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Author Topic: Codex Harlequins for 6th Edition - updated 08/03/2013  (Read 3789 times)

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Codex Harlequins for 6th Edition - updated 08/03/2013
« on: August 3, 2012, 04:02:22 PM »
I am working to update all of my home-brew rules to 6th Edition. Today I am presenting my updated Harlequin Codex. It should be fully compliant with 6th Edition, but of course it is always possible that I missed something along the way as I updated it. If you spot any errors, please let me know. If you have any other comments, I am happy to hear them as well!

You can get the codex in PDF form from

If you are interested in seeing the discussion thread for the 5th edition version, you can check it out by clicking here.

* * * UPDATE * * *

New version uploaded 08/03/2013

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Re: Codex Harlequins for 6th Edition
« Reply #1 on: August 9, 2012, 05:43:35 PM »
I would suggest trying to condense the wording of your rules to shorter more concise phrases. For example, you wrote:

"The laughing blade is treated as a Power Sword which adds +2 to the bearer’s Strength. In addition, any enemy model which suffers an unsaved wound from a laughing blade and is not slain must take a Leadership Test at the end of the Assault Phase."

This may be better written as:

"A Laughing Blade is a Power Sword which adds +2 to the Strength of its user. In addition, a model which suffers a wound from a Laughing Blade must make a Leadership Test at the end of the Assault Phase."

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Re: Codex Harlequins for 6th Edition
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2012, 05:16:07 PM »
I will look to shortening anything long-winded that I find, but I believe the major bit you eliminated - "and is not slain" - is important in that instance as it prevents any question of whether the Laughing Blade might cause a slain character to attack a friend before he is removed (via the 5-6 result). Also, the word "unsaved" is similarly important as the Laughing Blade will not affect a model who takes wounds that are subsequently saved via Armour Saves, Invulnerable Saves, etc. GW generally makes the distinction, and I believe it is important as well.

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Re: Codex Harlequins for 6th Edition
« Reply #3 on: August 3, 2013, 07:09:23 PM »
New version uploaded. See first post.

Update Notes:

- Added an effect to Tanglefoot Grenades allowing a model armed with them to skip his unit's chance to fire Overwatch and instead force an Assaulting enemy unit to move through Difficult Terrain as they charge. Raised the cost to 5 points.

- Removed all 0-1 or 1+ restrictions, adding in a few rules here and there to ensure the Troupe is built as it should be. (Travelling Troupe, Scion of Cegorach, etc), but allowing slightly more freedom in the army composition. (It is now possible to have multiple Aspirant Ensembles, Marioinettes & Mockingbirds for example.)

- Added a new Troupes unit, Harlequin Chorus, which are less capable fighters, but much more resilient due to their Choral Hymn rule, which grants them the Shrouded special rule and treats them as having Defensive Grenades when assaulted. The Chorus is intended as an objective holding and/or area denial unit - just plop them in some cover and hold the line. They are restricted to having no more Chorus units than you have Harlequin Troupes to keep them from being the focus of the army - got to keep the Harlequins as glass cannons after all!

- Moved Mimes from Troupes to Elites. The addition of the Harlequin Chorus gives us another valid Troupes choice, and I never really liked having them in Troupes anyway. They now compete with Aspirants, making it impossible to spam both unit types, keeping them from becoming the focus of the army.

- Added an option for Master Mimes to take Calling Cards, which allow them to mark an enemy unit before the battle, lowering their Leadership by -1.

- Added a new, unique Elite unit, the Court of the Heavens, representing a special Harlequin Troupe where each player takes on the role of a member of the Eldar Pantheon. These are a highly specialised and very deadly Death-Star unit, basically an entire unit of Special Characters, but they are also fairly expensive and still fairly fragile. Many of their special abilities are tied to specific models in the unit, and so are lost when that model is removed as a casualty. Most of these models are not characters, so keeping the specific models you need alive will be an exercise in placement.

- Added an option for Aerobatics Troupe models to trade their close combat weapons for Laser Lances (10 pts each).

- Added the Fear special rule to the Solitaire, allowing him just a bit more possible survivability in close combat as less hits will be coming his way when the enemy is affected.

- Added the "Dance on the Wind" special rule to Wind Dancer Troupes, basically giving them the Battle Focus rule from Codex: Eldar.

- Updated the Marionette to be S7, carry a Ghostglaive and increased cost to 130 points to reflect changes to the Eldar Wraithlord.

- Incrased Laché-sis Angaufaresh to Mastery 3, removed her Shuriken Pistol and gave her the "Hand of Fate" special rule, which grants her the Fear special rule and denies units in contact with her during the Assault phase the benefits of the Stubborn special rule. Her cost was raised to 200 points.

- Completely re-worked Shadowseers and High Shadowseers, putting Veil of Tears in line with the new Codex: Eldar version and giving High Shadowseers access to their own Psychic Discipline: Illusion. Also updated Shadowseers to Mastery 1 and High Shadowseers to Mastery 3.

- Updated many weapons and wargear items to bring them in-line with the new Eldar Codex. Revamped the wargear section to reflect this.

- Changed Dancing Blades to grant +D3 additional attacks rather than +2.

- Removed the Instant Death rule from the Solitaire's Kiss and replaced it with Fleshbane. He will be a bit more effective now against single-wound models, and a bit less effective against multi-wound models.

- Added a rule for Harlequin Jetbikes allowing them to grant a +1 bonus to the rider's invulnerable saves whenever the jetbike moves. Increased the cost of Aerobats by +5 points, and increased the cost for characters to buy Jetbikes by +10 points to account for the increased survivability.

- Updated the rules for the Webway Rift, allowing it to be used as both a table-edge extender for Reserves, as well as a quick method of traversing the battlefield (potentially for both sides, as befits its status as a fortification - though non-Harlequins will find it a bit more capricious.) It can also now be destroyed, and has an option to be given a random attack that may cause enemies to think twice about approaching. Players must be careful when selecting a Webway Rift, however, as it counts as part of the Harlequin Player's table edge - even for models which are forced to Fall Back!

- Added in a list of Warlord Traits for Great Harlequins and High Shadowseers, replacing their option to roll on the standard charts. When rolling on Harlequin Warlord Traits, you are allowed to roll 2D6 and choose which result to apply. Added a signature Warlorrd Trait for Kiramsuith (he can choose between two.)

- Expanded and updated the Summary Section with all profiles, special rules, etc.

- Updated the "Harlequins in Competetive Play" to reflect the new units and the changes due to the new Codex: Eldar.


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