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Leonine Metatron

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Summary: Chapter Founding: 3rd Founding Chapter Master: Grand Master Alexander has been in command of Leonine Metatron for almost 150 years. At almost 600 years old he is indeed venerable for a Space Marine. He has lead numerous campaigns against heretical worlds, Necrons, and Eldar. It is of note that he holds an especially strong hatred of Dark Eldar raiders and hunts them with an almost dangerous single mindedness. This most likely stems from the fact that in his youth he lost his left leg giving battle to a particularly aggressive team of Dark Eldar raiders. It is of particular note that he has managed to provoke and trap the Dark Eldar on one occasion. In 932M41 Kane took his entire Veteran Company to the Agri-world of Cadman V, where the local populace had uncovered “some sort of alien artifact”. Alexander’s Librarians managed to discern the artifact as an Eldar “Webway Portal”. Alexander ordered it destroyed, but before he did he made sure his entire force was prepped in Drop Pods. When his command ship fired from orbit and destroyed the portal, Dark Eldar Warriors began to appear, searching for the source of the destruction. Alexander’s men dropped around the foul Xenos, burying them in a hellish barrage of Bolter and Assault Cannon shells. After nearly a quarter of an hour of sustained fire, there was nothing left of the raiders.

Chapter Geneseed:

The Lions of Johnson are descended without question from Lion El’Johnson.  While those who view the chapter in a negative light suggest they are minions of Chaos, the few actions of the chapter on record all support the Imperium of Man and the Emperor’s will.

Chapter History:

After the end of the Horus Heresy, after the Emperor had ascended to the Golden Throne Roboute Guilliman re-organized the Space Marine Legions into chapters.  However even after the second founding the High Lords of Terra found that they required more Space Marines to keep the fledgling Imperium of man safe from it’s many foes.  The Leonine Metatron were born in the 3rd Space Marine founding.  Few tales of these early years of the Chapter still remain.  About all that can be gleaned is that the chapter was carried out its duties in the Segmentum Obscurus without making much note of itself or it’s abilities.  
The second Master of the Leonine Metatron was named Donovan Kane, and he venerated Lion El’Johnson and the original Dark Angels almost to the level of the Emperor.  Of particular interest to him was the tactical doctrine of an entire company of Terminators and another of specially trained Speeders and Bikes.  Kane made overtures to the Adeptus Mechanicus for an increased allowance of such valuable equipment.  The details of this deal are long forgotten but eventually Kane lead a force consisting of his Veteran company and his new “Reconnaissance” company to the nearby Forge World of Haeg V to claim they’re new equipment.  Upon landing the Forge World was found to be devoid of life, inhabited by what are described as “Men devoid of flesh, consisting only of bones made of steel”.  While these beings would now be known as Necrons such a threat was unknown that far in the past.  Kane and his men retreated and formed a council on their ships in high orbit.  Eager to prove his worth, as well as the worth of his chapter Kane called every company of the Leonine Metatron except for those in training.  In a 15 year crusade he purged the planet of not only every metal warrior but of all life, considering it tainted.  Heavy losses were incurred and is some battles only a squad or two of marines would survive a battle that had started with a full company taking the field.  This bestowed the Leonine Metatron stubbornness to match the other chapters known to be descended from Lion El’Johnson.  While in the end the chapter was victorious the crusade was not without great cost.  With the exception of the Terminator armored veterans the entire chapter was slain.  Kane ordered his remaining men to search the world for anything they could use to help rebuilding the chapter.  It is said that the Emperor himself guided the survivors for they found within the bowels of the dead world, a storehouse filled with Dreadnought chassis and suits of Tactical Dreadnought Armor.  What the Mechanicus was doing with a store of such valuable relics is not known and probably never will be.  Kane took these relics back to the Chapter Monastery without a second thought.  In the millennia since the Leonine Metatron have not only rebuilt, but spent their time and resources acquiring more suits of Terminator Armor.  Such a task has not been easy, and the chapter has resorted to deceptions and darker methods to procure their armor.  
Recently, in the aftermath of Abbadon’s 13th Crusade, the Leonine Metatron have been criticized fairly heavily for not supporting the Imperial forces.  When asked why by Inquisitor Hellsig Master Kane replied “Much thought was given to the matter of sending Battle Brothers.  However follow my thinking if you will: If the Imperial forces held strong and contained Abbadon, strong Chapters of the Astartes would be needed to take our brother’s place defending the Cadian Gate, giving the depleted Chapters time to rebuild.  If Abbadon had broken through completely, strong chapters would have been needed to help contain and oppose the traitor.  In either case my brothers have more use to the Imperium at full strength, then being slain in battles of the heretic’s choosing.”  Accusations of cowardice and treachery continue to haunt the chapter, despite the fact that they have launched several raids against Chaos held systems and worlds in the weeks following the “wind down” of hostilities.  While the effectiveness and lethality of these attacks is without question, operational plan of the Leonine Metatron does not conform to current Imperial tactical doctrine in the Cadian Gate.  These attacks have seemingly random targets, and rarely do they support the Imperial forces still struggling to hold back the tide of Chaos.

Chapter Homeworld:

The Leonine Metatron are based on the world of Sariel, which is located in the Segmentum Obscurus, roughly midway between the worlds of Mordian and Cypra Mundi.  Sariel is a semi-feral world whose inhabitants are roughly equivalent to the early medieval period of Terran history.  The planet itself has 4 major continents, and each pole has a permanently frozen icecap. Each continent has varied terrain with several substantial inland seas large forests consisting of both Coniferous and deciduous trees, and large plains dotted with mountain ranges.  The world itself has exceptionally long winters, followed by brief and incredibly hot summers.  The local populace worship a corrupted from of the dogma found on civilized Imperial worlds.  The Emperor and the Imperium of Man are seen as a heavenly power that someday will envelop Sariel.  In this primitive mythology the Leonine Metatron are seen as divine creatures that serve many roles.  The primary vision of the Leonine Metatron is of intermediaries between the Emperor’s divine realm, and the mortal realm.  They have been known to arrive in flashes of light to save particularly noble lords from destruction by the hands of either enemies or rebels.   The Chapter Monastery is located in the middle of a forest on an artificially created plateau.  The Chapter Monastery is the highest elevated place on Sariel and journey there is almost impossible for a normal human.  The monastery has the standard facilities and resources that can be found in any bastion of the Adeptus Astartes with the exception of a large amount of Teleportation units.  The Leonine Metatron use these to move troops swiftly across the surface of Sariel to the many remote-training sites maintained, as well as to defend one of their favored local lords.

Chapter Recruitment:

The Leonine Metatron gain recruits in two different ways.  The first is what is known on Sariel as “The Great Race”.  Every nine local years an Archangel will teleport to each major urban center on the planet.  This brother will deliver a map (that leads to the Fortress Monastery) to any male that falls in the proper parameters for induction into the chapter.  Most often this involves some test showing the Archangel the physical prowess, piety and honor of the candidate.  All who receive the map have a single year to reach the Monastery.  This ensures that every local decade there is an influx of neophytes to replenish the chapter.  The second way of initiation is far more rare and has not been used since the induction of former chapter master (currently a dreadnought) Venerable Battle Brother Isaiah.  Occasionally a human (within the proper age category) will demonstrate exceptional potential and ability.  Whether this is on Sariel or a world on which the Leonine Metatron are serving is irrelevant.  Assuming that approval is given by a simple majority of the Cherubium council, the candidate will be inducted into either the last or next batch of neophytes (whichever is closer in terms of induction).

Chapter Formation:

While the Leonine Metatron were as codex as the Ultramarines in the years between the chapter’s founding and the Haeg V incident, this has changed greatly in the intervening years.  Currently the chapter is made up of ten companies (each company is known as a Choir) of 100 Terminators each.
 Each Choir is split up into 15 squads of 6 Battle Brothers and a Sergeant (known as an Archangel).  The final 9 brothers serve as the command squad for the leaders of the company and possesses 2 Archangels within their numbers.  The 5th choir does not follow this pattern and is made up of squads of 5 battle brothers and an Archangel.  Each Choir has a command staff consisting of a Master, a Chaplin and a Librarian, who each have an apprentice that will take their place when they fall or become to old for active duty.
Each Choir of the Leonine Metatron is arranged to suit a certain specialty.  The 2nd Choir specializes in Non-standard warfare practices such as actions undertaken behind enemy lines.  The 3rd Choir is trained in the crewing of the chapter’s fleet, and specializes in ship-to-ship boarding actions, the 4th in Teleport operations, and the 5th in Drop Pod assaults.  The 6th specializes in the close quarters fighting seen in jungles, caves, and in urban settings.  The 7th Choir is trained in practices truly rare in the Imperium.  These battle brothers are trained to defeat large and dangerous creatures such as the Tyranid Carnifex and the Eldar Wraithlord.  The 8th specializes in Anti-Armor combat and the 9th in the tactics of siege warfare. As in codex chapters the 1st Choir is composed of veterans, and the 10th is made up of trainees and their Archangel trainers.  It is rare (except in the case of the 3rd) for a task force to be made up of members of a single Choir.  Most often the Seraphim will appoint a certain master to lead a mission and assign him the leeway to take the resources he feels he will need from each Choir and the Armory.
Separate from the main body of the chapter are the Dreadnoughts, and Land Raiders of the chapter.  These are maintained in the armory by the Techmarines, and can be requisitioned by leaders of expeditions, upon approval by the Seraphim.  As the chapter is quite old, the armory is incredibly well stocked and includes several models of the each known Land Raider pattern.  The armory is also rumored to include several of the rare Mortis pattern Dreadnoughts.  
The Master, Chaplin, and Librarian of each Choir make up a body called the Cherubium council that assists the Chapter Master in all decisions relating to the chapter.  While the apprentices of these commanders have a seat on the council, they are merely observers. The chapter’s Veterans are also initiated into the council to varying degrees, but primarily they serve as observers as well.  The Chapter Master, Master of Chaplains, and the Master of the Librarium make up the top level in the Leonine Metatron known as the Seraphim.  This structure bears a similarity to the Inner Circle of the Unforgiven Space Marine chapters. Whether or not the Leonine Metatron share the dark secret of the Dark Angels and a great deal of their successor chapters is unknown.

Chapter Battle Doctrine:

As suits their nonstandard formation, the Leonine Metatron utilizes a nonstandard battle doctrine.  While the basic tenants of strategy in the Codex Astartes still apply, the deployment of units solely equipped with Tactical Dreadnought Armor has necessitated the formation of a tome of tactica dealing with the abilities and difficulties of such a force.
One of the major deviations from standard Astartes practices is the formation of battle forces.  When an officer of the Cherubium council is sent out with a task force often they will have a command squad and perhaps 1 or two other squads taken from their own Choir and the rest will be drawn from the rest of the chapter.   Over the millennia the Leonine Metatron have realized that while a mission may focus on one aspect of their many specializations, it is often best to have a flexible and adaptable force.  The size of these forces is never less than 10 squads, including the leader and his command squad.  Most often however a mission will involve a force equivalent in size to a Choir, with 2 commanders.  Unlike most chapters it is a common sight to see a dreadnought of one sort or another taking the field.  It is theorized that Dreadnoughts are used in place of the heavy armor utilized by other chapters.  
Another major change between standard battle practices and those of the Leonine Metatron is the use of artillery.  Most chapters of the Astartes make use of the Vindicator and Whirlwind to provide support fire and help reduce the numbers of enemies such as Tyranids and Orks, who possess an overwhelming advantage in numbers.  Because of how they are outfitted, the Leonine Metatron can only field artillery in the form of the Helios pattern Land Raider, and even then not in the numbers it is used by other chapters.  To make up for a lack of artillery many chapters use orbital bombardment, or field an increased number of brothers.  The Leonine Metatron however have developed a strategy of “only on our terms”.  While most chapters follow this mantra, the Leonine Metatron have made it the central tenant of their strategies.  They have been known to fallback before enemy forces, giving kilometers and even continents to the enemy before engaging.  Of course it is hard to argue with the success of this tactic.  When they do engage, it is rare for the Leonine Metatron to leave a single enemy alive.

Chapter Beliefs:

As do almost every chapter of the Astartes, the Leonine Metatron give worship to both their Primarch and the Emperor.  In keeping with recorded Space Marine doctrine the Emperor is worshipped only as a great and skilled man.  There are three points of note having to do with the religious beliefs of the Leonine Metatron.  The first is that all prayers are conducted in a Chapter Chapel as opposed to individual company chapels.  The reason for this appears to be one of spirit building.  The prayers of the Leonine Metatron have strong themes of brotherhood and solidarity.  The Chaplains stress that the chapter must forever be unified lest they fall to the infighting that caused the Horus Heresy.  This message can perhaps be attributed to the age of the chapter.  To such long-lived Brothers in such a venerable Chapter the Heresy is not so distant in memory.  The next point of interest is that all prayer is done in chants, similar to those done by Imperial monks.  These chants are lead by the Chaplains and joined by the Battle Brothers.  The prayers are done in an archaic and ancient form of Gothic, which the Chapter’s Librarians contend is the dialect spoken by the emperor when he walked in the world of men.  The last point worth noting is the arrogance and pride that seems universal to the entire chapter.  If possible it seems even the Serfs are proud.  This pride stems from the Dark Angels gene seed that was used in creating the chapter.  The Leonine Metatron view Lion El’Johnson as the epitome of all Primarchs, and therefore view the Dark Angels and their successors as the epitome of all Space Marines.  They view all other Space Marines as unlucky cousins that while are skilled and worth respect, can never be the equal of the Leonine Metatron.  In this view humans are looked upon as slow children, who need guardians and protectors to defend them from the darkness of the Imperium, and the perils that they cannot understand.  The only exception to this appears to be members of the Inquisition, which are looked upon with respect and thinly veiled contempt.

Chapter Standard:

The standard of the Leonine Metatron is a trumpet flanked by angelic wings.

Chapter Colors:

The Leonine Metatron wear ivory colored terminator armor.  Members of the Librarium have blue trim, and Chaplains wear black armor.  Squad markings are determined by the markings on each suits knees.  Company markings are determined by the color of the Imperial Eagle on the breastplate of the armor.  Rank in the chapter is shown by the color of the casing of a suit’s Crux Terminatus.  Bronze for Battle Brothers, Silver for Archangels, and Gold for members of the Cherubium council.  Members of the Seraphim have gold trim replacing their squad markings.  Techmarines have Platinum casing for the Crux, and wear standard Ivory suits of terminator armor.  They are the only members of the chapter however with a red Imperial Eagle to show their devotion to the Machine God in addition to the Emperor.  The squad markings of the Techmarines are also red.

Chapter Battlecry:

“By the Emperor and the Lion, have at them!”

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