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Author Topic: Building a Yme-Loc(ish) 1000 pts List  (Read 364 times)

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Building a Yme-Loc(ish) 1000 pts List
« on: February 1, 2018, 09:12:31 AM »
Hello Everyone,

I have just registered in the forum: it looked like an awesome (yet serious) place :)

I would like to ask for help building this Yme-Loc (ish) list. The -ish part meaning the list is not meant to represent strictly the Yme-Loc Craftworld (the colour scheme is not exactly theirs) but a quite similar world. The whole craftmanship-forgemaster flavour is very appealing to me.

I am a Warhammer Fantasy player that has finally started an Eldar army, so I am starting in 40k just now: a complete newbie.

I am acquiring the miniatures while trying to build the list. For the moment I have:

9 Avengers (yup, 9).
1 Serpent
1 Prism Tank
5 Wraithguard

And I'm longing for a Wraithlord: I think it suits the list fluffwise and the miniature is wicked.

But, as you see, I lack proper HQ and possibly troops and Fast Attack. So I would like to ask for any advice you expert Eldar players can give. My goal is to make the list Yme-Loc(ish) enough while still keeping it as a balanced playing list.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Re: Building a Yme-Loc(ish) 1000 pts List
« Reply #1 on: February 1, 2018, 02:16:48 PM »

I would collect what you feel you like.

So lets see what you have:

almost enough for 2 Troop units.....need 1 more Dire Avenger Exarch.
1 Transport
2 Heavy Support with the future WL and your FP

and 1 Elite with the WG.

So you are right you need an HQ.

I recommend a Farseer, although any SpiritSeer or even Autarch will do.

If you can pick up 10 Defender Guardians, The extra Dire Avenger or 5 Rangers will be the cheapest way to get your base troops finished.

Now for a small force you have some decent shooting with the WraithGuard in the Wave Serpent and the WL and Fire Prism.

What you may need are some fast moving objective grabs or even some hand to hand units.

I personally like Howling Banshees for the latter....They are cheap and can reach their target every time (they do die fast to shooting and superior numbers.)

Jetbikes or shining spears or swooping hawks could be your next fast attack unit.

After that it will be up to you what you want to do. Do you make a gunline. Are you all mobile.
perhaps you want to go more all mech list.  Figure out what you like.

"Battles are decided by slaughter and maneuver.  The greater the general, the more he contributes in manuever, the less he demands in slaughter"...Winston Churchill

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Re: Building a Yme-Loc(ish) 1000 pts List
« Reply #2 on: February 1, 2018, 04:24:37 PM »
It can be tricky to make recommendations, Eldar can be built to work in a number of different ways, hopefully you can play same friendly games and proxy some stuff in to find the way you like to play.

Eldar HQ options are all about trying to fix a weakness in your army. Since we have low numbers, a farseer with guide can help make every shot count, Doom is also a great option as well for when you really need to get something off the table. They are one of the easiest HQ to use, great place to start.

Spiritseers and warlocks are not too shabby either, Conceal is a great spell to tinker with and help to keep something alive.

Autarchs can help you get some command points back but its really not much. Their re-roll buff is actually surprisingly and always works, but he really helps to give a unit some extra close combat punch.

As suggested 2 small units of Dire Avengers is not a bad way to go, the exarchs can wield dual weapons which is a nice bit of extra shooting.

Rangers, a single unit can either do nothing or be the thing that wins you the game, tends to be one or the other lol. They don't rack up much of a body count, they do however take out mini characters like warlocks.

Guardians, 8th ed needs blocking units to stop deep striking units from getting to your fireprism for example. These are our cheapest guys, so they tend to be used for this. Normal GD's give you some nice shooting and the Heavy weapon platform ads some punch and can be used to keep them alive a little longer. Stormies are the option if you expect to get charged. There are other way to use them both of these, but its a good way to start.

Fast attack.
Shining spears are the best option. They will fall over to mass shooting so pick carefully.

Heavy Support.
I would take Dark reapers over a wraith lord every time and work REALLY well when paired with a farseer. Dreadnoughts, like Wraithlords attract heavy weapon fire and most of them don't have an invul save, so they tend to get nuked real quick. Most people that use them run them in pairs as Close combat units and are kitted as cheaply as possible.

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Re: Building a Yme-Loc(ish) 1000 pts List
« Reply #3 on: February 2, 2018, 09:31:17 AM »
First of all, thanks a huge lot for such fast and in-depth answers. You both are helping me a lot.

I am concerned that, as magenb said, Dark Reapers can get better results than a WL, and that the WL will attract heavy fire quickly, rendering it quite useless if not diverting that fire from elsewhere. Nevertheless, I have been offered a second-hand one at a very good price (and I already liked the miniature), so I don't think I will be able to resist. I think I will try to fit it in the list and see what happens...

About the HQ, the Farseer looks to me like a powerful choice, and Doom and Fortune can also be applied to the WL, which sounds like good news.

It looks like I can only take the Guardians unit OR the Rangers without exceeding the points limit at the moment. It seems the Guardians are a better unit for blocking. I was hoping to have a list with less cannon fodder as possible (in order to respect the Yme-Loc(ish) lore), but I am afraid Rangers will not be really useful in a 1000 pts battle. Any thoughts on that? Arguments in support of rangers will be really appreciated :p

Things as they are, it looks I am almost already at a full 1000 pts, without any real Fast Attack nor HtH units:

HQ - Farseer
Singing Spear
1. Doom
2. Fortune/Guide
(+ Possibly Bike)

5 x Dire Avengers + Exarch with 2 SC
5 x Dire Avengers + Exarch with 2 SC
5 x Rangers // 10 x D.Guardians

5 x Wraithguard (in WS)

1 x Wave Serpent (Twin Shuriken Cannon + Support Shuriken Cannon)

Heavy Support
1 x Fire Prism (Shuriken Cannon + CTM)
1 x Wraithlord (Ghostglaive + 2 Starcannons)

Well, the lack of Fast Attack bothers me, but it is exciting to start to visualize my first Eldar force ;D

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Re: Building a Yme-Loc(ish) 1000 pts List
« Reply #4 on: February 5, 2018, 04:06:01 PM »
Which craftworld bonus will you be using? My list below could change slightly depending on this. You could drop the spirit stones for example.

Rangers work perfectly well in lower points games as you are more likely to see cheaper/weaker HQ choices.

I would actually suggest a list like this given the models you have presented:

Farseer (100)
5x Rangers (60)
10x Dire Avengers (120)
10x Guardians - Shuriken Cannon (95)
Wave Serpent - Twin-Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones (134)
5x Wraithguard (200)
Wraithlord - 2x Catapults, Glaive, 2x Shuriken Cannon (133)
Fire Prism (155)
3pts left

1) Don't dedicate the wave serpent to the wraithguard. You can place up to two units in the webway depending on your opponent and the amount of CP you want to use. I would look to put the Farseer and a troop unit in here to start. Spend 1CP to deep strike the Wraithguard if your opponent can't block them. If they don't have a heavy target for them, you can have them screen for the Wraithlord or even the Prism.

2) Don't decide between taking rangers OR Guardians. Take both. I combined the Avenger squads into one. More bodies doesn't mean "cannon fodder". It means you have more damage output. Guardians can put out quite a bit of damage since catapults are some of the best basic trooper weapons in the game. Games can be won or lost depending on your troops units (bodies and objective secured). Always take the weapon platform on a guardian unit if you can help it. Even for a full 20-man squad, especially for a 10-man squad. When they're in cover (which you should always be trying to do) the platform can get a 2+ cover save and tank A LOT of damage. Rangers are excellent area denial for enemy deep strikers, and can threaten any HQ unit with some lucky rolls. They're especially dangerous to weaker important support HQs. They can also be difficult to shoot off an objective without your enemy devoting to it.   

3) I'm not a fan of the CTM on Prisms. They should be hiding in the back behind your mainline units. If the enemy is able to flank you, you should be close enough to shoot them anyway. You should also be standing still most of the time anyway. A cunning opponent will screen their important unit anyway (no longer making the Prism's target the closest). I always take spirit stones first. You can shrug a lot of wounds off from multi-damage weapons. If you go Ulthwe you can drop these. If you go Iyanden you can probably ignore spirit stones as well but it will make them even more durable. If you drop the spirit stones, you can put the underslung cannon upgrade back on the wave serpent, or take the vectored engines instead.

4) I went with shuriken on the Lord over the star cannons. At this points level the more shots you have the better. This also allows him to fire them on the move (which it should be doing).

I would also like to see some faster units as well, however I would replace the Heavy support units and even the Wraithguard at this level for those types of units. I feel it would actually better served to go that way and say the heavy lifter for 1500pts and higher.
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Re: Building a Yme-Loc(ish) 1000 pts List
« Reply #5 on: February 5, 2018, 05:31:40 PM »
Guardians or Rangers... Tough call as it really depends on your own play style and what you normally face. Guardians will be more useful more often though, unless you only play against Imperial guard infantry style armies.

GW has done a reasonable job of making sure most things are useful, especially in friendly 1k games. It should do OK since you have two other T7 things on the board which have pose a reasonable threat.

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Re: Building a Yme-Loc(ish) 1000 pts List
« Reply #6 on: February 12, 2018, 08:21:23 PM »
Thanks a lot for your answers, and sorry for replying late: I was out of the country.

I have finally acquired my fantastic second-hand Wraithlord. Man, is it huge. I am sure it will look great on the table.

Partninja, thanks a lot for your thoughtful analysis. Regarding your comments:

2) I have very much liked the idea of using Rangers AND Guardians. At first I was a little reluctant to use the Guardians (mainly for Fluff reasons, with Yme-Loc being an underpopulated Craftworld which maybe could not afford to send troops to combat), but I see they have a lot to offer strategy-wise (as magenb said), and with all the Heavy Support I already have, the Yme-Loc feel will still be there. Moreover, Craftmen carrying around the HW Platform might be, in fact, as Yme-Loc as it gets.

3) It sounds reasonable. It seems I will have to try different Equipment options on the Prism (CTM, VE, Spirit Stones) and see which one fits more with my playing, but I do feel the S. Stones might come in handy, and won't depend on wether the Prism has moved or not.

4) I will trust you on removing the StarCannons on the WL. I was strengthening power when quantity and mobility might be better for a 1000 points list.

1) This new list looks a lot better than before to me, both in damage outpout (as you said) and flexibility. I was not getting the same points as you though, so I have had to cut down a couple Avengers to fit everything inside.

5x Rangers
8x Dire Avengers + Exarch with 2 Catapults (112)
10x Guardians + Shuriken Cannon
Wave Serpent:  Twin-Shuriken Cannon, Twin Sh. Catapult + Spirit Stones (139)
5x Wraithguard
Wraithlord + 2x Catapults, Glaive, 2x Shuriken Cannon (133)
Fire Prism + Twin Shuriken Catapult (160)

1pt left

Regarding the Fast Attack units, it seems it is going to be my next step. However, I still need to paint lots of stuff and even GET the rangers and Guardians, so I will have lots to do before reaching the 1000 points army anyway. Nonetheless, I am already thinking that, to keep things as Yme-Loc(ish) as possible, the new units would have to be bikes. Shining Spears look promising, but that joust look is a bit unappealing to me.

Thanks again,
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Re: Building a Yme-Loc(ish) 1000 pts List
« Reply #7 on: February 14, 2018, 03:04:44 PM »
My advise would be the following: in 8th edition stratagems are really important, to ue them you need command points. You get them with detachments. If you drop 3 dire avengers (or 2 and the spirit stones from the serpent) from your lsit, you could take a warlock to fill a battalion detachment, which gives you 3 extra command points! Also another psychic power from the runes of battle! quicken is very strong as is Protect/jinx!

Also you left out the points on the guard, you want to use them with cannons or d scythes? the one with cannons can be deepstriked with the webway portal stratagem for one command point and shoot directly. (D-scythes only have 8" range and they cant move after deepstriking atleast 9" away!)

happy list building!


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