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Miscellaneous Space Marine Chapter Fluff

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Flesh Tearers

A Second Founding chapter of the Blood Angels, they are afflicted by a dangerous gene-seed alteration which causes most veterans to succumb to the effects of Black Rage. The Flesh Tearers participated in the Third War for Armageddon where the Chapter was nearly declared Excommunicate and subjected to Inquisitorial investigation after they had, in a fit of the Black Rage, slaughtered civilians once they had run out of Orks to kill. Amongst the Orks of Armageddon the Chapter became known as the 'Eaters of the Dead'. Later in the campaign, Orks were known to have retreated when Flesh Tearers attacked, a display virtually unheard of.
The Chapter's colour scheme is primarily red, with black shoulderpads, helmet and backpack. The Chapter's symbol is a drop of blood on a white design similar to a circular saw blade


Founded in the 36th millennium as one of the twenty Astartes Praeses Chapters, created to protect the regions surrounding the Eye of Terror. The Relictors were a radical Chapter that utilised the weapons of Chaos to destroy the minions of Chaos themselves. This frequently brought them into conflict with the Inquisition, eventually culminating in their being stripped of their homeworld and being sent on penitent crusade, continued conflict with the Inquisition during the 13th Black Crusade resulted in their being excommunicated and all but destroyed by the Grey Knights, only a few hundred now remain.

Their powered armour is dark grey (including trim) with black shoulderpads, and often bears white penitence markings.

The Chapter participated in both the Third War for Armageddon and the defence of the Cadian sector against the 13th Black Crusade.

Scythes of the Emperor

Adeptus Astartes Chapter 874, The Scythes of the Emperor were founded at some point during the middle of the 41st millennium. Their Genestock is speculated to have been that of the Ultramarines. The Scythes served during the Damocles Gulf Crusade, and played a vital role in the capture of Sy'l'kell from the Tau Empire. However, the crusade stalled, and withdrew when it was learned that the newly-discovered Tyranids were heading for Ultramar, homeworld of the Ultramarines.

After the Badab War, the Scythes were charged to watch over the Lamenters, who were performing a crusade of penance for their role in the rebellion. They continued in this role until the final years of the 41st millennium, when the Chapter's homeworld was attacked and destroyed by Hive Fleet Kraken. The Scythes are presumed destroyed with their homeworld, but rumours indicate that a small number of survivors may be active and are pursuing splinters of Kraken.

The armour of the Scythes of the Emperor is black and yellow, with crossed yellow scythes depicted on the shoulder panels.

Rainbow Warriors

The Rainbow Warriors were mentioned in Rogue Trader (the first edition of Warhammer 40,000), but there is no mention of them in later editions of the game. They are however illustrated in the Space Marine Chapter Gallery (Games Workshop) as having dark blue armour with a multi-coloured rainbow stripe along the centre of their helmets. Due to their appearance in Rogue Trader, they are often erronerously referred to as a First Founding Legion.


A Chapter founded during the 40th millennium from Ultramarines gene-seed. The Mortifactor's armour is painted bone and black, with the shoulderpad trim being in the company colour. The Mortifactors recruit from the night world Posul, where the nomad population practice cannibalism. The fortress monastery of the Mortifactors is adorned with skulls and bones of those that died in service of the chapter.

The Chapter symbol is a human skull on a black background.

Blood Drinkers

A Second Founding chapter of the Blood Angels. Unlike the other Blood Angels Successor Chapters, the Blood Drinkers are strict followers of the Codex Astartes. The Chapter participated in the effort to reclaim the Crimson Fists' homeworld from the Orks. The Chapter's armour is painted red, with yellow trim. The Chapter's symbol is a drop of blood above a grail.

The name "Blood Drinkers" comes from the Chapter's craving for blood, the result of a mutated omophagea gene-seed.

Black Dragons

The Black Dragons were one of the Space Marine Chapters created during the Cursed 21st Founding. They are censured by the Inquisition due to mutation of the Chapter's gene-seed, which causes outgrowths of bone. The Black Dragons sharpen these bone growths into blades for use in melee.

The Black Dragons suffered heavily during the Third War for Armageddon and suspects Inquisition meddling, although this cannot be proven. Their losses have been so grievous that the Chapter itself is in danger of extinction. Nevertheless, the Chapter remains loyal to the Imperium, and is prepared to fight to the last man no matter the forces arrayed against them.

The Black Dragons wear black powered armour, with white symbols. This armour is often modified to accommodate their bone growths.

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