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Title: 1000 pt ork list for my escalation league...
Post by: adamscurr on July 10, 2013, 06:09:44 PM
So, I have a game this Sat for my escalation league...  The points are 1000 and I'm trying to get my brain around a good list...  Here is what I came up with...  If you feel I should change anything, please mention...  I have just about everything in the codex...

Big Mek, KFF, CB

3 x Shoota Trukk Boyz, PK nob w/BP, BS
-- Trukk, BP, Ram

20 Shoota Boyz, BC Nob w.BP, 2 BS (I was considering changing this unit for a unit of drive by boyz but I wanted the bodies to hold a home objective...  However, if I don't get an objective mission these guys are going to get left behind...)

6 Lootas
-- Flakk Trakk, Grot BS

Big Trakk, Kill Kannon, Grot BS

What do you think?