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Title: Turork Dinosaur Hunter - Conversion kit bash sizes advise and fluff
Post by: Turork on December 26, 2013, 10:54:57 PM
Wozzon Ladz!!  A returning, uk, player from a while ago now.  I can remember Gorkamorka so you do the maffs

Just been more or less completely dazzled buy GW's new models (and price tags! :O ) for loads of stuff for about 2 weeks now.  I couldn't resist.  Its part of my 1/4 to 1/3 life crisis and reliving my childhood. 

So here it is.. Me grand plannz!!

I'm going for a fluff heavy army.  I just cant resist attempting to kit bashing the 'new' plastic savage orcs into slugga boys or maybe they are large enough to use a nobz? 

Me first line of questioning is this.

1. Are the plastic Savage Orcs larger than regular Ork Boyz? 
2. If so are they as big as the Plastic Ork Nobz?
3. If not will the savage Orcs Kitbash well with the Ork Nobz?  For example if I glued a PK arm and shoulder from the Nobz onto the Savage orc body will it look odd?

4.  Same as 3 but for a Nobz Big Choppa on savage orc body

5.  You could pull a similar trick with Slugga Boy arms n shoulders etc.. Mixing the converted unit of savage orcs with both slugga boy and Nobz arm will look odd right (e.g. converted boyz with differing length arms.

6.  How will kitbashed savage nobz look next to the actual nobz?  savage nobs will be smaller? 

So thats that one.  My other dastardly plan is for the WarBoss..

I want to use a Lizardman Carnosaur and plonk a Savage orc Boarboy in the throne!  Kit bash him up with nobz and he is ready to rock..?  Well my plan is to use him as a Biker Warboss on the table.  I can envision the speed of the carnosaur being suited to this rule set.. the only problem is the twin linked dakka gun.. how am I going to model that without running into problems of it looking stupid.  Its not just a case of mounting it on the side of the dino because 1. not sure where it would go and 2 how would you fire it?  Does make a good go of the BS2 though!

I have a similar idea for the remaining savage orc boar boys and some lizardman terradons.  I was thinking of using them as Death Koptas.  I hear that Orks lack tank hunters so I plan to equip them with rokkits again the problem is how to mount the heavy weaponry on the dinosaurs without it looking dumb?  I was planning to use the burna rokkit.  These models are carrying rocks to maybe I could alter that to mount the rokkits on.. however again.. how would they be fired? 

I just realised that none of my planned kit bashes make use of the big stabba!!?  Well that was an over sight! :P   
Title: Re: Turork Dinosaur Hunter - Conversion kit bash sizes advise and fluff
Post by: angel of death 007 on December 27, 2013, 01:15:57 AM
I have used both the old 2 piece orcs from I believe it might have been 5th edition fantasy boxed set they just had the head you pushed on.  I cut the arms off of several of them and replaced them with the extra arms from my boys sprues since it came with both shoota and slugga options.   Got some unique looks out of them.   I also turned the black orks into Ard boyz.   Now they are about the same size as the ork nobz which I believe the savage boys are close to the black orks in size.   Now I don't like how the smaller ork arms look on them.  With the bulky armor it isn't too bad as it makes the armor look that much better.   On a shirtless model I would say you are better off going with the nobs.  I have put nob arms on boys before and with a little triming on the under arm they mount up ok.  Not the best but they will work.   Again I don't own savage boyz, though I would love to get some, at some point but I would say if you are doing full arms nobs would probably be best.  Just remember though for a lot of my conversions i would just cut off hands as it looks more natural and cut them near where a wristband is.   I have noticed a lot of two hand conversions you need to either trim the angle at the shoulders or cut and reposition the hands at the wrist.  If you do this close to wrist bans it will cover the cut quite well and not look out of place.  On the shoulder pads if you just can't get it right, get it close.   I use testors plastic glue as it somewhat melts the plastic making it easier for conversions.  If you can't get the shoulder just right try to get one side close and the other as close as you can if there is a slight gap as sometimes happens just add a shoulder pad from the boys kit.  It will conceal any gaps you have if you position it right.   With armor you have a lot more flexibility then continuous skin.  I love how the savage boys look and will look forward to seeing your progress.   

Wish I could give you exact dynamics. 

As far as dinos go I love my big squiggoth.  For the warboss you could mount them off of the saddle and they could be activated by his toes I mean with orks it just has to look good not be totally functional. 

For deff koptas you could put some sort of collar around the terigons and put the rokkits on them or just mount them to their wings like a fighter jet does.  Another option is using the rokkit option the boyz or nobs come with and having the rider carry the rokkit launcher.
Title: Re: Turork Dinosaur Hunter - Conversion kit bash sizes advise and fluff
Post by: Turork on December 27, 2013, 07:27:07 AM
Nice one with the reply.  Not quite the reply I was after..  But I was also aware that the savage orc body has the right arm raised every time.  Maybe its best for fantasy but it means that you cannot have a shoota even vaguely pointing at a target..  I think this would look cool for up to 50% of the squad but id like at least some of them to be paying attention! :P

There is also the issue of the Nobz bodys.. if I'm converting nobs from the savage orcs its not as productive as using the spare sluggas/choppas from a boys unit. 

How viable is a bare bones nobz squad consisting of mostly slug gas/choppas on the table? 

Your reply with the Carnosaur ork has helped me out immensely!  I have realised I can attach some big guns to the massive back plate of the saddle! that'll look well orky ;) 
Title: Re: Turork Dinosaur Hunter - Conversion kit bash sizes advise and fluff
Post by: CheesyRobMan on December 27, 2013, 02:19:59 PM
I love your ideas! Not familiar with WFB models myself but the conversions don't have to look like they actually work, that's the thing about orks :D
Title: Re: Turork Dinosaur Hunter - Conversion kit bash sizes advise and fluff
Post by: Ork E Nuff on December 27, 2013, 02:29:08 PM
Turork:  A bare bones nobz squad with only sluggas/choppas...it's really a question of survivability and style.  I like to get stuck in with my nobz, so most are kitted out with some sort of close combat weapon.  I usually have one nob with a kombi-shoota of some sort, usually a burna so as to surprise my opponents close in.  Unfortunately, the choppa was neutered in the current edition of our codex.  You may want to look at kitting them out with a balance of big choppas, choppas, and power klaws.  If you go with just the slugga choppas, then you might want to consider the necessity of having a transport of some sort to absorb the incoming fire from your opponents.  A battlewagon up the middle is a great fire magnet, but it also has the possibility of getting you close enough to engage your opponents and really ruin their day...Worth the thought anyways...Welcome to da forum...

My two teef...
Title: Re: Turork Dinosaur Hunter - Conversion kit bash sizes advise and fluff
Post by: Turork on December 27, 2013, 09:48:09 PM
I got no problem with the battle wagon.  I like the idea of protecting ma boyz!  If u got 30 boys in a foot slogger mob then you will lose some to anti infantry fire.. if u put 20 in a battle wagon then they can only be got by anti tank.. all that anti infantry goes to waste.. seems like a good deal to me!  I can guarantee only 10 off the squad for an extra 50 odd points n then I got a deff roll a too n they're faster than a fool slogger.. one bad ass template or 2 and Im looking at 10+casualties from the squad.. I early don't see a bad side of taking 20 boyz in a wagon.

I get the whole 'orky conversion' logic but were talking about a dinosaur here.. not a random mek vehicle so the tought of being too careless fills me with a kind of empty/unfulfilled feeling.  I dunno I suppose i have to be abe to see how the monster 'could' fire the guns or missiles..  Not to diss vehicles but I think the conversions on them are more open.  Any one know what I mean?

Thanks of the input!! :)  really is a lot more than I was hoping for so quick! :P 
Title: Re: Turork Dinosaur Hunter - Conversion kit bash sizes advise and fluff
Post by: Spectral Arbor on December 29, 2013, 12:42:11 AM
If you're looking for Dinosaur vehicles, check out the GW website under "Lizardmen" in the WFB section.

There's a Triceratops-type thing with a passenger compartment on top, which would be perfect for a Battlewagon with "deff rolla". I'd say that a rampaging dino would have the effect of a Deff Rolla. :)

There's also an Ankylosaurus-like dinosaur, that could be made into a transport. The Lord of the Rings have that giant elephant-thing with a passenger compartment, you might be able to bitz order that and strap it on.

As for weapons, you could just have them mounted to the dinos / compartments.
Title: Re: Turork Dinosaur Hunter - Conversion kit bash sizes advise and fluff
Post by: Turork on December 30, 2013, 12:15:31 AM
Thanks for the heads up about the Mammuk Howdah I hadn't thought about LOTR. 

I did think about going 'full dino' It would only work for battle waggon spam I think.. because to be honest I cant spend 30+odd quid on a counts as trukk.  I also thought about the annarok spider and the ogre kingdoms mammoth thing.. but all these models will have a more similar footprint to that of a of a trukk right? 

How do they compare to a battle wagon?  Small?   
Title: Re: Turork Dinosaur Hunter - Conversion kit bash sizes advise and fluff
Post by: SKEETERGOD on January 1, 2014, 01:14:49 PM
A while ago I made a Green Baron with the elf bits from fantasy starter kit, and an ork of course. I made the rider with the nob bit of the rokit launcha and some other bits, and the claws on the bird count as the buzz saw.

(http://i666.photobucket.com/albums/vv27/Ralston1/NewGreenBaron005.jpg) (http://s666.photobucket.com/user/Ralston1/media/NewGreenBaron005.jpg.html)

I started three squads of spider rider "biker boys" but never finished them due to my relocation. I guess that will be my project to finish this year.  ;)

I would love to see pics of your army. I mean if the eldar can have exodites, then the orks can have neanderthalites  ;D