was the only place he could really go. I charged in with both, lost one to overwatch, and smacked off a wound with the other. When you step back and think about it, most of the flyers need to be pointing at you in order to fire, and they have to move a minimum distance to stay flying, which means they often end up right in your face, making it fairly easy to get a charge off, or they may very well act as a deterrent to putting flyers anywhere close to you.

My Toxicrene ran up the middle and was a little bit of a bother but ended up getting charged by the swarmlord with two guard. He managed to smack a guard and a half off with the help of acid blood as he lost all of his wounds to the Bonesabers. My opponent's Toxicrene was tough to deal with since he also had two podding dakkafexes, a mawloc, and 15 podding devilgants that all came in on turn 2. He was crashing through my line with all his scary 2+ poison and his ID hits. I was hurting pretty bad by the end of the game. The only thing that saved me was my pair of dakka flyrants. They were able to fly around and deal crazy damage to all of his units while he ground down my gun line.

What I liked about it was that we both had two fairly different lists and ended up with a very close game. We had a blast playing with all the new toys and I am very happy to see what has come out. Redoing my Tyranids is officially my next project after I finish making my all tree Wood Elf army.