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Title: SOB w/ IG and new inquisition
Post by: Robin272 on December 3, 2013, 09:21:30 AM
I'm preparing an 1850 list for a tourney.  Sisters are always my primary. I'm new to IG but I just brought them in for cheap scoring and a vendetta.  Tell me what you think.


2 priests
2 15 BS squads with 2 melta and MB
2 5 man dominion squads w/ 4 meta each in an immolator with a TLMM
2 exorcists

Command squad with AUto cannon
2 infantry platoons with an auto cannon
Platoon command with auto cannon

Tertiary inquisition
Ordo malleus in Terminator armour, DH, psycannon, ML 1

My idea is having 3 fearless blobs.  And being able to maximize my use of war hymns and powers.  It's not my fastest list for sure.  The dominions with scout and the vendetta are my only real back field threats. 

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And an aegis with an Icarus lascannon
Title: Re: SOB w/ IG and new inquisition
Post by: Spectral Arbor on December 3, 2013, 01:54:35 PM
I find the utility of Lascannons in Infantry squads to be well worth the price. Not so much in Command squads, where there aren't enough wounds to protect them.

1: Better vs AV 11+ than an AC, and allows for "useful" attacks against AV 13+.

2: Better vs MEQ+ units, and Monstrous Creatures.

3: Instant Death Value - I've sniped countless HQ's with embedded lascannons. A 3++ save is great, until you fail...

4: Flyer Defence - Your odds to hit are poor, you're better off trying for "Explosions" rather than wrecking by HP loss.

Also... Throw a GL on those Infantry Squads. The upgrade cost is dirt cheap, and is quite useful for Less than MEQ saves, and light vehicles.

Remember that your orders rolls can't benefit from Characters from outside the IG codex, check the FAQ. You might want to roll with Voxes, especially if you want to put Lascannons in your Infantry Squads. Bring it Down is quite handy, to improve the odds of hitting. FomT is good if your opponent has a really good cover save, like Tau and Eldar vehicles [skimmers in general].

Does anyone ride in a Vendetta? There are quite a few "50 point" options from the troops section to ride inside, to act as a cheap scoring unit.
Title: Re: SOB w/ IG and new inquisition
Post by: Robin272 on December 3, 2013, 03:47:40 PM
I agree with the las cannon philosophy. They are much better but twice the points.  I can get twice as many auto as las cannons for the points.  My last list was much heavier with strength 8 and 9 ap 1. (Exorcists and jokaro). The problem I ran into was that wave serpents don't care about my AP 1 or my penetration because they turn it all into glances on a 2+.  With 3 auto cannons with prescience and "fire on my target" I thought I can just glance down wave serpents?  That would be with the help of my exorcists.  Also, since I can't deal with flyers well, I thought 3 auto cannons snap firing with prescience would be better than 2 las cannons.  Especially if I'm dealing with night scythes or storm talens.  I think that if I didn't have the exorcists I would have to go with las cannons.  I might try to work it n though.

My outflanking/scouting 4 melta squads are my armour 13 answer. 

I know about the orders thing.  I like the vox caster idea. 

I think in some games I may stick the platoon command in the vendetta.  But right now I have them kitted with an auto cannon to sit back and peal off an extra shield drone or two before the exorcists have their S8 AP 1 fun.  If I kitted them always to run in the vendetta, flamers?
Title: Re: SOB w/ IG and new inquisition
Post by: Spectral Arbor on December 3, 2013, 04:34:57 PM
I wouldn't go with flamers... I'd take a ten man with lasguns. Reason being, I wouldn't want to go anywhere near an objective with more than one or two marines on it... and flamers only generate as many hits as there are models. I'd rather take more shots, to generate more than a couple of hits... but that's up to you.

To think that you can buy twice as many autocannons as you can Lascannons is misleading. In an infantry squad, you pay 60 pts for an Autocannon, or 70 pts for a Lascannon... you pay 16.7% more for a Lascannon.

Add Grenade Launchers to the squad, and you're looking at only a 15.4% increase in cost. ;)

I was using outflanking Meltas, and had a hard time catching targets. My personal view is that Melta is best on Deep Striking units, and that's about it. Too easy to avoid transports or guys on foot. Infiltrate might work, but IG doesn't have many units that can.

If you're specifically worried about serpents, than multiple glances sounds like the way to go. I'm thinking about "Take All Comers" lists.
Title: Re: SOB w/ IG and new inquisition
Post by: LoH on December 4, 2013, 07:26:46 AM
I really do not like Voxcasters, myself. It's mostly because you need a minimum of 2 to make it work, the model can is probably going to die, and IG leadership is good enough to make the failures not that likely. Additionally, it eats an upgrade slot for the command squad (which I usually fill with grenade launchers) I think Commissars, while more expensive, offer more general utility. Sisters Priests are even better, but they don't help your Ld stat at all and are somewhat wasted if you're not going into CC with the IG blob.

Additionally, you'd need to run the infantry squads as a combined squad to use Prescience/orders effectively (or a HWS, but those have their own problems). And remember that you can't blob ISes from different platoons.

If you're running around with fearless blobs (priests, etc), take the krak grenades. Being able to at least "hail Emperor" charge something with a double-handful of guardsmen is better than not. Half the point of IG is weight in #s, but if you can't hurt it at all (tanks particularly) with a lasgun or frags, the squad is deadweight.

Gah, lascannon HWS. I... can't say I don't understand why you would take them, but a 60pt lascannon with guard BS is about 45 wasted points. Even with Prescience, it just seems like "Oh, you need this to hit? MISS!" (same reason why I avoid multimelta dreadnoughts now). I feel similarly about autocannons in infantry platoons, but that's because I fscking hate having weapons like that on such a brittle model (yes, taking them in an IS reduces the brittle factor). If you want to play "platoon-sized HWT", take a single IG platoon and load it up with 4 squads instead. Or drop one of the platoons and take a pair of hydras instead (about a 10-15pt difference depending on how the platoon is configured). While they can only skyfire, Skyfire will still hit skimmers properly (and deny them Jink, knocking back the coversave a couple points), and you are free to keep hydras moving around the table if shooting at ground targets. Two in a squadron gives a bit of redundancy, and you can either hold them in reserve to avoid T1 focus-fire or do some major reshuffling, add camonetting and stick them behind the ADL for silly cover saves.

In general, when outfitting an IG platoon, you have to know in advance what they are going to be for and work with that. Keeping a static HW firebase means that you NEED to have the ADL for cover saves (all buildings are deathtraps, never enter one unless you opponent has no grenades and preferably no weaponry to crack it open).

On the Sisters side of things, I've been having better luck with smaller squads of battle sisters (6-7) than giant blobs. You get some better granularity for your Acts of Faith and the ability to take more flamer/melta in general than you would otherwise. And you get more troops units to throw around. The downside is that they're more easily shot down.

I myself tend to run very aggressively with IG, so there'll be plenty of points on which I will disagree with other people around here.

Other than "I've been Expecting you", why Coteaz? Seems a bit of a waste given that you don't really have any henchmen (Crusader/DCA/Priest mixes are rather scary).
Title: Re: SOB w/ IG and new inquisition
Post by: Robin272 on December 10, 2013, 08:08:34 AM
Well, I have played the list 6 times and I'm 5-1 against my buddies tourney lists.  I won against tau twice, marines once, daemons, and IG.  Lost to GKs.  I'm really liking the way it runs so far.  No one ever shoots the guard! With two fearless big BS squads running around with Saint, privates and an ordo malleus pushing the middle, the stubborn blob always holds and objective and commits steady fire power. 

To answer the "why codeaz question"
It's simply because he's cheap, seize control, and ML 2.  I'm most games he sits back with the guard and throw out ignores cover, 4+, prescience, etc.  Also, it's nice that if I play demons (high probability) I can make him my warlord (inquisition coteaz) and have preferred enemy demons on my whole army.  In several games I have used the "coteaz bubble" and positioning to bait people into dropping down near my BS blob.  It's pretty nice that I can either A) shoot their face off with prescience or the more fun B) charge them.  Hit with a Bunch of hatred attacks, saints 6 AP 3 attacks, DH attacks, Reroll 2+ armor saves, and then Hit and run spring board across the board in their turn.  Fun stuff. 

In reference to the auto cannons vs las cannons issue...
Against tau and daemons I've been happy (shield drones or Invulnerable saves).  My problem in my list is still that I can't deal with double land raider and of course I can't deal with eldar.   But I don't trust lascannons to blow up land raiders either.  I think the next move is to free up points for a manticore or medussa. 

Title: Re: SOB w/ IG and new inquisition
Post by: Spectral Arbor on December 10, 2013, 01:22:48 PM
You get what you pay for... 20 points instead of 160ish points. :)

You don't need to rely on them. You'll get lucky sometimes, and often enough you'll put a HP on them to work them down.
Title: Re: SOB w/ IG and new inquisition
Post by: LoH on December 13, 2013, 02:36:23 PM
My problem in my list is still that I can't deal with double land raider and of course I can't deal with eldar.   But I don't trust lascannons to blow up land raiders either.

I honestly think multimeltas or a Russ Vanquisher is the best bet for putting down a LR at range. If you can close in for melee, the new priests can get the job done w/o too much issue.