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Dark Angels

Submitted By: Date: August 25, 2005, 11:18:19 AM Views: 4127

First of all, their commanders have different names, such as grand master and interrogator chaplain and are more expensive than others of their kind but then again, they already have a the extra attack in their profile for terminator honours and they are all stubborn which is a great ability A Grand Master should never be without his sword of secrets. It is the coolest piece of wargear for the DA and it can kill anything that might attack him, even a mighty wraithlord (I wouldn't advise to charge a wraithlord alone though, because you wound him on a 6+).

The Librarian:
also has the ability to choose the psychic power weaken resolve instead of the normal smite psychic power. Weaken resolve is used when an opposing player takes a leadership test for a nearby unit and forces the player to roll 3d6 instead of two, making it almost impossible to pass the test. This can be very good when you want to get out of combat or run through your enemy.

The Command Squad:
is a special one depending which character will have it. If it's a deathwing character then it's a regular terminator squad. If it's a normal DA leader then it's a tactical squad, if it's ravenwing then it's either speeders or bikes. You should not have a terminator command squad simply to have a terminator tech marine because this ties up your commander in a squad, and he loses the benefits of being an Independent Character. The fact that you ca not have a normal command squad with terminator honours is not appealing either to the basic DA player because his command squad exists as a tactical squad with characters, no more, no less. Still if you want the characters then okay, but the command squad is not as good as in other marine chapters.


The special elites of the DA are, of course, the Deathwing terminators. They cost 5 pts more than normal termies but they are stubborn and they can mix both assault terminators and heavy weapons in the same squad. Do not leave home without them. But never take more than one group unless you play an entire Deathwing force, because they consume points.

And an all deathwing army can also have Land Raiders as transports.  Also, one thing you should note. You can't have veteran marines in a DA army. They all become terminators.


Basic DA troopers? They are just the same as any troops, except that they can exchange their lascannon for a plasma cannon, which is extremely useful if you do not roll as bad as I do, causing meltdowns on all my plasmas in one turn. That is a worst case scenario. One other thing to remember is that for 5 pts the veteran sergeants can become stubborn and confer this to their squads. That will make one tough army.

Fast Attack

The Ravenwing. Speedy but fragile. These are not stubborn but instead have a 6+ inv. save if they moved the other turn. That save is the worst thing ever for your opponent. I managed to pull a victory once just because my speeders had saves.
You can not have all the options on the speeders though, if you do not field them as normal speeders, which will decrease their points to normal and then they lose the 6+ inv. save. And no, you can't have normal speeders in an all Ravenwing army. Only ravenwing models may be fielded in such an army.

Heavy Support

Nothing to write here actually as the DA are just like normal marines when it comes to heavy support.

I have to take this too. The characters of the Dark Angels are some of the coolest in the game. Too bad they can't survive a battle. Just think of it, Azrael and Ezekiel don't even have inv. saves in hth making them very vulnerable there, where they should excel. Asmodai has two weapons but in the profile he only has one of them. That makes him lose one very much needed attack. The Master of the Ravenwing is quite good but with one lucky shot he's down.  His 4+ save will not save him forever. He can be fielded on a bike but then he's just a normal commander, and loses those cool special rules. Veteran sergeant Naaman could be quite good though but I have never tried him out. He does not count as a HQ choice anyway, which is cool.

The upside of all of this is that every character is a true commander. Azrael gives the whole army the stubborn ability, Ezekiel makes the enemy deploy first, Asmodai take lots of victory points after battle, The master of the Ravenwing can make one unit re-roll any failed to hit in shooting every turn. All these abilities are superb and that's why the characters should not run into hth unsupported. Make them live as long as possible.

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