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Title: Critique on 600pt list
Post by: KEEPER OF THE DARK on November 1, 2012, 09:43:04 AM
Hi all. I'm thinking of starting a Necron army for a local small game league of 600pts.
Having had a look through the codex there are a lot of things I want that just wouldn't fit into this points but this is what I came up with.

Overlord with War Scythe, Res Orb, Scarabs, and Phase shifter
12 Warriors with Ghost ark
10 Warriors
Total 591 pts

Alternatively I thought

Overlord with War Scythe & Res Orb
10 Warriors with Ghost ark
10 Warriors
5 Deathmarks
Total 600 pts

What do people think of these? Any suggestions welcome.
Title: Re: Critique on 600pt list
Post by: Kaiju Senso on November 1, 2012, 10:51:08 PM
I much prefer the second list. The first list has a bit too many upgrades on your HQ, specifically the phase shifter and Res Orb. Also don't forget about the transport capacity of the Ghost Ark. In either list your Overlord will have to be attached to a squad outside of the Ark.

The Res Orb might be overkill unless you seem to roll lots of 4's for Reanimation. Adding a few more models to the walking unit of Warriors might be a better use of the points, especially with the Ghost Ark bringing them back to life.

MindShackle Scarabs should be a guarantee IMHO. If the enemy brings a Monstrous Creature, it might be your best bet to killing it (or making it kill itself while stopping it from attacking you)

There's a couple of thoughts for you. Any idea of what kind of lists you might be up against? Any thoughts on how you would play the list?
Title: Re: Critique on 600pt list
Post by: KEEPER OF THE DARK on November 2, 2012, 06:44:39 AM
TBH  there are a lot of different lists about. Mostly Marines in one flavour or another, with some guard GK's & Tau and maybe Nids.

With the second list I was thinking of putting the ten warriors in the ark driving it to an objective and then camping there with the lord and other warriors walking up to another. All shooting all comers with the deathmarks hunting whatever posed the biggest threat.

I guess it will take a lot of fire to bring down marines (especially terminators) but thankfully 600 pts doesn't buy many of them.
Title: Re: Critique on 600pt list
Post by: FieryHammer on November 9, 2012, 12:32:47 PM
I agree, the second list seems better to me. 

I would probably drop the 10 walking warriors and the orb for 8 Immortals and mind scarabs for the Lord leaving 9 points left over.  I might even go further and switch out the warscythe for the sword and weave leaving 4 pts left over. 

Overlord- sword/weave/scarabs
10 Warriors with Ghost Ark
8 Immortals
5 Deathmarks

This would be a much more durable list and pack a bigger punch.