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Title: Legio Cybernetica?
Post by: Colonel Twisting Shadow on March 6, 2014, 11:35:53 AM
I've got a dozen figs in the mail (9 Thalaxii, 2 Castellax, and a magos) to kickstart a legio cybernetica force, but I'm looking for a little clarification; if anyone's in the know.

I'm aware that HH/30k is "compatible" with 40k, but how lax is GW with cross allies?  I'm hoping to field the robots alongside my dark angels (40k), which will be cool with my group (I'm sure) but is it codex-legal?  If not, the next goal is to run them as a solo army, but play vs 40k armies exclusively (noone arond here plays HH...yet).  In either of these situations, am I breaking the rules, or worse (because of lax gaming partners) am I playing unfairly?  I'm sure there are checks and balances built into the lists, and I don't want to override them with ATSKNF SMurfs.

On the next scale up, if all goes well, what matrix would the Mechanicus fall under for allies in 40k?  Surely SM/IG/Inquisition, but CSM? Ork Lootas?  Daemons? (we're talking allies of desperation here); or again, just loyalist SM (like HH)?

Third, (and not to pound allies to death) there isn't anything against mechanicus allying with itself (eg: reductor/Cybernetica for armor)?  In the event all of the above=fail, I guess I'm keeping the detachment small and for apoc :(

I'm not going to get into lists too hard until the figs get here, but I was wondering: how tough are the castellax autonomons?  at 1500-2k, how long do single man sniper units last (or do you "just buy pairs")?
Title: Re: Legio Cybernetica?
Post by: Locarno on March 9, 2014, 03:52:26 PM
Horus heresy lists are only intended for use against one another - that is to say, if you get a friendly game set up, fine, but you will never be allowed to use them except at an official event which specifically uses them (I.e. a heresy event).

Certainly they do not "legally" ally with 40k codexes. Age of darkness armies have their own ally table.

Re your final question, yes the two mechanicus lists can ally, so you can take an allied ordo reductor detachment

I would recommend using castellax in pairs. They are tough but not that tough - as your troops choice youll want staying power on objectives, and their guns are fairly short ranged. Anything worth shooting is generall worth shooting twice.

if I had five castellax to play with (did you get the squad?) I'd look at two units of two plus one solo as the paragon of metal ( useful because he's more independant of the archmagos).
Title: Re: Legio Cybernetica?
Post by: Colonel Twisting Shadow on March 18, 2014, 08:19:13 PM
I play pretty much only friendly games (powergamey, but friendly), but I guiess I'll keep the force pure HH (maybe I can get sneaky with a knight titan).

I've got nine thallaxi and two of the castellax, and am probably purchasing another nine and three (and converting weapons). I've got a line on some cheap figures, so I get a deal  :-X

I really want to run a big force of them, but I don't know if 15/7 or 18/5 thallax/castellax is enough at the 1850 range with minimal support from auxilla (maybe two squads and a unit of thralls for an aegis?).  I'm also tempted to keep the force small and bank on a good ally out of the next HH book.  I had pretty much the same thoughts on castellax as you did, I'd probably go 2/2/1 or 2/3 with the solo/3 man having bolt weapons and the paragon.  I'm scared to waste 1-3 guys worth of cannons though for AT/Ap2

I'm totally stumped on the Magos.  All in with the steed/beamer, or just cheep'n'cheerful?  I'm thrown by the lack of IC status (that's not so common).

I'm itching to lay -2 cover to wave serpents though.

Removed reference to illegal materials.
edit: ^fair enough.  I got a little excited was all. :)
Title: Re: Legio Cybernetica?
Post by: Locarno on March 20, 2014, 01:04:15 PM
Well, thallax are a terminator analogues so a dozen or so makes for a decent force. Castellax are about 2/3of a dreadnought, so again, it's a decent force.

I would keep weapons common in a cohort. Wasting a mauler for a multimelta shot is a big waste of points.

Becaeuse the archmagos isn't an IC - and this is deliberate - it's worth packing out his defensive upgrades. A borked-up archmagos is harder to kill than a castellax. A basic magos is just a slay the warlord point waiting to happen, especially since he's got to advance with the  castellax as the cortex controller has a fairly short range.

I wouldn't use thralls behind an aegis line. Laslocks have good punch for their cost but a very short range - again, you need to advance, and they haven't the bs for manning an emplacement. If you want standoff firepower, myrmidons are the way forwards.