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Author Topic: Hey! Re: Fluff questions regarding Cegorach, the Solitaire, and the Harlequins.  (Read 1766 times)

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I have some questions about Harelequins:

Do they have names? If so, are there famous ones?

I did read one entry in the Lexicanum (Tome of Karebennian) that gave a name to one but I don't know his story so maybe he's special somehow.

Any help would be appreciated. Especially if there is a famous Death Jester...

Thanks in advance!

I found some info from the RelicNews 40k guys, in case anyone seeing this was also curious. There are a number of Harlequins in a short story called "Faces" (from the Fear the Alien compilation).

They have names, so that settles that matter and their names are listed here:
  • Ehallech - male, Vaul
  • Lhusael - female, formerly Isha, now Kurnous
  • Melechu - female, now Isha
  • Nysshea - female, a Death Jester
  • Edreach - male, Eldanesh
  • Sheagoresh - male, Asuryan
  • Dheresh'mel - female, Khaine
  • Ytheommel - male, dead
  • Ythoelle - female, a Shadow Seer
  • Abhoraan - female, dead, played Lileath
  • Sheyl'emmen - female, the Solitare

There's also one in [spoiler]Path of the Renegade[/spoiler] named [spoiler]Motley.[/spoiler]

Topic split from a long dead thread to allow a new person (welcome!) to get some answers without being shouted upon.

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It's also worth reading Path of the Outcast as the Harlequins feature quite heavily in there.


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