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Title: help-a-newbie
Post by: The Cockroach on August 30, 2002, 04:32:39 AM
Hi im new here, and quite new to warhammer 40k all over :)
Anyway, Ive choosed Tyranids as my first army. I thought that I could post my current planned 1500pts army here, so if someone want to help me, can point out such things like units that should/not be used, or like the tyrant should never have a venom cannon. (it would be nice if you could post a reason too, it would help me understand better)
I dont have any mutants or biomorphs as ive not really figured out how to use them yet ^^;

1x Hive tyrant - Venom cannon, rending claws
1x Warrior brood - 1 venom cannon, 2 deathspitter, 3 scything talons
1x Carnifex rending claws, scything talons
3x Biovore (3 of each mine)
3x Zoanthropes, 1 warp blast, 2 synapse creature
12x Genestealers
22x Hormagaunt
22x Hormagaunt
20x Termagant

Grateful for all any help I can have :)
Title: Re:help-a-newbie
Post by: Calador on August 30, 2002, 06:09:51 AM
Give the zonethorpes warp blast and with the Biovores just give them poison for everyone bar SMurfs and necrons give them acid (da) give the Tyrant scything talons and change the termagants for gargoyles
Title: Re:help-a-newbie
Post by: Hivemind on August 30, 2002, 12:31:49 PM
The only strong recommendations I have would be to take the rending claws off the Tyrant and Carnifex and to model them both with extended carapace for a 2+ save.  Rending claws are of no use to a Carnifex, and will only help a Tyrant against a Talos or Wraithlord, or other high toughness creature.  

Title: Re:help-a-newbie
Post by: The Hive Custodian (Retired) on August 30, 2002, 08:24:50 PM
1. Try to figure out the biomorph tables. They will help a LOT.

2. Don't use the standard Termagaunt. Use Gaunts with ONLY a Spinefist, or Scything Talons with biomorphs.

3. Carnifex: Replace the Claws with Scything Talons or a Barbed Strangler.

4. Once you figure out those mutations, you may want to give your Gaunts a Hive Node.

5. Biovores: Don't use all three Mine types. Choose one or two best against your opponent.

6. Zoanthropes: Don't give them Synapse; other creatures can fill this role, and Zoanthropes are fragile as they are Independent.

As for mutations and stuff, there are 4 categories:

1. Biomorphs.
Mutable genus creatures can take Biomorphs. You may select biomorphs up to the maximum number listed for each creature. The "+ x points" is the cost of the biomorph. A unique set of biomorphs on a genus is a species.

2. Bio-weapons.
Pick bio-weapons from the list until you have reached the number the creature has, generally one per pair of arms.

3. Hive Mind Powers.
Not all creatures can have these. Simply pick the ones you want and pay the points.

4. Mutations.
Each brood may have a number of mutants equal to the number of Wounds in the brood divided by the number of species (biomorph and genus combinations) in your hive fleet. A hive fleet must have at least one species from each category, except for Fast Attack. Your army must be from the species choices in your hive fleet list.